Sunday, August 22, 2010


Is it that difficult to stay happy?

I was when I woke up. 3 hours later, I see a 180 deg change.

I knew it. I just knew it. Shouldve stayed far away from!

The comments. Comments from people who hate to see me happy - it's affecting me. God knows why. It shouldn't matter. People talk, they always will. So why do I bother feeling so down.... Why why why? ☹

2 weeks ago, it was a lot of "I think you deserve better". Then when I found someone whom I really's "You're not good enough for him". Annoying. Fucking annoying.

I hate not being able to be good enough.....I hate it. I wanna be the "best he's ever had" but it doesn't look like its possible because I'm nothing compared to the girls he was with. It sucks. Hate feeling so fucking inferior. I worry. Worry I won't get to keep him for long.

There is really nothing I can do so yeah. Too bad. Too fucking bad. Sigh.
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  1. Are you insane not good enough for this guy please you are the most beautiful, intelligent and amazing girl or should I say woman in the world.  Ok maybe I am predjudice because your mine but I know how great you are and if any of these guys can not see it then they can all go jump in the ocean.  Never feel like your not good enough because to me you are a diamond and like all diamonds you can only be valued by someone who can tell a real diamond from a fake.  I love you and you are one of my greatest gifts, I will sign off now that I have embarrassed you.

  2. tammy.
    ive seriously never talk or seen you in real life but i really love reading your blog
    i think youre really not inferior i think youre really unique and humble
    i hate it when you say youre ugly cause youre seriously not!
    i think youre really pretty inside and out (:
    you have a unique way of blogging so stop being so down
    life will get better
    jiayou (:

  3. Hey tammy. just wanna say that the measure of love is to love without measure. if you always calculate like how you're not good enough for him, etc, it'll never workout. you have to believe in yourself. have confidence that things will work out, otherwise it never will. in a r/s the main thing is the love that's given in and taken out so yeah, don't worry kay! just stay happy :)  guys will love you for who you are.

  4. If you know you're going to be affected, disable comments!

  5. Helllllo Tammmmmy, 
    I've beeen reading your blog for a few years now. And i sort of witnesss like your ups and downs.
    And it seems most of the reasons why you feel upset is because of a guy. But seriously, is it worth it?

    When you are single you get to hang out with all the girls, do all the things that you want to do. Just wait won't ya? Wait for the right guy to come along. I'm sure a nice girl like you will definitely meet one some day. Dont fret. 

    There's is no reason for you to be upset about C! Instead you should like laugh and say, :" thank god he left, or i wouldn't have realise what a jerk he was."

    You need to stop thinking that you need a guy. Maybe play hard to get, who knows? It'd be more fun this way and you will get to you know browse through all the guys before you really know what you want.
    Yup so, stop thinking about your past r/s . & Get. Over. It.  and FAST.

    Just quit talking about it the past and use every way to tell yourself that you are so much better than him. 
    You really should, cause you are :)

    Afterall, G1rLz Rul3Z right? hehe

    Yea, that's about all i guesss.



    Mmhmm, with lotsa love,

  6. Hey babe, just fuck 'em.
    Have faith and confidence in yourself, and him as well :)
    You'll always be good enough.

  7. Never say your not good enough. Boys do not like girls who lack confidence. How are you so sure, your not good enough for him? Never compare yourself to someone he previous was dating, cause you might have something better to offer then the other girl. Not everyone is the same.. we all have individual unique qualities! 

    Keep your head up high.. and as for what people say. It is hard to not care about what they say.. but if they are saying bad things about you, it could be cause they are jealous. The less you care about what others say, the more happy you are. All that matters is that your friends & family know you and stick by you. I know cause i suffer from the same lack of confidence & also what ppl say bugs me.. but you start to gradually learn not to care.. cause those people just dont have anything better to do. 

    As well, worrying about things in the end don't get you anywhere. Life does not go back or stop for you, it continues going forward.. so just live life. Go out have fun, your still young! Life is all about living and learning. 

    btw, even tho you keep saying you are fat and stuff, you are really thin. You should check your bmi & % of fat. Diets are not healthy, do it the healthier way which is working out & gain some muscles.. cause when your older, your health might go due to all the drinking. Trust me.. i'm 21 and I've been partying 2 years straights, every week.. sometimes 2-4 times a week... 

    You are fine the way you are! accept yourself :)

  8. I think you need god. start going back to church. seriously

  9. Aww,cheer up girl, there's gna be lots of haters becos you're popular. stay strong and just be yourself :)

  10. Cheer up Tammy! They're just jealous cause they don't have a better life than you :)  So to cheer themselves up, they try to lower your self esteem by saying mean things. You have good friends and fans that will stay by you no matter what, so cheer up k :D <3

  11. no offence but do those ppl know you or the guy?
    don't get drag down by them,,, you're the only one who leads YOUR life, everyone experiences everything differently even if it's the same situation. of course bad comments hits you but yeah. people always brag, human beings are smart asses and pretend to be better but they aren't, at times it's just jealousy.
    anyway sorry for my bad english, i hope you get this comment lol

  12. Tammy, you shouldn't even care what other people think. As much as people are going to give you good advice, some out there are just going to bring you down when they know you're getting better.
    Go for it. Live you life, cuz it's yours.
    You're still so young, take chances, fall in love. Get sad. Cry. Take chances, because you'll never know what's gonna happen. Out there someone's gonna be there for you. You just don't know who yet.
    No one has the right to tell you you're not good enough. 'Cause you know whether you're good enough or not. The comments dont mean anything. They just test one thing, are you strong enough to overcome it? :) You are! C'mon.

    So you don't get let down. It's easy to stay happy. It really is. The key is not to let yourself to be brought down. When this happens, just get back up and fight.

    No one else has to tell you if youre good enough. He (whoever he will be :) ) and you will know if youre good enough. And he himself will tell you that youre the best he's ever had. And thats what matters.

  13. Thank you dear. Really :)

  14. It's hard but im trying.... Thanks :)

  15. Yeah i know.....considering! 

  16. I just feel like my life's really boring and lonely without a boy :(  stupid me....but yeah. Then again, boys are nothing but trouble and a boring life is Oh well! 

    Anyway, IM GG CHESTNUT BROWN! Keeps fading lor....stupid liese dye couldnt stay on my head fo more than a week.

    Anyhow, thank you for this long comment <3

  17. Thankew! :)

  18. Thanks dear! Anyway, my weight is at a healthy weight. Not anywhere near thin! I have fats to lose, quite a lot of it~~ 

  19. I know.....

  20. I think they know him but not me. Oh well~

    Anw thanks! :)

  21. I will, i will. Thanks :)

  22. Haha my life isnt fantastic! But well....yeah...maybe theyre just jealous! Hehe. Thx babe.

  23. Thank you sweetie! :)

  24. <span>'Worry I won't get to keep him for long. ' babe i know exactly how you feel. i feel insecure when i date a new guy too. who is this guy you are dating btw! looks like he has moved on from being an eyecandy to a guy you are dating. pictures, tammy!! :)  and don't care about what other people say, i actually think that you are TOO GOOD for a lot of guys in singapore</span>

  25. Thank you dear....well i like to blog about how i feel at a certain time and i dont really think much when blogging. Sometimes i find myself stupid saying the things i say but still, at that moment, it does make me feel better. Like more relieved. Yknow what i mean? 

  26. haha nah.....dont want the world to knw!

  27. my step dad. i dont contact my real dad anymore.