Monday, August 9, 2010

Up 4 Kilos


When i say i'm fatter now 'M REALLY NOT KIDDING. 4KGS. 2 months.

Tomorrow is Diet Day One. I'll keep track of whatever i consume and blog about it. And if i get my DSLR from Mars tonight that'll mean outfit pictures. Hardly dress up nowadays. :(

I think i need 2 weeks to lose it.

Follow this space closely.


  1. hehehe. must have before n after pic to compare k.. let me noe ur super effective diet and way of losing weight... i need it badly too..

  2. Outfit pictures pretty pleaseee!

  3. omg same here! I am ur height but heavier and i gained quite a bit lately too. Jia you! and be my role model k ;)  share tips on how to lose weight or smth

  4. so fast to lose 4kgs? : O how do you do that : O

  5. i gain weight fast. i can lose it fast too! :)