Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dark Brown

I remember going out pissed as hell but i'm good now. No i haven't forgiven my mom yet. I'm just happy to be back home with a really neat hair do by John. Thanks John!

So when i left home this was my hair color...

Used Liese Bubble Dye - Dark Chocolate to cover my ash brown but it just keeps fading to this color! I dyed it with Liese TWICE some more. Not that it's a bad dye though! I like it! It's simple and easy to use. Just that it fades damn easily. For my hair lah. I've a friend who dyed once and the color stayed!

After this round of coloring, NO MORE! No more light colored hair for me. I don't think i can pull it off well....just makes me look ah lian. Though i really wanna try olive green.........Aunty R did her olive green + ash brown there and it looks damn good.....BUT AIYAH NO NO NO! I believe my hair is already super damaged.

I cut 3-4" too. My hair is just too dry so i told John to just do it. Oh precious precious hair....But i don't look any different so nvm lah! Can grow, can grow!



Prepare for a lot of pictures of me because I LOVE MY HAIR! :)

John helped me curl it. Looks awesome! I'm gonna buy this super awesome curler from Chrissy's boyfee. Quite expensive but it's damn awesome! I'll blog about it when i get it from him. Tried it before! Plus it doesn't like dry up your hair the way most curling tongs do.

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09

Daryl trying t get Kyla's ring off his fat finger. Lol so cute.

Baby donna bought stickers for me! Love it so cute!!

Met the girls with my fresh out of the salon smelling pretty hair! Caught Devil with the girls + Brons + Yow. Pretty mind fucking show but i like it. I didn't fall asleep!

Ok time to watch Gossip Girl S4E3! It's Tue, IT'Z OUT! WOOHOO.

My precious! :(

You have no idea how mad pissed off I am with my mother right now! I hate her so much now! Urgh!

So what wonderful thing she did this time?

Well everyone knows how much I loooooove shoes! And I've a huge ass collection of shoes at home. That woman threw away more than half of my collection. Consisting of A LOT of my favourite flats.

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of heels but that doesn't mean I don't wear the flats anymore what?! She freaking threw away all my vintage oxford shoes, my sandals, my ballet flats.....even 4 different colors havaianas she also throw? Just cus lately I don't wear the flat havaianas I'm always wearing the high one. What the fuck. I'm so angry!!!!! Ill never be able to find a lot of shoes cus I got most from vintage stores. I wanna cry!!!!

If the shoes were taking too much space, can put in my room what! Or sell?! I know there'll be people who want it?! But no, she THREW THEM AWAY. Heartache max!!!

I cannot describe how much anger and sadness I have in me. I really loved every single pair so much?! I super love my denim slippers but that's gone too! I've no more flats thanks to the bitch. I already don't have much $ to spare unlike in the to buy shoes the same way I did?! Now I hardly spend $ on shoes lor........

I'm crying as I'm typing this......sigh. My precious precious shoes. It's like maybe 50 pairs?! Really not funny amount.

Wish my mom would fucking admit she's in the wrong and quit arguing with me. Am not gonna talk to her for a loooong time. Hate her!
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September: Shoes

Harrow World! Good Morning!

I am up, i am up! Whee! Feels good waking up early knowing i've activities lined up for me the entire day!

Bathe, head out for a meeting with someone from Majorlica Majorca (oooh make up, make up!), chillax at Starbux alone with my Green Tea Frappe, hair appointment (dark brown/black hair, treatment, might snip of 3 inches...), meet Yowz, maybe meet the girls....OOOOH YAY!

Oh before i go,

Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Collection Five

New Collection is Up!

I am hooked on this video the boy made me watch weeks ago. Re-watched it at least 15 times today. I love Hyomin forever and ever (she's the Bopeepbopeep girl!)!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Do you feel happy when you see asian models? Well i do! I love going thru collections on and seeing asian models here and there.

That day i was looking thru Juice and i saw this GAP model. EFFING PRETTY. So i immediately googled her.

Shu Pei

Liu Wen (is Victoria's Secret's first Asian supermodel)

Notice the thing about these asian models, they're not exactly pretty-pretty (ive seen a lot more girls who are way prettier) - they have that long narrow eyes which i don't really like but still...there's something about them which makes them well, them! You don't see pretty girls outside with such features and go "wow chio". Oh and i dont know why but i feel that asian models look more friendly. They dont have that intimidating look, which makes them more like-able! To me lah.

Ok you know what...i wish i was korean! KOREAN GIRLS ARE REALLY PRETTY.

I didnt really like KPOP in the past...until i started watching music videos and spotted a lot of eye candies! Who doesn't like looking at pretty girls?! I'm a girl but i like looking at girls so much more than looking at boys. Oh and Zipia's clothes alwasy look damn nice cus the girls are all so pretty! I always go crazy when i browse thru the stuff on Zipia. I end up looking at the girls instead of the clothes. Ok so....yeah 90% of them undergo plastic surgery but SO?? You think everyone can look chio with surgery? No girls out there who did surgery and still don't look that good! Also when you see a pretty girl you'll just be like "OMG SO PRETTY I WISH I LOOKED HALF AS GOOD!" right? You won't think so much what.... unless you're some jealous'll prolly be like "Not possible to look so good naturally...confirm plastic surgery".

Ok but then again I'm not exactly extremely proud to be asian...

I mean who doesn't want the sharp nose, razor sharp cheek bones, not so boring eye color, strong brows/lashes....Plus, face it, on any given day, in any given city, you're much more likely to see an attractive ang moh than aN asian?

Public opinion! Are you happy with the way you look (asian or not)? Whose face do you wish you were born with?

Love Sick

I've been lying in bed for days already. Wenta the docs yesterday and took meds but still not okay! THIS SUCKS. I usually dont take this long to get well! The door bell rang yesterday....i knew it was the post man with my new pair of shoes! I've been waiting for a month for it to arrive and have been really excited bout it but i was so sick i ignored and went to sleep. WHAT?!?! THE?!?!?! FUCK?!?!?! RIGHT?!?!? Now i kinda regret....really wanna see my new shoes. HAIZ.

Boring boring boring life. Btw I got my camera back from M already! Need to buy new lens!

Once i'm well imma start snapping lotsa picx and start posting outfit picx!! So many ideas in my head...can't wait to dress up!

I feel like dyeing my hair black. YES OR NO??

I cant wait for October! No not only because it's my birthday month (*wink wink) but also because i might be flying over to xxx to look for a supplier! I have SO MANY designs in my bed. SO SO SO MANY! I really hope i can find somewhere reliable to do my stuff. A lot of people are asking me why i stopped designing my own stuff. Well basically, i lost my supplier cus she had bigger stuff to do and i couldnt find anyone to do it for me ever since! It is soooo sad.... but well i do hope all will change in Oct and i can start having my own designs again! Really looking forward to that! Hope you girls are as excited too! :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spanish Peel

Ok since a lot of ppl requested, here's a Beauti Instict post! Previously a lot of people asked me what peeling treatment i did so yeah im gonna share!


A highly-effective slow-release, deep penetrating peel with multi-vitamins infusion. Highly effective regeneration facial treatment exfoliates dead layers of the skin, dramatically diminishes imperfections designed for those who don’t want or aafford to have visible flaking that is well tolerated by the skin

Spanish Peel treatment has a marked tightening effect to treat fine lines, helping to eliminates and shallow post acne scars, minimize large pores, pigmentation spots, freckles and discoloration as well as melasma. It evens out uneven skin tones giving your skin a visible healthy new radiant glow.

Treatment takes about 15minutes.

I've a scar on the left side of my face due to a burn and the scar is almost gone! Well one more treatment and im sure it'll be totally gone!

No actual picx of my before and after because i forgot to bring my camera that day! :( But here's some which Beauti Instict provided me with!

*p.s please call Beauti Instict to ask for the price list! dont comment cus i wasn't given the price list

Beauti Instinct

545 Orchard Rd #03-14 Far East Shopping Centre (the one beside Hilton Hotel)
Tel: 67339149
**Please mention that you're a reader of OHSOFICKLE to enjoy the treatment mentioned at a discounted price
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am to 8pm

Man i need to back for my facial PRONTO. Just did a treatment last week and it improved pretty much but still have a few small pimple to clear :( All the late nights...ruining my skin. :(