Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Escape from Drugs Land

Three students from ITE College Central created a game, Escape from Drugs Land as part of an Anti-drug online Gaming Challenge organized by The National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

It is available on the ‘Life Does Not Rewind’ Facebook fanpage, the competition for this game will be on from 30 Jan to 26 Feb.

The game Escape from Drugs Land is simple and easy to play! It's very much played like an electronic monopoly game, except it teaches players the dangers of drug abuse by illustrating the harmful effects through the game play. Fun and educational! For those young ones who don't know much about drugs and their effects, play it and you would learn a thing or two from the Escape from Drugs Land game!

In Escape from Drugs Land, the player begins his journey on a game board, where the dice determines the number of steps he can take each time. On every square is a quiz, drug information, refusal tip, word search puzzle, or mini game.

The player has to complete the board in the shortest time possible and his timing will be converted into a score.
Sounds easy? Well, as with every game, there is a catch. For this game, to be in line with the theme ‘life Does Not Rewind’, the game does not have an’ undo’ function. That means, you must think carefully before you make your next move because you cannot move backwards on the game board.

To Escape from Drugs Land, this is what you will see and have to do:

The first page the player will see.

A Drugs Study Corner where the player can read up on drugs information at any point of the game.

The game board, where players ‘roll’ the dice by clicking on it at the bottom left corner.

The player then move the number of steps indicated on the dice.

He may encounter mini games, quizzes, refusal tips or drug knowledge, depending on the square he lands on.

His score is based on the time he takes to complete the board.

Quiz questions the player may encounter.

The players gets 10 seconds added to his timing if his answer is wrong.

The player moves two steps forward if his answer is correct.

A refusal tip that the player may encounter:

Snippets of drug information that the player may encounter:

A mini game that requires the player to ‘bash’ 10 drug items to move on. If the player hits a non-drug item, he has to hit an additional drug item to make up for it.

Word search puzzles that the player may encounter.

A mini game where the player has to catch 10 non-drug items to move on.

A mini game where the player has to move the boat through the river and avoid the floating items which symbolises drugs. The life bar will be decreased if the boat hits an item.

A mini game similar to scissors-paper-stone, where the player has to flip the cards and play against the computer.

Results page:



If you successfully Escape from Drugs Land and you could be well on your way to win a pair of Sentosa adventure park combo package or even a 32GB iPad 2! Why wouldn't you want to give a shot? :)
I have tried the game and even though I have already learnt a lot about drugs and their effects in Secondary School, there were still some stuff the school didnt tap on! One should never stop learning. It'll be great to let your younger siblings try playing it. They'll definitely enjoy it and at the same time, learn something new!
Other than the gameplay, I really like the theme ‘Life Does Not Rewind’. Just like the game, it teaches all of us that in reality, there is no such thing as a ‘rewind’ or ‘undo’ button! We all need to make wise choices in our lives because second chances are rare and close to none. Many times we go “i regret....” but what's done's done, can we do anything about it? So don't make mistakes you can avoid making! Learn as much as you can from this game and remember, how harmful drugs can get, how you might never get a chance to correct your mistakes if you consume them. I have watched people go to jail because of drugs and end up regretting it so much. Not only do they feel sad, the people around them too feel sad seeing them suffer inside jail. Not only that, their future would be pretty bleak as well. So don't disappoint your loved ones, don't even bother trying it. You only live once so don't make stupid mistakes like that in this life.

Shabu Shabu

Haven't eaten Shabu Shabu since Japan!!! Ok, actually i think i did try Sukiya or something like that but it isn't comparable to the Shabu Shabu in Japan.

So anyway, that day my boyfriend brought me to a place in town for the BEST SHABU SHABU I'VE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE. FOR REAL. IN SINGAPORE. It is even better than the one i tried in Japan! I'm really, really not kidding. IT IS SO GOOD.

So so happy because we were so early and the restaurant was empty! WHICH IS GOOD! Because i ended up lying on the seat to rest after stuffing myself with so much meat.

Many different sets to choose from but we had the All You Can Eat one because WE ARE GLUTTONS LIKE THAT.

You can go there for japanese food if you're not into Shabu Shabu but I'm not too sure whether it's nice or not.

Here it is...
Magic Pot! Chose the pork bone soup cus it's one of the most popular soup choice there. WHICH IS SO DAMN GOOD I TELL YOU. THE SOUP ON ITS OWN IS FULL OF FLAVOUR ALREADY.

The different sauces. THE PEANUT SAUCE IS REALLY YUMS.

Oh yesss.....the pork!! I SUPER LOVE THE PORK LOIN. SUPER SUPER LOVE!My boyfriend loved the pork belly.

And beef! If you're super willing to spend, you might want to try the Wagyu Beef one....pretty sure it's dope as hell.

The restaurant's small and most of the time full even though it's at a pretty quiet part of town. I'd recommend you make a reservation before heading down...

Eno Oka
Address: 56 Cairnhill Road, Singapore
Tel: +65 6887 5527

It is not the most accessible place via Public Transport so i'd suggest you drive down or hop into a cab. I PROMISE YOU IT'S SO WORTH IT. YOU WON'T REGRET.

Ok....and i shall end off with tons of pictures of myself because i'm a cam-whore like that...

Upcoming Topshop looking skirt by OSF! I can't release 'em yet cus the belts aren't ready. YEAH THERE'S GONNA BE A BELT! Gonna be available in Navy, Camel (what i'm wearing) and Dark Grey. SUPER LOVE IT. I was told the belts will only be ready around the 1st week of Feb...latest 2nd. :(

This metallic blue blazer was an OSF design 2 years ago! IT'S STILL ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BLAZER. Never fail to get compliments in this blazer.

Alrighty! That's all for today! RMB TO TRY THE SHABU SHABU!

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Can't wait to blog about the excellent shabu shabu place my bf brought me to! Will do so prolly Tmr or Wed? :) together with tons of picx of myself hahahaha. Realised my cam is always at home ever since I got the iPhone! So all the picx inside are of me before heading out. #cam-whore

Meanwhile, just wanna let y'all know I won't be updating the online store this week! But there will be TONS of new designs avail at the boutique 34 Haji Lane (level2) tomorrow!

Just left for my buying trip ytd and am back home today. Everytime I go overseas alone I feel like I go for a very long time -.- I start missing everyone in Sgp...especially my bf. Even if I'm gone for just one day. Haha. But i can live 3 days in sgp not seeing him? Gosh im weird. I'm also already starting to worry about work emails piling up.
And I just checked my email ytd morning....haha.

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Playing with PocketBooth, the iPhone app!

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New Arrivals


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