Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy friday the 13th

I am lying on donna's bed with a tummy that won't stop making noises. Happened yesterday at *'s place too. Bad tummy! Bad bad tummy! Jst can't do without food inside for long. :(

I just had a really huge meal at lagoon (east coast). Before that I jogged for 30min though. Guess it's not that bad! Plus I didn't eat anything the entire afternoon cus I was sleeeeeeeping. I really wanna eat now........ Maybe ill get a chocolate bar from downstairs.

I think fendi and donna just had macdonalds. Can't believe I'm not having macs......macs = my bestfriend at weird hours like right now. I think I was half-asleep when they wanted to take my order. I'd never be able to say Actually, it's a good thing. Diet. Diet. I've to frking rmb I'm on a freaking DIET.

P.s been craving for beef jerky!!!!!! Where can I get it in singapore? Helpppppp?? Major major craving

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