Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Did I mention how difficult it is to walk away from alcohol and no longer see my friends (clubbing)?

I realised I can't do that...

So well ignore what I said about quitting the nightlife in the previous post (hey,it's ohsoFICKLE after all - I am rly very fickle about stuff). Too hard, too hard.

Been lying in bed all night thinking bout life. It's 5 and I still can't sleep.

Well anyway diet day one starts today. Gonna blog about everything I eat. Now, at the time I eat. Thanks to the fact that I can now blog using my phone. Its awesome, I can lie down and type away in bed now.

This shall be my 253695412th attempt to fall asleep.

Nightz all. Xoxo
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  1. well not really essential to go clubbing (to see your friends) : O call them over to places where it's not usual to drink alcohol! just make movie nights, home nights, chill nights and change alcohol to soda/water : O
    diet=no alcohol : )
    i wish you to success this, good luck!

  2. thing is my friends would be clubbing... :(

  3. man this sucks... but then... put this as goal! don't get seduced by others drinking alcohol! 
    think about the hang-over after clubbing, the smell, etc all the bad things, maybe this will keep you away from it! you can rave/dance without alcohol or at least set a limit for yourself, how much you should drink maximally!
    good for your purse! more shopping, no weight gain, no pictures with your red face on it
    even if you can comply this plan few times, it's already a success ; )
    because slow motion is better than no motion

  4. Knew you couldn't do it. No offence though.