Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kids React

I found a Youtube channel to watch this Wednesday afternoon and love it! So i thought i'll share a few here to kill your "Wednesday Blues".

I LOVE MORGAN SO MUCH! She's sucha drama queen! Ultra cute!

Doesn't today feel very much like a Monday?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Outfit of The Day

Excuse my unkempt hair....I was having a bad bad hair day. My hair always feels extra dry (actually, it is always super dry. conditioner also no use. need to do hair treatment A.S.A.P) after a night out partying. WEIRD HUH.

Top: F21 (my goodness, i wish i ironed it! didn't even realise it was crumpled till i saw this pic)
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Balenciaga

Darth Vadar Hello Kitty Tee from Etsy! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!

Open Back Snake Print Top from ! Launching tomorrow evening! Go join their mailing list for updates. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011


So i finally tried the famous Ikoi Japanese Buffet at Miramar Hotel!


We managed to get a 5.30pm-7.30pm slot and sat there the whole 2 hours ordering NON-STOP. The couple beside us just kept looking. They must be wondering how we ate so much and never stopped throughout the 2 hours? Lol. Gluttons R Us.

Got there and there was Edamame and this on the table already. Great appetizers!

The sashimi was really fresh! We had like the above x4! Hehe. So worth the $!

Everytime im at a Japanese restaurant, i'll confirm order this! Hehe.

This is their complimentary soup! They will serve you when you're 1/2 done? It's pretty good!

Momo Sherbet (Peach). Desserts arent included in the buffet but TRY THIS WHEN YOU'RE THERE! It is soooo yummy!

What i liked most is that the food came pretty quickly despite the restaurant being full!

Paid about $40/person. This price is quite standard for Japanese Buffet. I THINK?

Must book before you go down!

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169631, Singapore

Got this dress from a shop KW was working at Cine last time. It closed down already though! Bought it last year? Really love it! If you like it i can manufacture it hehe.

Some pictures from last night...

I am so bored right now. My poor bf is beside me nursing a hangover. Looks like we won't be attending service today. :( ARGHHHH WAITED THE WHOLE WEEK FOR TODAY ONLY TO WASTE IT ALL AWAY THANKS TO A HANGOVER. I wish hangovers didn't exist. Well it doesn't really exist for i wish my bf wouldn't get hangovers everytime we drink. So frustrating! We only have 2 days to spend quality time together and then 1 day would be spent nursing a hangover if we party the night before. :(

Happy Sunday the rest of you! Bet your Sunday doesn't suck as bad as mine. :(

Friday, August 26, 2011


New Shoes at Haji!

If you cant make it to Haji during the weekends, you can purchase it at


A few posts back...


Now I don't use BB Cream/Foundation alr! My skin is glowy, smooth and skin tone is so much more even after my needle roller treatment.

I just use moisturizer, sunblock, and blusher on my face now. Which is really awesome cus that means i won't have clogging of pores etc cus of foundation etc!

So in this post i'll be sharing with ya'll the facial treatment at Beauti Instinct.

It was super painful though!

Aunty Rita used a NEEDLE ROLLER to roll the surface of my face. Felt like my whole face got tattoo-ed! However, the result was A-MAAAAA-ZING. Compared to all the past treatments i did (which was already very good), this one worked THE BEST for me! Although it made my face feel so sore, it was really worth it!

So if you're the kind who would do ANYTHING to beautify yourself, THIS IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! If you're not afraid of pain, Aunty R would recommend to do it till bleeding point. Cannot imagine the pain :O but she said the result would be even better cus the medication can penetrate deeper into your skin.

I'm going back next month to do it again! Really really love my glowy skin so much now. I even went to work bare-faced today! :)

Diff medicines for the treatment...

Sensitive & All Skin Types
-Wrinkle Smoothing
-Correction of Small Superficial Scars
-Skin Tone

Hyaluronic Acids is widely distributed throughout our body.
It fills the gap between collagen and elastin fibers.
Its main function is to provide a mechanism of transport of essential nutrients from
the blood stream to the skin cells, hydrate the skin by holding in water and
to contribute to dermis renewal and elimination of harmful compounds from the skin.
It is capable of protecting the skin against ultraviolet irradiations
due to its free radicals scavenging properties.

For Dry Mature Skin
-Whitening and Pigmentation
-Skin Rejuvenation

Gluthathione (GSH) is a powerful anti oxidant found within every cell
protecting the cells from free-radicals. The human body produces and stores the
largest amount of GSH in the liver, where it's used to detoxify harmful compounds.
GSH level will decline with age and lacking of GSH will expose the body more
vulnerable to damage by free radicals and doing so will speed up the ageing process.

For Dull Mature Skin
-Vitamin C
-Stretch Marks
-Smoker’s Skin

Ascorbic Acid is one of the main non-enzymatic, water soluble anti-oxidant.
It is essential for the systhesis of collagen. In addition ascorbic acid is necessary
to form lysyl hydroxylase enzyme for cross-linking one
collagen molecule to another, providing tissue strength.
Topical use prevents and treats photo-ageing.

For the roller treatment, for a limited period of time, if you mention you're an OSF reader, you can get it at a PROMOTIONAL PRICE of $169.00 (you have to choose 2 diff medicines. you will be recommended what to do when you get your skin analyzed by the experts there) with FREE OXYGEN INFUSION (help your skin heal faster).

And after the whole rolling of needles treatment, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED YOU DO THE GEL MASK. You can opt for the normal in-house mask if you don't wish to spend so much but the Gel Mask will work 10 times better! Plus your face won't feel so sore and painful after that.

eCO2 GEL MASK S$69.00
Carbon dioxide increases about the amount of oxygen absorption of a cell.

It is not well-known that carbon dioxide has an important activity not only does it helps the skin to breathe but it works importantly for the cells. When strucure activity inside the body is prosperous, a lot of carbon dioxide is produced to consume much oxygen into the skin.

eCO2 GEL MASK increases the amount of a molecular carbon dioxide.
Thanks to our imrpoved DDS (Drug Delivery System) technology. It leads to an ideal
skin condition, balancing the moisture and oil of your skin after applying the mask.

I would suggest, if you can afford, to get your own personal roller S$99.00 - that is, if you like the treatment and like me, believe you will go do it monthly! I feel it's quite disgusting to use the in-house roller. Cus it's needles going into the pores of a complete stranger and imagine if someone has really dirty skin? I'm sure they will sterilize it la but still unhygenic to me. :/

So anyway, yeah if you're interested...
Beauti Instinct
545 Orchard Rd #03-14 Far East Shopping Centre (the one beside Hilton Hotel)
Tel: 67339149
***Please mention that you're a reader of OHSOFICKLE to enjoy the above benefits.
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday 11am to 8pm


But must be brave lah!

I was sooooo scared! I asked like one million question while waiting for them to prepare everything. Lol. But like i mentioned, above, it's really really worth it.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Top Picks

Here are my TOP PICKS for today's launch.

Drape Back Maxi $28

Colorful Knitted Cardi $27

Beaded Cardi $29

Bag $35

Dolly Dress $26


p.s and if you can't find anything from my webstore, scroll down for more sites to shop at! :D

JC Glen Zip Fur

Top from W.A.R (scroll down to read more about them!)
Bottom from OSF Haji Lane
Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell (selling!)
Clutch from OSF (Let me know if you girls like this big leopard zip clutch! a month back, i made this in a smaller version for iPads. This one was made specially for me by my manufacturer. love her~~~)

Bought this Jeffrey Campbell Glen Zip Fur in Leopard a few months back but never wore it cus i like my wedges at least 5" high. That explains why i LOVE my Lita and Lana so much!

Bought at US$109 and selling at SGP$90 with postage because i wore it once (damn....i shouldn't have).

4" wedge heel and 1 1/2" hidden platform
US Size 7 = UK Size 4.5 = EUR 37 (might fit a UK4 better though cus on me it's quite tight)

If you're interested, leave a comment! :D


The sound of WE ARE RUBBISH (W.A.R) may sound trashy, but hey it's because of their unique brand that made me pay attention to their web store for a long while! (It's really easy to remember!)

WE ARE RUBBISH, based in Singapore, stocks up a diversed assortment of affordable & contemporary fashion wear!

There are a couple new items on their virtual racks and I've chosen a few of my favourites and these are definitely items you won’t wanna miss!

I have also found out something about W.A.R, that they are not only known in our local Singapore scene, but overseas! Check out these International Fashion Bloggers all decked in WE ARE RUBBISH Apparel!

Other than these pieces, do also check out what’s still in stock at all the other tabs!

Shopping with W.A.R is really fun and easy, and their styles are what I would definitely wear!

Remember to subscribe for their Newsletter to receive latest updates and promotions!

And one thing, I'm in with all their pretty models!!

W.A.R has also sent me their CHARCOAL ASYMMETRICAL THROWOVER to me! It's really a versatile piece of fashion statement! I can wear it in so many ways! (scroll to the top!)

Oh ho! If you like what you’re seeing here already, hurry be a fan of their Facebook Page!
Be updated on all of the latest collections, previews, and special promotions! Be smart shoppers, girlies!
(I heard their 90% discount sales
was just over last month, and just last week they gave out another SGD$19.90 discount code!!)

Check out their Twitter page as well for updates and promotions!
(Sometimes, their tweets may get a little more personal, which is something I really like, because I love to feel connected to such web-stores owners? Hehehe!)

And for those who are really interested in who's behind W.A.R and have exploding questions in your mind, march down to their Formspring page and shoot them with questions!

Okay, heads up girls! Now for the best part of W.A.R! They are one of the very few web-stores that provide Complimentary Normal Postage (within Singapore)!!

But what could be better than this?!

Quote "I<3OHSOFICKLE" to receive additional 10% off your total purchases! (Promo Code is valid from TODAY TO END OF SEP!)


2. Chapel Street

The whole idea of Chapel Street was inspired by a favourite shopping haunt in Melbourne which has everything from high fashion cult brand outlets to mass brands and discount outlets, so no one goes home empty handed ever.

The owner of Chapel Street wants to take on this idea as a melting pot of styles to cover to a large variety – ranging from working chic to casual street and of course includes pieces which can easily be transformed from a day to a night outfit. There will always be something for everyone at Chapel Street.

Basically, everything has been chosen with care so quality is usually assured.

Find them on Facebook! and of course the website link:

To be in the loop or have first-hand news about upcoming collections please do join the mailing list found on the webstore or simply like Chapel Street on Facebook.

Mention OSF or Tammy and you will receive $1 off apparels from all collections. It will be an ongoing promo for the entire month of September!


3. Twist Polka

Some stuff about Twist Polka!
-established in early 2009
-they bring in apparels, accessories that caters more to students!
-gotta love the pocket friendly prices
-look out for apparels similar to many high-end labels at their store!

p.s Tricia is so pretty huh!

LJ :

Hope you find a thing or 3 at the featured blogshops above! :)

Also check out the August advertisers (banners on your left) if you haven't! Changing banners in Sep already!