Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Myself Tonight

Do you love shoes?


Spree #3 is on!!!


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Thank you Pony for helping me out~~~

Mundane Monday


I went swimming with Pony. We sneaked into the condo next to mine. Pool's bigger. Place's beautiful. The condo of my dreams. Achievable dream. If i work hard.

There, I dived. My first time diving (into a 4M high pool). Scary. But fun.

Dinner. Steamboat with Daryl Yow. Yow's the best person to talk to when i'm down. He listens. He lets me go on for hours. Without complaining or getting irritated. Even if i'm at the same topic for the whole 3 hours. So thankful for him.

Must go to the driving center tomorrow. Been procrastinating!!! Urgh!!!


Sunday, April 25, 2010



My giant light up diamond ring! Which i gave to zoe hehehehe.

Thank god for them or my Saturday would be quite screwed up. Boys and Fights....TSK!

Morning ah kong bak kut teh! At South Bridge Road. One of the best Bak kut tehs ever! It's the black soup one. Super goooooooooood. Best food to have after clubbing hehe.

Visit Foggiare!
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Friday, April 23, 2010

Poker Party

Oh before i start....NOTICE TO MY CUSTOMERS!!!

My supplier only sent out the goods yesterday! :( Sorry for the delay! :( There's really nothing i can do cus if i wanted to rush things, id make my way to Bangkok alone but then my mom doesn't want me to cus it's unsafe and what makes it worse is...im travelling alone. Still, i apologise for keeping ya'll waiting!

Ok....LAST SAT....

I went to JW’s poker party. Honestly, I didn’t really want to put this post up but F just forwarded me something to read.

Last Friday, I met F for ice cream. After that, we went to JW’s place to play poker. Just needed to get out of my house and the state I am in. These are the kinda things you do when you are out of love, and nobody to spend your Saturday with. I bumped into AY there as well. Didn’t see AY for a long time actually. Used to hang out with all of us but he kinda stopped last year. So it was good to see him again.

The game started abit too intense, maybe cus there were like 7 guys and only 2 girls. So I guess, in poker, you start to form alliances and play mind games with your opponent so that you can win. At the same time, nobody really knew each other at the table so everyone is playing to win. Except me and F. Haha

So when AY was kinda losing quite badly to the other 2 at the table, he started “playing mind games” on them and started being rude to them. And then, boys being boys started shouting at each other and stuff happened. That’s all fine and good cause we thought AY and YOU were not going to bring the matter up, and just leave it be. Cause COME ON. It’s just a Poker party.

But then, you had to write this. “His kind have no principles, no morals and no concept of honour. For so long the drop-outs and the hooligans of Polytechnics (and the like) have instilled fear for their tendencies to resort to violence. Unlike us, they have ‘nothing to lose’, with their educations practically down the drain, we hence avoid stepping on their toes out of the fear of their unruliness.”

Honestly, I know you guys think you are damn great. Afterall, you were born with a silver/gold spoon in your mouth. Your parents treat you like kings and queens at home. You have a maid or many maids who’re cleaning up after you. And when you turn 21 and have a license, your parents buy you a car. But that doesn’t allow you to say such stuff about other people. People like us are not as fortunate as you guys. We don’t have parents who own this bank or this restaurant. Our parents don’t go for Sunday Brunches or Teas. And our parents don’t have the money to give us tuition for EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT for O or A levels so that we can do well.

People like AY and me. Our mums brought us up. We hardly have enough and we work everyday so that we have extra money to play. Come on, we are young like you as well. The things that you like to do, we do too. I admit that AY was abit rude and brash that day but did you really have to say all that about him and stereotype us?

First up, you are basically stereotyping close to 80% of Singapore’s population and I thought people like you, who are apparently “SO WELL EDUCATED” will be more forgiving and more helpful towards us. Saying things like how we often resort to violence and that we have nothing to lose unlike you guys? Please remember that it was your “esteemed” school/organization that caused a Bedok North Secondary Student to be lying in the hospital and now he’s still lying there with difficulties speaking. You say that you guys are going to be the ministers or doctors or rich businessmen in our generation. I cant imagine having you guys run our country.

“You will sooner or later have to accept the fact that you will never be better than us. Swallow your baseless pride and know where you stand. At the end of the day, you lack both the brains and the brawn to come against us. Be it in the examination hall or even at the poker table – we are above you in all fields.”

You say this in your post, Mr AC (pun intended). Let’s see who has the last laugh.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Swimming on Sunday

I still can't believe these are from BATA.

My friends always volunteer to pack my room.....hahahaha.

That was my Sunday!

My life has been not-so-bad with my friends around. Been going out almost every single day. Hardly sleep at home too. It's too scary at night. Especially lying alone on my bed. My thoughts -They never allow me to get a good sleep.

Another night, another dream wasted on you