Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dark Chocolate

Goodbye ugly whatever color that was my hair color for the past week.

I've the dye on. 20 min. Cant wait to wash off the dye and say hi to dark colored hair. I highly doubt it'll turn out even but at least i won't have to live with an ah lian color till my next visit to Salon Vim.

Random shots from my cammy....

August Collection V

View the collection HERE!


Saturday, August 28, 2010


And there's no one to talk to now. He's out and will be back only at lunchtime. I am so bored. What can I do right now? Can't sleep. But I'm tired, I can hardly move. Standing up to go to the toilet was difficult just now. If that's tough, can't imagine doing anything else but lie in bed.

Maybe all I need now is food. Stomach is churning and constantly making weird sounds.

Shall watch how I met your mother to distract myself and stop thinking bout food. 3 hours. 3 hours and the boy will be back. 3 hours and I will be shoving food down my throat. Fly time fly~

I wonder how was last night after I left. Was too drunk to make it to nana ☹ I hate missing out on fun. Pfft. Nvm.....at least I got to spend more time with the cutest boy in the worrrld. Hehehe. That's much MUCH more important.
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Not so good morning

Lying in bed now. I hear water running. My eyes are sore. No I didn't cry. I don't cry anymore. Had a tad too much sour plum shots last night. The last half a glass of champagne totally killed me. Need to learn to decline drinks and know my limit. Hate getting drunk. Think I pissed someone off.....cus I'm annoying when I'm drunk. It's like saying sorry won't work. How now? :( maybe I should just keep quiet. But then if I keep quiet it'll make me look like I'm angry over the fact he's angry w me........right? Ok fuck. My mind can't rly work well right now. Head is spinning. Spinning, spinning, spinning.........
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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Beauty

Salon VIM promo!

Be ready for fall with a curl or straightening service to take you into the season of femininity and grace.

Fall Beauty Package at $180 - $280
Zone Cut + Texturising curl / Volumizing straight + Hair Spa

*Valid to first 200 customers. Not valid with other promotions, discounts or vouchers. Terms and conditions apply.


Shoot for Bobby from Multifolds Photography

Romper from VictoriaJOMO (Haji Lane)

Wish i wasnt so chubby!!!! My diet is definitely not working. Oh wait....what diet? Lol. MAN I NEED TO BE STRICT WITH MYSELF. Still, pictures are great! Love the colours~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel."

After coming across this quote, I don't feel like sucha loser doing what I did a month back (yeah I think it was a month). Lol.

I need to dye my hair. I didn't know Liese's bubble dye wouldn't last! About a week and look, it's back to the ah lian color again. Dammit. My hair can't take anymore chemicals?! It's so damaged. One last time, one last time and I'm not dyeing my hair for at least another year.

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Monday, August 23, 2010



What I did last night.....

(I have ugly fat toes (and fingers). Hee hee

Color Me

Otw to botanic gardens to do a shoot w Bobby now.

Man it's early.

Dear Sun, please don't kill me.


3 hours. 10 tiny prawns.


Sunday, August 22, 2010


Is it that difficult to stay happy?

I was when I woke up. 3 hours later, I see a 180 deg change.

I knew it. I just knew it. Shouldve stayed far away from js-kit.com!

The comments. Comments from people who hate to see me happy - it's affecting me. God knows why. It shouldn't matter. People talk, they always will. So why do I bother feeling so down.... Why why why? ☹

2 weeks ago, it was a lot of "I think you deserve better". Then when I found someone whom I really fancy.......it's "You're not good enough for him". Annoying. Fucking annoying.

I hate not being able to be good enough.....I hate it. I wanna be the "best he's ever had" but it doesn't look like its possible because I'm nothing compared to the girls he was with. It sucks. Hate feeling so fucking inferior. I worry. Worry I won't get to keep him for long.

There is really nothing I can do so yeah. Too bad. Too fucking bad. Sigh.
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Winkle Tinkle

Thanks for coming down to st james yesterday for the flea! ☺

've been so happy with my life lately. So happy I totally cut myself from the cyber world! Don't want anyone/thing to spoil this moment. Lol.

Oh yay! Think I'm going to church today too!!

Oh please let life stay this way. I love the fact I'm no longer that depressed girl anymore.

Can't believe I can't find my new book. I NEED TO STOP LOSING THINGS. Stupid brain......stooop stoooop stooooooops.
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Friday, August 20, 2010


Can't believe I spent $36 yesterday on OPI. Just found this gorgeous nail color frm the face shop for $2.90?!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Collection IV

Click to view the collection!


Did the shoot at 10 this morning. Tired as hell. Was at Zouk the night before. Totally impromptu. Thank god i managed to wake up, making this collection possible. :)

Did i mention i'm kinda loving life right now because i think i'm falling.......falling in love. Ok i know...NOT AGAIN. So maybe i should just chill. Love's always the cause of my downfall. I shouldn't even dare fall in love again. Still, sometimes you just can't help it can you? Especially when it's with the person you've a crush for the longest time. ;)

Remember i mentioned that i dyed my hair dark brown last week? THE COLOR FADED AND NOT I'VE UGLY HAIR COLOR AGAIN. Used Liese Bubble Dye btw. Love the color! Feel like buying it and dyeing it myself again. Or maybe i should just get my lazy ass down to Salon VIM.

Oh yes before i end this post, i'll leave you guys with picx taken yesterday at DX's.



Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Dx is working. I am sitting in the changing room. Shop where I'm supposed to go to my nails at is closed today. Some luck I have. Urgh. The shop is never closed?

Oh well. I am bored. Really bored. Oh yes I'm at haji lane. Can't remember last time I visited this place. A lot of nice shops now!

Just loaned some vintage dresses from V. Jomo for Sunday's shoot with B. Can't wait! Hope the pictures would be awesome!! :)

Tic tac

Too cute!! Zoe's tic tac!


Just realised it"s Diet Day 9 only! Chey.

But honestly ah, I should just start at 1 again. I haven't been doing a good job. Not at all.

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It's 10 in the morning. Wow ten o clock. Usually the time I climb into bed and go under the covers. You see, its not that I don't want to sleep early. I can't. I've tried to the past few months. Still can't.

I had a Mcmuffin for breakfast at 4. Before bed time. Yes its Macs again! Oh wow. 2 hours to lunch time. I'm thinking of skipping it since breakie's pretty fattening. Ok wait. Coming clean..... tht was my supper, calling it my breakfast just to make myself feel better. Lol. Fail girl, really. What shitty diet is this?!

Intending to submerge my body into the pool downstairs later. Stay in the waters for a good hour. Maybe get a tan too? I should just give up being fair. Taking too long. Tooooo loooonggggg.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back from a 20-30 min run.

Feels good. Whee~

Ok I know I've to run longer than that to be able to burn em fats but stupid calves, stupid stupid calves frking hurt like a bitch.

Don't feel so shitty about the nuggets + fries I had for supper last night anymore. Yeah, I forgot to mention.....

No idea what ill be having for dinner later. Maybe no dinner at all. Better. Ok sorta. Cus I might have supper at some weird time - which is worse. Plus supper for me is always macs. Hate mcdelivery!!! Too convenient. Too frigging convenient! Pfft.

Tday, I stepped into Borders and got A million little pieces as recommended by caxs. Can't wait to get started on it~

Got big bang theory too. Everyone's telling me how good the show is.
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First meal of the day at 4pm!

Duck rice @ carlton (sounds like atas uh but it's a coffee shop)- katong.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Early din

Super early dinner with yow!!

Tom yum ban mian @ cine! I likeeee~ go try!


Is it Diet Day 7 already?

Anyhow, really fail to the max cus this was my supper. I opened the refrigerator without expecting to find much. Sadly, I found this.

I have to go for a jog tonight.

Jap food or xiao long baos more fattening?

Ok why did I even bother asking that obviously the latter right? Haiz.....mad craving for xlbs. I'm meeting Yowz later see if he allows me to have xlbs.....otherwise we'll just settle with the usual japanese restaurant. :( well well I do hope I skip lunch.......if I do then xlbs would be totally fine!

Or should I suggest tom yum ban mian?


Need a mani done. Pronto! Probably after facial later? Any cheap + good nail palour in town?

p.s QUICKLY GET A BOOTH FOR THE WINKLE FLEA! I'll be having 2-3 booths on that day. TOO MANY THINGS TO SELL. :) SO COME DOWN K? Selling it REEEEEALLY cheap $10-20?

Come 21st August 2010, in conjuction with Singapore and the World's first ever Youth Olympic Games, The Winkle Family cordially invites one and all to Singapore's largest, first ever, tourist friendly, and pets friendly Flea Mall!

Held at the huge, and air-conditioned St James Power Station, there's always something for every one. From the music rocker dude department, to GIRLS ONLY department to even a FAMILY GARAGE deparment, The Winkle Family is pretty sure you will be able to grab something real cheap and feel that tingling satisfied sensation.

These are the different sections of the mall:

Winkle Hilton - Just For The Girls!

Winkle Records - The Music Department (Bands, artiste and whats not)

Winkle Balls - For the boys with balls! (from geeks to jocks to rockers, we got it all)

Winkle P & T - Stands for Winkle Pets & Toys

Winkle Pantry - Cakes, Brownies, Milkshakes and Yoghurt of cause!

Winkle Garage - For families who want to throw out anything!

One booth's $65 now! See la, ya'll dont register early this is what happens - price goes up! T'was $55 last week.

Still, it's gonna be a good event to sell your stuff! PLUS U CAN BRING UR DOGGIES DOWN! Show them off!

Find out more about the event by clicking HERE.

Register for a booth here NOW! LAST DAY FOR REGISTRATION!