Friday, June 28, 2013

Double Eyelid

I am born with naturally double eyelids which are quite obvious but i feel it's not high enough. Whenever i apply eyeliner, i can no longer see the line anymore? So with the help of double eyelid stickers, i managed to move my double eyelids higher by pasting it everyday for a long time! It makes my eyes look SO MUCH BIGGER! :)

Here are the stickers i use...

However, despite it being skin color and transparent, it is still quite obvious and quite ugly when i look down.

I know i can use the Eyelid Glue but i find it messy and uncomfortable. I tried it so many times but never got the results i wanted so i only use tape!

Yesterday, a friend taught me how to make my own double eyelid tape with band-aid and I LOVED IT! It was not that obvious as compared to the usual double eyelid tape i use and it lasts longer. So here i am sharing it with ya'll. :)

I love the band-aid eyelid tape so much more because even despite washing my face and removing my make up, it was still stuck to my eyelids this morning because band-aids are waterproof and super sticky! I think it can last at least 3 days on my eyelids which would save me some money (then again, it's not like the normal double eyelid tapes are expensive BUT STILL!). 

What you need:

1. Small Scissors (very sharp tip)
2. Transparent Band-Aids (Hansaplast is good cus it's really sticky)

 It is so easy to make your own double eyelid tape!

Cut the transparent part into the shape above, do not remove the backing of the band-aid.
Make sure your scissors is clean and sharp! This is not easy but practice makes perfect! One band-aid can help you get around 10 stickers - which will last you 5 days (or 10 days, if you only change the tape every 2 days)! 

Because it will be quite difficult to remove the sticker from the backing after you have cut it, follow this tip!

Paste the sticker on a backing and you start using it! :D

 Here's me using double eyelid tape bought form the store....
It doesn't look that obvious in the picture but it actually is quite obvious cus it's quite yellowish.

Here's me using the DIY tape...
 You can barely see it right?? PLUS IT LASTS SO MUCH LONGER! 

So excited to put make up and head out tonight. Will definitely take lotsa picx!

Hope you found this post helpful! :)

 Can't wait to update this space again!

I am so thankful for Karei who taught me this! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blue Floral Blazer


It started with two sisters who shared a strong belief in cultivating individualism with fashion. The apparent boldness of an entirely unique outfit was what struck their fancy. Having been inspired by spontaneous designs and vibrant colours, the sisters had a personal urge to create interesting fashion styles for discerning individuals.

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Arrivals

Ohsofickle will be launching a new collection on Tuesday, 25 June 7PM at

The recent shoot was done at Zouk (Thank you Sofie!). Was supposed to be an indoor shoot because of the bad haze situation but Donna the Photographer said the indoor shots weren't flattering and the outdoor shots were so much better. So for better pictures, the photographer and models braved the haze and ended up doing shots at Zouk's carpark and running in and out of Zouk to change. The shoot lasted around 30-40 min outdoor! It was crazy brave of them! I really would've made do with the indoor shots cus the haze was so bad and i was feeling extremely guilty for putting the models and my photographer through however they all were so willing and helpful and there was not a word of complain. Thankfully Donna (Follow @Shootingponies on Instagram) is extremely quick and so were the models. I am super thankful for Francesca (@itsxfrancesca) and Felecia (@feleciasterlina). Can't ask for better models that day AND OF COURSE, THE BEST PHOTOGRAPHER EVERRR, DONSIE. I LOVE YOU! I'm gonna settle with studio shoots if the haze doesn't go down next week. It was torturous seeing them work in such conditions and i feel so guilty till now! I just want to apologize and thank them non-stop!!!

Here are the some of the stuff coming up in the next collection...

Launching on...
Tuesday, 25 June // 7PM 


More Preview Available at