Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I received this in the mail and was so shocked!

Because i've the exact piece from Topshop (Kate Moss) in navy and paid x92391073 the amount! :( Well you can get this piece so cheap at Chersamme!!!

Armed with a love of fashion, Samantha and Cheryl took the first step to bring you Chersammé, launching a brand that fuses a variety of concepts to bring to you pieces that are highly wearable and coveted. Having known each other for 9 years, they decided to come together to create something unique, something unlike any other, apparels which exude elegance in its simplicity. Chersammé promises to bring to you the ingredients to put together a stylish and chic wardrobe.

They specialized in self designed and manufactured pieces, in which they handpicked the materials and fabric themselves! They have their own suppliers and manufacturers to work with as well.

Chersamme is launching a collection TONIGHT, WED (JUNE 30) @ 10PM! Be sure to check out their latest collection!

For my readers only, enjoy $2 off using this code: OSF$2promo


Today Freda & I popped by Ly's place! It's Ly's birthday! Surprised her with a lot of food~~~ very very simple cus Freda and I were busy with work. Hoping we'd meet soon for a good dinner at some nice restaurant soon! After i come back from my trip!

Meet Muffin! He's a Silky Terrier....like Figo (my dog)!

I was really annoyed at one point cus that little rascal couldnt stop biting me! He'd snap and not wanna let go. That explains the expression....the OMG-CAN-U-FREAKING-STOP-IT face. DAMN PAINFUL TRUST ME.

Muffin's really young so i guess it's okay for him to bite. He's teething! He is only like 3mths old! Cutie pieeeeee!

It's the durian season!! So we bought 3 packets of durians back. I LOVE THIS SINFUL YELLOW THING. I love it so much...too much it's really bad for me. Not only is it heaty but today Ly reminded me that it's super fattening! I refuse to believe it.....i mean the durian is a fruit and fruits are supposed to be good for you right?


To burn the amt of calories you gained eating just one piece, this is what you have to do...
98 mins of Walking
41 mins of Jogging
29 mins of Swimming
54 mins of Cycling

Credits: x

Those who hate the fruit, LUCKY LUCKY YOU! Though i know it's a torture....durians are EVERYWHERE.

Though the night was pretty simple, i hope you enjoy! Love you forever & ever WLY!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Give it up

I need to give up partying and FOCUS!

Can't be hard. I won't die. In fact, i'll become so much healthier....i'd live longer. Not that i want to though, "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young." :) K maybe i'll just party once a week? So i won't be like lost from my friends. There's no other time i get to see them besides Friday and Saturday at Z. :(

So alright, back to the plan....i'm prolly going to shift to Livejournal because it is much easier for customers! Got a lot of feedback! Shall work on it. I'm enjoying the work. Keeps me occupied. Takes my mind off the stupid stuff which's seriously not good for me. Also, if i work hard enough, i might even get to save up enough for the down payment of my Beetle...or a Daihatsu. Whichever. Of course, i'll have to learn to save every bit of it. Need to learn to save $. If only i knew how to, i wouldn't be in so much difficulty now. :(

Can't wait for next week's getaway trip with Dingxuan. NEED IT SO BADLY. Life is SGP is just too depressing and stressful for me. When i come back, i'll start on my plan.......


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Back to the old days!

Daryl Yow is performing at Sound Series 3 tomorrow! He is doing Fearless and 2 other songs (be there to find out!)!


Come down to show Daryl some love!

Call 96990919 for tickets!

Read more about the event HERE!

Thank you Ding Xuan, Daryl Chan and Roy for yesterday! The picx are awesome! :)

I really appreciate everything my friends are doing to help me get back on track! I really need to focus on my business and cannot afford to let them down! Some even went to the extent of providing me with more funds. That's how much they believe and trust that i can do it. I CAN'T LET THEM DOWN. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YA'LL! Cannot describe how glad i am to have all my friends around me having so much faith in me. If it wasn't for them, i think i'd give up whenever i face tough times. So touched!! :)

So i thought to myself, why not start from where i started!

Which's my Livejournal! So it's like instead of computer generated invoices, i have to send it out on my own...etc! Like the past! A lot of hardwork involved but IT WAS WORTH IT. The hard work was what brought me to where i am right now and because i became lazy and relied on employing staff, computer system etc....i fell. But through that i learnt, that success doesn't come easy! As a boss, you cant expect to just have fun everyday and leave everything to your staff to do. It doesnt mean that if you have ppl working under you, you can just laze around, cus that will just mean the business is gonna fail in time to come. Whatever i did was a big big mistake, so well, i can't do anything but to build it again!! NO MORE EMPLOYING OF STAFF....NO MORE! I cant let anyone tarnish the reputation i painstakingly built. It's going to be so tiring for me but success comes with a price! I wouldn't be so positive if it weren't for my great friends around! I thank god for phone calls everyday reminding me of who i am and what i can become.

View the collection here!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is what i've been raving about for yearrrrrs. 've been having it since i was 14?

THE CHILLI IS THE BEST! I always buy one bottle to keep at home! To have it when my maggie mee! The chilli is really spicy! Which is why i love it so much - I AM A CHILLI ADDICT.

I like the dry one more than the soup one because of the gravy. The soup is really tasty too! It's also really yummy but i prefer the dry one. :)

My fav dry mee hoon kueh place is at...
Poon Nah City Home Made Noodle
810 Geylang Road
City Plaza
Opens from 1030am – 830pm, Closes on Sundays

Where's your fav mee hoon kueh/ban mian place?

p.s this isn't an advertorial! am not paid to do it. wish i was! let me have like a lifetime supply of the chilli. HEHEHE.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Creation

The Burberry Prorsum inspired ones arrived this morning! Absolutely lovely! I got the beige. :)

Super in love with this F21 Maxi dress!

& this off-shoulder too! Haven't really shopped since forever!!! SUX TO BE BROKE. Luckily i've quite a lot of clothes i haven't worn before lying around! :)

Today i feel so proud of myself! Woke up early for breakfast and...


J brought me to New Creation today~ My first time stepping into church after YEARS. Felt so good. God so knew i was going to church today i tell you!

Today during service, a verse was repeated non-stop and i was like "omg i know this! i swear it's damn familiar. why is it so fresh in my mind?! how's that freaking possible when the last time i went to church was a pretty long way back?!". THEN I REALISED... 2 nights ago, i was feeling really depressed then i found my bible lying sadly among my Archie comics and opened it. Read a couple of verses and prayed. Closed my bible. Slept. Didn't think i'd remember it. K, but after it got refreshed today, i think i'll remember it fo life~~

Totally dressed for church! Decided to cover all my tattoos. HEHE.

Been so depressed lately nothing seems to be able to calm me down and take the stress away. Not even food!!! However, it's the first time feeling so awesome this month thanks to God uh. :)

Fine Find

Based in Singapore, Fine Find offers an affordable range of clothing, gifts and accessories. They stock a fine array of merchandise carefully chosen and imported from around the globe. Stocks are updated every 7-10 days with a good mix of truly fine finds.

Fine Find also has a boutique! It's FirstDay located at Far East Plaza #03-91.

To be kept in the loop for their latest updates, join the Mailing List or join their Facebook page . Alternatively, do follow them on Twitter

Get 10% off total purchase when you order online and collect your purchase at FirstDay! Enter "GIVEME10" during ordering. Promotion ends, 30th June 2010.
Discount code: GIVEME10

web: http://www.shopfinefind.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fine-Find/125749160778493
Twitter: http://twitter.com/finefind
Email: contact@shopfinefind.com

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Nelly....lol.



Ding Xuan helped me do my shoot today! Because i figured the plaster on my face would be attracting too much attention. Haha.



Thank you BBG for the help! LOVE YOU MUCH! :)


The amt of miso soup DX and i had. Kk so like
DX asked:"Are you shocked by the amount?"
Waiter: No? Because there's no electricity (his face was like serious)

I got the joke and laughed like immediately? They were making fun of me having the same frequency as him cus they took awhile to get it hahaha. IT'S REALLY DAMN FUNNY?! I'm damn impressed at how he thought of it JUST LIKE THAT. Ding Xuan was like "i bet he has always wanted to say it. already store inside, ready to say if someone were to ask him that". Haha. Gosh im SO GOING BACK FOR LUNCH!

Yup so anyway i'm like starting this new trend...

To put a plaster on your face.

Something like Nelly.

Except Nelly's plaster isn't a fashion accessory (i googled it!) and mine is TOTALLY for fashion's sake. Bigger the better.

Yup i'm just cool like that.


p.s hope you sense the sarcasm in the post

p.s p.s if you've been following me on Twitter you'd know why! so yeah hahaha

p.s p.s p.s NO IT'S NOT SURGERY.