Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nails and Rings

Yesterday i went to my godmother's beauty spa located at Bencoolen to do my nails!

Her beautiful boutique spa...

A boutique spa. Established in 2003. Specialise in Guinot Institue Treatments, intricate and detailed nail works. Preening ladies to their very best.

The nail room~

Did Gel Extensions! Super love it that i have long nails now! I like typing with long nails on my lap top. Click clack click clack...

Call to book an appointment for Gel Extensions or Facial now! Look your best for CNY :)

Contact No.:62755886
Location: 180, Bencoolen Street. #02-03, The Bencoolen. S189646
Singapore, Singapore, 189646

It's opposite OG! DO NOT walk inside The Bencoolen, i stupidly walked inside and went around for 1 hour trying to find an escalator but there wasnt one :/ so anyway, it's outside! Around the food place!


Click here to buy the rings!

My Balenciaga Anthracite Work! I like City better though cus of the shoulder strap but the Work is really roomy - super good for people like me, who throws everything and anything in my bag. Yeah ask my friends...they get so amazed when they empty my bag! One time, they found 6 pairs of eye wear in my bag. On a night out clubbing. HAHA.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Off to town to watch Hereafter!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yow yow

Caught the best movie!!!!

LOVE IT TO THE MAX. The entire time i was nudging my bf (he must've felt sooo irritated :P) because i was damn excited over every little thing. Hehe.

On Sunday, the boy and i had lunch at Tony Roma's before service...


The last time i visited Tony Roma's was when i was like 12??? Still serving fantastic food!!!

The ribs....YUMS.

Next Sunday it shall be Kenny Roger's! Hehe.

Frog leg porridge at Geylang Lorong 9 again~

Satisfied my durian craving at Durian Lingers - Joo Chiat Road...

Yesterday was Daryl Yow's birthday!!!

Spent the entire day with him!

Complimentary buffet at Palm's...

I am a fail ice cream scooper. How to people scoop it and make it like a ball? Like what daryl did above? I tried DAMN HARD but failed again and again. I respect ice cream girls...tough, tough job! Scooping ice cream requires A LOT of strength lor!

Our usual thing...Karaoke @ Kbox!

It was $6 for 4 hours! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! It's crazy cheap!!! On weekdays only though! Weekends costs quite a bit.

Finally, we found a duet we can do real well....

But nothing beats my all-time fav duet, At The Beginning lah!!

Happy birthday Yowwy! Love love x!

Up till now, some people still think Daryl is my boyfriend! People always ask him and ask me the SAME THING?! Girl + boy go out must be BGF meh??? Once again, i'd like to say this....DARYL ISN'T MY BOYFRIEND!!!! He is just a damn close guy friend! AND I'M NOT DENYING (some people go like "why you dont dare reveal that daryl is your bf").....seriously lor....why some people so gey kiang one - when you ASSUME you make an ASS OUT OF U & ME. I am happily attached to this other wonderful boy la! If people keep saying Daryl is my bf and spread, spread, spread HOW WOULD MY CURRENT BOYFRIEND FEEL?!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shop CNY

I'll be launching a collection tomorrow at 4pm! :)

Sneak Peek!!!

I look super girly~ Hehehe. Because it's for CNY, decided to choose lighter colors! A lot more designs tomorrow! This is only 1/2! Decided not to use black eyeliner, i used silver glittery eyeliner from LA SPLASH (from Guardian)!

Here's a dress Exclusively Designed & Manufactured by OSF!

See ya'll at 4pm at tomorrow!

I'd really love to write a proper blog post but i've been soooo busy :( sowwieeeee.


CherSamme has just launched their self-manufactured collection - Burlesque!
For my readers, you will be entitled to free SmartPac for more than 3 items purchased or $1 off for each item if you opt for meetup!

Some dresses were sent to me...

I secretly wish they sent me the pink lor! What a pretty dress for CNY! Well i got the green one - still as pretty!

This dress is my ultimate fav! I super love it! I tried wearing it 3 different ways on 3 different days and it's amazing how different each look looks! It looks like a totally diff dress but just in the same color. Sadly, i didnt take pictures :(

Follow them on Facebook or Twitter or sign up for their mailing list to receive the latest updates and discount codes in the future! :)

Do quote "OSF-CNY" when submitting an order form :)

Site URL:
facebook url:
twitter url:

p.s and i have to say this again...THE MODEL IS GORGEOUS!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Loving it Colorful

2 DIE 4!!!!!


So many movies i wanna catch! Hoping my boyfriend would agree to a movie marathon later....highly doubt so though. :/ I'm bored.....i can't do much on his computer. Wish i brought mine so i can do work! Waiting for Pastamania~~ I really am damn thankful for Pastamania delivery. It's like ever since it came out, i cut down on Mcdonalds. A LOT. Though sometimes, i wish home deliveries didn't exist. Oh god....i'll be how stick thin by now! I need to get a CNY collection ready by 24th...need to pick out some stuff for myself too! I didn't even keep anything in the past few collections cus whatever i liked was high in demand and i had to let go of my own piece. Now i'm left with nothing for myself WEHHHHH D': Y'know 2 days ago, i saw the nicest dress on sale at Topshop....i'm still thinking bout it.....

Show ya'll something pretty...

Im so gonna try! :)


Friday, January 21, 2011

Beauti Instinct

Yay! Facial, facial!

So yesterday, i did the Make Me Beautiful!

Left side of my face is the side which was worked on for about 30 min, CAN YOU SEE THE DIFF? My face is more lifted up, slimmer and my nose is also smaller! All this in just 30min! So can you imagine if you were to do it regularly for like 2 weeks? Confirm achieve V-SHAPE face and a smaller nose!

Beauti Instinct

545 Orchard Rd #03-14 Far East Shopping Centre (the one beside Hilton Hotel)
Tel: 67339149
***Please mention that you're a reader of OHSOFICKLE to enjoy the above benefits.
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am to 8pm


Last night, while i was busy on my laptop, someone knocked on my room door and 3 girls barged it (ok yeah i dont ever lock my gate, bad bad habit! must change lor if not one day sure kena kidnapped)...


So we went to the poolside, had talks till 3 in the morning....and i am sooooo thankful for them :) Was feeling quite stressed up over tons of issues but being with them made me take my mind off lotsa things! I love them so much. So great to finally see them and catch up. Although they always make me feel like i'm a big fat bimbo at the end of the day cus i'm never on the same channel EVER. I'm a /m\ (no link) girl. Hehe.

And on a side note, i got myself my 2nd Balenciaga in Anthracite! :)

This means i cannot spend $ for the next 2 months already (cus i'm paying by installment). I'm not revealing where i got it though! Cus the bags go Out Of Stock EXTREEEEEMELY FAST. Like within one hour all gone. So imagine if i introduce so many people to the webbie, then no more bags left for me alr lor! Sorry i'm selfish....:(:(.
Sigh...i dread going back to the next tab on Safari. The Gmail tab. The amount of e-mails i got in the 9 hours i was asleep is kinda crazy. I just cleared it to zero before i turned in and now i wake up to find a lot of work left....which means i can't do other stuff today, like getting a manicure or buying toiletries or even giving Bunny a bath.

Still, love love love my job. Ohsofickle's my lifeeeeeeeeee~~~ :)