Friday, April 29, 2011


So I've been watching Glee for almost a year thinking the singing isn't done but the actors & actresses but I was wrong!

Feel so stupid now. They're truly talented!

Studded Shorts

I don't like repeating outfits but this outfit above, i've repeated it a hundred times (ok i'm exaggerating lol). My shorts are at least 3 years old and my cropped top's 2. This 2 are prolly the oldest piece of clothing in my wardrobe! It's so simple and comfy and looks good. ++ points for my leopard printed bra from Cotton On. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Random pic of Bunz!


Wahhhhh the model's complexion is so glowy! Me likeyyyyy~

A blogshop offering a wider range of clothing, shoes and bags from work to play , sweet to edgy designs at great prices. All the designs are either designed by their team or handpicked by the owner charmaine.

You may order online or head down to their showroom located at :
69 Ubi Crescent
#04-02, CES Bldg
Tel: 6743-6463
They also carry a range of exclusive designs with sizes ranging from S to 2XL.

QUOTE "OHSOFICKLE" to get free normal local postage.


Cam-whoring in the Denim Shirt from Gipsy Scarlet!

Buy Denim Shirt HERE

Buy Twist Front Bandage Skirt HERE

Quote ‘GSXOTAMMY’ to enjoy 5% off your purchases!

Gipsy Scarlet has also updated their website with lots of new styles!

Gotta love the Peacock Feather Charm rompers and Denim Corset Tutu dress!

Tiered chiffon tops

They are so pretty and matches well with almost anything! <3 HOT 2-way Bandage tops

Jumpsuit series

Maxi series

Leopard Print series

New Arrivals are updated weekly so don't forget to join their mailing list and facebook fan page for future launches!



Angel Xin Beauty

Ever removed your make up and look at your reflection and ask yourself things like...




No more dreading to remove my make up at night cus even if i do, i don't look half as shitty anymore!

Plus, with eyelash extensions, you spend less time on make up in the morning! All you need to do is apply foundation, blusher, draw your brows and you're good to go! That'll only take about 5 min or so? Unlike the usual 15 min? We usually spend the most amount of time putting on mascara! Eyelash extensions are great for working adults and students!

My lashes were done at
Angel Xin Beauty

They also specialize in Hair Extensions! For 3 years, i went there to get extensions done till my hair grew! Walao if only they sponsored me! But yes, there's a reason why i do my extensions there. The quality of the hair used is great! So if you have short hair which is taking forever to grow, go get hair extensions! Do the braiding method! More comfy, lasts longer and you won't drop that much hair after!

My readers get 10% discount off total bill by producing e-coupon when you spend above $100 on hair extensions - note that strictly on hair extensions services only!

This is the e-coupon:

Spend $200 on ANY of AngelXin's services (be it hair extensions, eyelash extensions, colour, wash, cut, perm, etc) & stand to receive a free HOTPINK hair straightener (worth $45) - Note this promo is only available at People's Park Centre outlet, not the other 3 outlets.

101 Upper Cross Street
People's Park Centre #02-11
Tel: 65355852

32 Peoples Park
New Market Road #03-1078
Tel: 65383886

133 New Bridge Road
Chinatown Point #03-11
Tel: 65343886

810 Geylang Road
City Plaza #02-36
Tel: 67470205


I went to view my Replies and rubbed my screen totally forgetting that it was a tweet I RTed awhile ago. Lol.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Location


Ohsofickle The Boutique has shifted!

It's a temporary shift (i think!) cus we still haven't found a suitable unit but if things work out at the current unit, then we'll stay!

The new unit is located at #02-100.
Enter by the main entrance (entrance in front of Sweet Talk Bubble Tea/Old Chang Kee).

I would like to invite you girls to the official opening of the new shop on 7 May (Saturday). Keep yourself free k! :)

Any purchase you make from 1pm to 5pm on 7 May, entitles you to a $10 discount voucher! So come say HI at the new OSF out on 7 May (Saturday) within 1pm-5pm!

We have started business but shop isn't totally ready yet plus we're reserving the goodies for the opening! You can still visit the store if you wanna!

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #02-100

Singapore 228213
Tel: +65 68365187


Online Store Updates!

New In

If anything goes OOS and you wish to have it, request for a backorder for that particular item here! Will try my best to get it restocked.

My new hair color!

If you're wondering if i changed my hair color, well yes it did! I did it just before i went off to Bintan.

So my stylist, John, decided to try something new for me...

My hair color looks something like the one on the left...

I like how interesting it looks!

I know you can't really tell from my pictures cus my parting is wrong! Ok, so like, I wanted to change my parting so i went to do my hair with my new parting at Salon VIM, however on Day 2, i cannot help but flip my hair back to the left. It's like a habit to shift my fringe to the left and it is a habit which is just soooo difficult to break! Pfft.

If you want a new look, visit Salon VIM to get advice on what suits you best. You can trust them!

313 @ Somerset #04-07/08/09
68847757 / 68847767

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vlog #3 - Incanto Dream

Vlogging cus i just found out how to increase the volume of my mic! :D

Off to do a shoot for the next collection!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Sensual Nails Spa

So last Friday, i did my nails!

It's Monday and it still looks like s if i stepped out of the nail salon this morning! Ok for most people, manicures can last them a week or 2 but for me, 3 days MAX. After 3 days, it'll be chipped off here and there. Actually maybe on Day 1, i would've alr ruin it slightly after i step out of the nail salon cus it'll be semi dry and i surely would hit something.

I really LOVE what Sensual Nails Spa used on my nails to make the design and color last!

They used this product called "Gellish" which is a Gel that dries INSTANTLY. So there's no sitting in front of a fan waiting for your nails to dry. That wastes about 30 min lor and sometimes after that, it still isn't fully dried. But for Gellish, IT IS AWESOME!

Plus it's hard to peel off (i tried to scratch - sorry i got itchy fingers) unlike normal nail polishes and can last a month. WITH 3D NAIL ART THAT DOESN'T FALL OFF EASILY. STILL SHINY TOO!

This is the most awesome invention EVER! I hope every nail salon would have it lor. Don't have to do manicures every week (for me lah)! For normal people, can go do once a month and it'll last the entire month!

The design i chose...

Before adding the 3D Bows

Cute or CUTE????


The girl is a PRO at 3D designs. Really really daaaaamn good. I was told she just came back from HK - she went there for a course! I talked to her and she's been in this line for 5-6 years already? So yeah, SHE'S REALLY DAMN GOOD!

And what i like most is that most of the staff there speak english. Y'know most of the nail salons i visit right, the girls only speak chinese! I'm sooooo bad at chinese and throughout the whole time i'll be quiet and just nodding my head. :( So at Sensual, i actually managed to have a proper conversation in english! Which was enjoyable cus the girls are really nice and friendly. THE BOSS TOO! Such a happy place to be in.

Found the design from fuckyeahprettynails. I saved TONS of nail art stuff in my phone. My next design is prepared alr. Hehehe.

Sensual Nails Spa
BLK 507 Bishan St 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
Just a stone throw away from KOI
Tel: 62590889 (call to book an appointment now!)

Get 10% off all services when you quote "Ohsofickle"!
Valid for 3 months

Don't ask me for prices ah! I don't work there and have no idea. Any questions, the number to dial is above!


Ok share with ya'll some designs i have in mind! Black nail art! ♥♥♥ Matches my outfits better! Even though i love my colorful nails, it's just too cute for most of my outfits.

Cannot express how much i love this.

EXCITED! Gotta wait 3 weeks though. Lol.

p.s opened preorders for the OSF Fur Envelope Clutch in Beige, Black (Back again because a lot of people have been requesting for it) & Full Leopard (NEW DESIGN!).

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Black Mask

Trying the black face mask from Daiso! $2 only! Unbelievably cheap for a face mask.

I feel like I'm a "guinea pig"! Test $2 face product on my own face for yall. Hahaha.

I better not get pimples!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What would you do?

What would you do if you meet someone whom you know doesn't like you or if you don't like the person or both?

I would avoid eye contact and pretend i don't know he/she's around. I know of people who would stare but i do not like to stare people down. Even if the other party does, i still try not to stare back. I'll walk away. And if we have eye-contact, i'll actually smile and look away? I know it would make me look "fake" to some people but i don't know why i still do it. I just don't like to be "hated" (for no reason) but such things are inevitable. We aren't born to please the world! And then another scenario, whereby there are some people i know, who don't like me, who would purposely say something about me aloud to their friend hoping i'd hear. I'd ignore and pretend i never heard it. Sometimes i think about all this moments and feel like such a loser. Wish i was born with more "guts" to . Really.

500 Days of Summer in 16 min

Shared this on FB and Twitter and well i have to share it here.

On Relationships...

Made me tear. I believe if you've been following my blog for at least 3 years, you'd know i've been thru 2 painful break ups already so yeah i can relate to the above very, very well.

The first lasted almost 2 years. The second ended in 8 months? My current, 6 months, still going strong...and i really hope it wouldn't end like how my previous relationships ended. I want it to last. It will last (but then again, didn't i say the same thing for the previous 2?). I feel scared but it's life..... it's life.

Friday, April 22, 2011

What's In My Bag

What's in my bag on most days. When packed.

If i dont pack my bag, gosh you will be surprised at the things i dump in! One time, on a night out CLUBBING, DX & Don decided to spill out the contents of my bag (cus they know they can find junk) and they found 6 pairs of sunglasses. Please read the sentence again, esp the word in BOLD. Haha.

1. Sunglasses i need to have a pair in my bag especially during day time cus when i don't feel pretty enough, i can hide my face!
2. Wallet duh everyone can't leave the house without a wallet
3. Blackberry in my case, Pinkberry! i'm like always on my phone. i cannot imagine how life would be if you take my Blackberry away from me! OR IF I LOSE IT (yeah can buy new one but it wouldn't be the saaaame).
4. Mascara Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto really lengthens your lashes and it makes it look neat
5. NARS Concealer in Ginger
6. Body Shop Radiant Highlighter used at cheekbones for a glowy look
7. Maybelline Eye Shadow
8. Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Naturel (30)
9. NARS Skin Smoothing Primer
10. Maybelline Impact Express Eye Liner in Black
11. Brush for my concealer
12. REVLON Matte in Pink Pout (002) baby pink lipstick
13. REVLON Colorburst in Rosy Nude (065) dull red, almost brown, lipstick
14. Blusher i dont know the brand! it faded and i forgot from where. Sorry! but it's the same color as my BENIFIT Sugarbomb!

Sometimes i bring diff foundations and lipsticks out la but this is for most days!

I missed out my eye brow pencil! I'm using an eye brow pencil from Maybelline. Oh and my notebook! Where i jot down anything and everything. Sometimes i spot a really nice dress someone is wearing, i'll quickly draw it. Or like sometimes during long journeys from one place to another, i'll think of things to blog about and write it down.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Arrivals

OSF Fur Envelope Clutch now available in BEIGE!

Shop Ohsofickle

Hope you girls like this collection! I really like it hehe. I kept almost every design for myself!

Vlog #2 - 5 Random Facts about ME

I'm back in SGP but guess what? I FREAKING MISSED MY FLIGHT. When copying the flight details into my notebook, i actually copied the wrong timing. HOW THE FUCK DID I DO THAT?!?!

So i had to pay $300ish for another ticket back. How can a 1-way cost so much?! Fuck lah....the lady at the counter sure know i desperate for a ticket back to SGP and quoted me such an insane amount. Pfft.

OH GOSH......


Curse the video below. If i headed to the airport instead of vlogging, i wouldn't have missed my damn flight.


But at least i'm home lah....burning essential oil now. Sakura. Smells really good. It's comforting.


So excited to go back home!

Heading for a shoot right after i touch down. I am such a hardworking girl! *pats on back*

I did another Vlog so check it out! It isn't as bad as the previous one. Trust me :D

Re-uploaded it! Increased the volume using iMovie!

Doubt i'll vlog when i'm back in Sgp cus i'm always so busy so yup! For those who hate me vlogging, good for you! :D For those who want to see more, well you gotta wait till the next time when i'm overseas alone? :)


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I don't do vlogs but i'm reeeeally bored right now so yeah...


Ok you'll confirm feel giddy watching the video. I'm sorry k!

JunkieRuins & Hauteurbanstyle


A blogshop that offers a wide range of unique designs, specially imported from overseas.

The price range of all the clothes are very reasonable and the aim of this blogshop is to provide a different style to all the babes out there who love fashion and trend but wish to be unique and different at the same time.

For this collection, the style is a little towards vintage and edgy. The rings are specially imported and carefully selected. They are reasonably priced and of good quality :)

Quote "OHSOFICKLE" to get 10% off, including all the promotional offers on the website itself.

Follow them on Twitter!

For enquiries, feel free to email






For pretty shoes and bags, visit!
Unlike most blog shops, this site has shoe sizes from 34 - 48!

Currently they're having a promotion, spend $60 and above in single transaction and you're entitled to a gift. T&C applies.