Wednesday, August 11, 2010


"We all have days when we'd like to crawl under a rock & disapear from existence... That's when your REAL friends come looking for u. -Ray"

I've had such days and I'm so glad my friends never fail to be there! Sometimes I really wanna give up on life but how can I ever bear to say good bye to 'em? Gosh I love them!

Today, after announcing tht I failed my driving test, I had so many of them comforting me. Even my parents! Made me really really happy! My mom was so cute "2nd time sure pass! Just be confident. You see ah, mummy so stupid 2nd time also can pass". Hehehe.

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  1. Hey. Was wondering how to disassemble your bb housing? :) Which youtube video did you see?

  2. Hi Tammy cheer up!

    btw i am interested in getting a stall for the winkle mall but i don see the charges.. may i ask how much is one stall? is selling apparels . :)

  3. such nice and cute people

  4. yep don't worry you'll pass the 2nd time! :D btw how do you post from your bb? is there a bb application for blogger?

  5. hey, could i check which app did you download so you could blog from your phone?

  6. awww, your mum is so cute:D yea tammy!You'll pass!