Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hair Treatment

I have done TONS of hair treatments but none can be compared to the hair treatment i did recently at Essensual Bugis. Not saying it cus they're my Hair Sponsor but it really did save my hair. I bleached my hair close to 6 times and haven't cut short yet! For it to still look the way it is is amazing. It's not exactly very healthy but at least it doesn't look and feel like dry! After each treatment, my hair feels AMAZING for about 2-3 weeks. Most treatments done in salons last no more than 3 days. 

If you have really damaged hair, THIS IS YOUR ANSWER!

Hair Rescue Treatment Usual Price $130-180 (Depending on Hair Length)
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Essensuals is located just above the Burger King at Bugis Street! Super easy to find!

For rates and services, feel free to give them a call!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tattoo Removal

As you all know, i have a incomplete half-sleeve and i never got to complete it because my bf doesn't really like tattoos. I stay with him 3-4 days a week and in his house, i am always in long sleeves. 24/7. His parents are aware of my tattoos, but do not like it. There was once, they even asked why i didn't want to get it removed. It sure wasn't a good feeling hearing it but for the first time, i actually considered having it removed. I cannot force my boyfriend to like tattoos. It's like forcing me to like Bitter Gourd (ok quite out of point but that was the first thing that came into my mind).

In the past, my ex-boyfriends and their parents were perfectly fine with my tattoos. So i was actually proud of it and loved to flaunt it. Till i met D and his family, everything changed. They couldn't accept it, at all. But i didn't want my tattoos to be the reason i cannot be with D, so everyday, i just cover myself up top to toe. It was depressing to not be able to wear a dress without throwing a blazer over. Everyday for 2 years++, i lived like that and so, i decided i have to do something about it. Yknow, everyday i had to act like it didn't affect me, like i enjoyed wearing long sleeves!

Do i regret my tattoos?

...yes i regret placing it on my arm. I wish the tattoos were stickers, i'd be able to tear them off my arm and place 'em on my back. I really like the My Little Pony tattoo and the Cupcake tattoo a lot. :( If i were to laser it off my arm, i MIGHT get it done on my back. Lol. Don't get me wrong when i say i regret my tattoos, I LOVE tattoos. It's like....ME. People think of me, people think of tattoos! I cannot imagine life without having my tattoos? Haha. I just wished i wasn't so impulsive and thought of the day i meet people who cannot accept it. My mom allowed me to get tattoos done because she knows that i really like it and i'm going to get it someday anyway. So i went ahead and i guess i got carried away because no one actually stopped me from getting it on my arm.

The tattoos on my arm has actually caused me to lose out on a few endorsements from brands i like as well. Not VERY sad about it lah, but i realized it is true that tattoos will affect your career opportunities etc. Unless you know for sure, what industry you want to be in and know that having a full sleeve won't affect that, good for you! Just hope you don't suddenly meet this guy you're really into who doesn't like tattoos (lME LOR?). Hahaha. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, i say...."SURE! GO AHEAD! JUST NOT ANYWHERE OBVIOUS."

I did my homework, spent days on Google researching on different tattoo removal techniques. Came across sites recommending Tattoo Removal Creams....etc! No pain. The easy way out. So i was confident and nearly bought it but then i did even more work and asked around and it's actually quite risky and might not even work. It'll damage your skin and will look even crappier than having a tattoo there. So the most effective way is still, Laser.

I decided to go to the National Skin Centre for consultation and well they seemed to be really experienced and good for tattoo removal so yeah. If you know of a better clinic in Singapore, feel free to share with me! 

It's SO difficult getting myself to go to the clinic. It's even more difficult than going to get a tattoo done!  In fact, i've made 3 appointments and kept postponing it because I JUST COULDNT DO IT. :( But finally, i made it to the clinic and...


Here's how this morning went...

 photo SAM_0057.jpg

 photo SAM_0058.jpg

 photo SAM_0059.jpg

 photo SAM_0061.jpg

 photo SAM_0081.jpg
NSC Mandalay Laser Clinic

 photo SAM_0083.jpg
Got changed into comfy slippers

 photo SAM_0086.jpg
They applied a numbing cream on my arm and i had to wait around 45 min for it to take effect. 

Went into the Laser room and was told to lie on a bed. I wish i could sit up cus lying down made me feel more nervous and scared? Had to put on goggles so i couldn't see the whole process. :( I could only hear the "piak" sounds and smell burnt skin. Worst 20 min of my life. 

 photo SAM_0087.jpg
Walked out on the room with a bandaged arm. IT WAS BURNING IT WAS SOOOOO BAD.

 photo SAM_0090.jpg

 photo SAM_0092.jpg
Got home and unwrapped it to find my arm SUPER SWOLLEN. 

 photo SAM_0094.jpg
Results after 1st session - Colors did lighten a bit!

How was the pain like?

Those who said it was very pain. YES THEY ARE RIGHT. I felt like rubber bands snapping on my skin non-stop for 20 min. Doeesn't sound THAT painful but it is! The nurse did put numbing cream all over my arm but it still hurts, i could still feel the pain. Oh and she didn't put it around my wrists properly, SO THE PAIN AT MY WRIST WHEN THE LASER HIT WAS SOOOO BAD. Mine is a huge area so I could hardly move my arm after the session. The doctor suggested i do bit by bit the next time round cus he could feel my pain. It was so painful i couldn't breathe. Lol. And the pain right after the lasering is done IS MAD. My arm felt like it was on fire. It also kept "pounding" it had a heart! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT? I'm so bad at describing stuff. I actually think if it's just a small tattoo, it's still pretty bearable and not that bad. TOO BAD FOR ME MINE IS HUGE.

How much did it cost?

I paid $100+ for the consolation at National Skin Centre. Then for the 1st session, it costed me $400 including the medication etc. So in all i paid $500? Every session i've to pay around $250-400 depending on how much i'm gonna laser that day.

I do my laser tattoo removal at 2 places now, National Skin Centre and Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade).

1st - 5th session were done at National Skin Centre. Est. $300-400/session.
6th - 7th session were done at Trinity Medical Centre (Marine Parade) Est. $300-400/session

Bear in mind that my tattoo area is big, but if yours is like say, less than palm size, it should cost $100-200/session.

How many sessions do you need?

Different clinics use different machines to get rid of the tattoo. For me, i went to Trinity Medical Clinic as the machine got rid of the black ink way quicker than at National Skin Centre however at Trinity Medical, i couldn't get rid of the green and blue ink so i still have to go back to NSC once the black ink is gone.

For tattoos, it is advisable to go for 7-10 sessions. Even after 10 sessions, not all the ink will be off. Some inks like yellow, white, orange, brown are almost not possible to go off. :( 

I wish myself a speedy recovery and kinda looking forward to get this over and done with.....but also dreading the next session cus of the pain. SIGH.

For those who are considering Laser to remove unwanted tattoos on your body, i hope this post will help you a little and do follow my journey! :D

Monday, February 25, 2013


FAB FEB: NEW ARRIVALS ft. Franchette and Francesca

 photo BANNER2.jpg

 photo BANNER3.jpg

 photo C992of363.jpg

 photo C9910of363.jpg

 photo C9925of363.jpg

 photo C9931of363.jpg

 photo C9952of363.jpg

 photo C9975of363.jpg

 photo C9981of363.jpg

 photo C9993of363.jpg

 photo C99119of363.jpg

 photo C99140of363.jpg

First time working with the 2 girls and it was a joy having them! Franchette is new and just trying out blogshop modeling for the first time so i decided to give her a chance. Whereas for Francesca, she needs no introduction to this industry! She's a pro!

 photo BANNER1copy.jpg
Join the Ohsofickle giveaway at

Everything in this collection is going for under $25! 
There are over 60 designs to choose from! Find the preview at the Ohsofickle FB page. You don't wanna miss this FAB FEB launch!

See you tomorrow at 

I have to find new faces for Ohsofickle as i might not be able to model for my own shop'll know why tomorrow. I do hope ya'll will continue supporting Ohsofickle even if i stop modeling for it k? :D I need someone who is above 160cm and UK6. Preferably fair skinned. If you think you have what it takes, please feel free to email me at! 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Behind The Scenes

Today, i  spent the entire day with the MaybellineSG ambassadors!

Did our make up in the morning at 9pm, did some filming and then proceeded to the Zoo for more filming! I'M SO TIRED NOW! It was fun though! Both Beatrice and Eunice were really nice and friendly. :) Not forgetting Carmen from Gushcloud who stuck with us throughout and the nice people from Maybelline who took care of us. If you don't already know, for 6 months, Beatrice, Eunice, Linda (who couldn't make it today) and I are the MaybellineSG Ambassadors! Every month, we will be doing a vlog on Maybelline products and it will be up here (do subscribe to them for updates!). Can't wait for March's video to be up! Can you guess the theme for March's video from the pictures already? Hehe.

Now time for my beauty sleep! Gotta wake up tomorrow to prepare for the upcoming Ohsofickle launch. I'm calling it FABULOUS FEB! Meeting 2 new models for Ohsofickle tomorrow! Hope you'll love them :) For more info do check out the Ohsofickle Facebook page!

p.s opening side banner slots for my blog for March! 28 Feb is the last day to confirm a slot. email for rates etc. :)

Saturday, February 23, 2013


 My Week!
Visited Essensuals Bugis for a hair treatment! Best hair treatment EVER. Will blog about it once i get the full details on the treatment. If you're impatient, here's their number, 63330039!

Bryan will always helps me curl my hair if i have time and he is so fast! He did this in like what, 15min or so? So skilled! Hehe.

 Went to DoorstepLuxury to try on TaylorSays Heels! You can also get it from

I got the Watermelon ones!

NYC Top - Zara, Bag- Celine, Camo Sneakers - Y.R.U

 ROYAL PUDDING from Paris Baguette. YOU NEED TO TRY THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T. It kinda reminds me of Lao Bao Tao Huey? Lol. This is sweeter and even softer though. Must must try! My fav cafe in town! They have really nice sandwiches too.

435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria
Tel: 68362010

Had to buy a cap to cover my humongous ears. Might as well buy a pretty leopard Hater cap which i know i'll still wear without a swollen ear (from SUP 34 HAJI LANE). 

Was suffering a food allergy, i think i still am? I still have rashes here and there. Should be prawns? Cus i had prawns in the morning one fine day and next minute my face swelled like mad. This made me realise how badly i don't want to be allergic to prawns cus i love it so much. Everything i order recently has prawn in it but i try not to eat the prawn lah. Which may explain why my hives are still around after 4 days when it only takes an average of 3 days to be gone. PFFT. I used to be allergic to prawns when i was younger, then my body accepted it. So for years i've been eating tons of prawns without any problem? I asked the doc and he said it is possible to develop an allergy to food as you grow older. You can also develop an allergy to food you eat everyday. Omg? 

 Donna and I bought Murano Glass Beads for our Pandora bracelets. White for me, Pink for her!

 Korean BBQ with my awesome friends at Manbok!

 Girls and their phones.

Don and I in the plane to BKK!

Cute transparent flats i bought from Platinum Mall

Awesome Pork Leg Rice! It's located at the lane beside Shibuya Mall (opposite Grand Diamond Hotel- which is beside Platinum Mall), Pratunam.

Chevonne and I

 Cute fat pom!!
 Chevonne's Camo Pedicure!! I love it so much! I'm gonna do a Camo Manicure on Friday!

My Cath Kidston inspired pedi! I do not have pretty toes. Lol.

 Dog i met outside Central World. Dogs should never have neatly drawn girly brows, ever. Lol.

 Aunty Gwen ready to fill the trolley with junk food!!!

 Cute Beagle!!

 My baby boy, Bunny!
 My favorite Tom Yum cup noodle and seaweed! MUST HAVE IN BKK! Can be found at most 7-11 in Bangkok.

 IKEA FOOD! Cheap and good. Always satisfied!

 This bunny is so cute! Met him/her at the pet farm today! I think my bf is in love with dwarf rabbits now, lol.

Went to the pet farm at Pasir Ris today and visited the dog shelters there. It left me crying like mad when we got back to the car. I really felt so sad for the abandoned dogs. I wish i had the time to help out and i know just crying my heart out won't change anything. :(

 Dinner at Pasta Brava!
Best Squid Ink Pasta EVER. Will always come back for this!!!

Home made pasta in seafood saffron sauce.

Chocolate Lava Cake

Ok and i'll finish this post off with this pic of me featuring my new lip color, MAC Satin in Myth.

Will try to blog something interesting soon with chio pictures from my new camera!

Bought the Samsung EX2F cus everyone around me is using it and i'm in love with how pretty the pictures turn out! :D

Bye bye, thanks for reading! X