Wednesday, January 30, 2008

sweetest girl

Hhahahaha! So like this stupid Daryl The Dickhead took so many shots of himself using my cam and i swear this is so freaking funny i need to post it up and embarass him and make him have a phobia of taking ugly self shots using my cam haha. Stupid hairy boy. :PP

Eh hehe cleavage heheh!


Found a buyer for my Red Beauty (my beloved current cam). I already reserved my DSLR. Monday/ week...OMGZ I AM SO EXCITED JUMP JUMP JUMP. :)

Saving money and trying to earn as much money as possible within this few days.
Please help me ok?
I've got lotsa new clothes up for sale! Brand new and in stock! Be quick before it goes outta stock.
Limited pieces!

Monday, January 28, 2008

i am so downnn

I don't know what to say or do. My mum is so frigging getting on my nerves day by day. Finding fault with me for nothing and the next minute, she's all nice and talks to me like nothing happened. I seriously think she has split personality. I want to ask some professional for advice yes i am so serious cus my mother is soooo freaking me out. There are some things i wish i can blog about but it's too private. :(

And what the f is wrong with my aunt thinking D's like some bad guy and asking my mum "why your daughter anyhow choose guys" just because of his tattoos and piercings. What the f is freaking wrong with her?! Because of her, my mum asked me not to be serious in this relationship cause D might just do something to me and ditch me. OMFG I SWEAR I SCREAMED RIGHT AT HER FACE.

Like all this while, she actually liked D and praised D and just because of a stupid comment my stupid aunt made, she's asking me to avoid D?! My aunt doesn't even know D hellooooo?!?! I hate my mum for always listening to other people and not have a mind of her own.

This is making D not want to come over to my place and that SUCKZXZXZ because neither do i want to go over to his because of his dad. URGHHH. Oh ya and my mum said D will get bored of me and asked me to meet him only ONCE A WEEK. My gawd i dislike my mum omgz. :( But i can't because she's MY MUM.

EFFING PISSED OFF OMG I HATE HATE FEELING LIKE THIS. I want to punch a wall omgz!!$!%@!%!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Ok so just yesterday, i blogged about how Jingle is staying FOR GOOD. Now...she's gone.
Neighbours complained about her non-stop barking (cause no attention was given to her) (she's an attention seeker). They wanted to report to the town council or something along that line. Jingle had to go live with Love's friend. Ahhhhh the horror. I miss her already. :(

I don't like meeting buyers because most of 'em tend to always want to change the date and time in the end. It annoys me cause like on that day, i'd expect to receive $xx amount of money and then i can't and then i ruins my following days of money dividing and all that crap i know you understand. Sometimes i know they can't help but to change the date because of some emergency they weren't expecting but like, the reasons some people give me are sooo invalid please!

& when i compromise and say something like, i will go down to the place where they live anytime (even if not convenient), and then they come up with another reason. Omgz.

Please please if you really don't have enough cash or something at that point of time and can't meet me, just tell me? Don't cook up some funny reason because it's. not. funny. :/

And i'm not the most free girl in the world. I have work and plans after work most of the time so on the days which i am free (like once in a week) please try to meet me & not change the timing/day ok?
**this post is not referring to any particular girl but it's to ALL those who postpone-d my meet ups non-stop.

On a lighter note, there are really damn nice buyers. Some even write lil notes to pass to me when they pass me the cash. Oh gosh the sweetness AHHHHHH. & those who don't have i-banking, going out in the middle of the night to transfer the money to me via ATM, i appreciate it very very much. :)


The YouthEmpire is proudly bringing back THE definitive mega-dance party of the year,
ROMP III @ Zouk,
11 March 2008, Tuesday
9PM – 4AM (happening all night long!)

KICK ON your dancing shoes, people, and look set to party hard, because Romp III is where it’s happening at.

Think you (and your friends) can really dance? Then we want you!

The YouthEmpire is dishing up a cool 1,500 dollars for the team we think is dynamite. Teams should be between 3-6 people strong, all above 15 years old, to prepare a 3 to 5 minute long segment. We’re looking to be blown away!
So SAVE THE DATE, party people!

For more details, please contact Tammy,thaaaaat's me! (

Friday, January 25, 2008

the professor

Yay! My 2 kidz are living together now. When i say kidz i mean my dogs.
So Jingle, Loverboy's X'mas prezzie, was living with FL for the past month. She's really nice to take such great care of that baby girl and yay thankew love love! :)

My mum loves Jingle so i think Jingle's staying, for good i hope? 2 babies in the house is not not an easy thing man. Figo gets horny around Jingle like half the time and that's quite annoying, ok VERY annoying.

Here's some pictures of Figo baby!


He looks super manly in this top. I love dog apparels! Think i bought 5 the previous month. Super adorable no?

and we have Professor Figo! Looking all sleepy. Awwww

What a baby :D

Yes lucky lucky happy girl, thaaaaaaat's me!
Right, ok.

So like, i just paid for my NAFA entry test so like more or less i'm going there because i heard the entry test is easy to pass and all?

Ok...this week is going to be work hard week. Need to earn a lot of money! I want a DSLR. This is the 54212364 time i'm saying it but this time, really hope i'll actually save up my money!

I also want Dueba contact lens. I want big pretty dolly eyes :(. It isn't all that pricey but still, every cent counts now that i have to SAVE UP FOR MY DSLR BY MARCH. I hope i'll not spend it all away on shopping sprees and all that crap. Once i hit a certain amt, i'm selling my beloved red casio the beauty omgz so sad but like ahhh the DSLR is way better so it's worth it.

So now i have to control. Only can buy 1 top a week. Ok no no make it 2 weeks. Yes resist resist. Dslr dslr...please please keep replaying in my mind so i will want you more and more and eliminate all other thoughts like shopping.


So my results weren't fantastic, AT ALL. But it was slightly better than expected (was expecting above 30). At least i got 5 passes on the dot and can go into NAFA. :) Actually, my seniors were right. We'd sure regret not studying hard enough after we've gotten the results. I know i can do well if i actually bother to put my heart into studying but am just plain lazy. Oh well...

Anyway, i've updated my selling post!

Monday, January 21, 2008

uh ohhh

Results on Thur not Fri. Sorry, my bad!

Gojane Spree is now OPEN!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

selling more stuff

Thank you all who bought my stuff! Yay!
I have more stuff here:

Please support!! I Luv U!

I love Sundays. Sunday = Off day (ok but i always self-declare 3 days off on my own so like i work only like 3 days a week :x)! Ok anwayz, good thing is Freda just joined us on board yesterday and yayz i feel more motivated to go to work somehow! Luv the colleagues, luv freda! Oh yes and i mizz Wong Lye Yee alreadyz i wish she didn't have school :(

Results on Friday. Omgz can wear the school uniform again like i'm so excited but then on the other hand who cares about wearing the school uniform, main concern should be the results but like i'm not expecting fantastic results from myself because i put in like 0% hardwork (ok maybe i did, like >20%). Nafa nafa gotta accept me if not i swear i'll die because i dont wanna retake the friggin Os!

Today i went out with Loverboy and i don't know why i'm sucha bad girlfriend now. I get too easily annoyed by him and screamed and him and made myself tear and i guess made him tear as well. Sucha lousy girlfriend but at the later part of the day i suddenly became all hyper and happy and all bubbly and transformed into a great girlfriend so give me a big round of YAYYZZZZ,

Work tomorrow, can't sleep late.
Nighty Night Folks!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Buy Me!


Credits: Hocuspocusing

Fits UK6-8

I have 2 pieces of this.
One used and the other brand new.
For the used one, i'm willing to let go at $15.



Credits: Hocuspocusing

Fits UK6-8


Heart Boy Tank - (SOLD!)

Ribbed tank with solid trim. Longer and leaner body, perfect for layering Cotton-poly-Lycra. XS-2XL. 27 1/2" long.

Size S
Fits UK6-10 (very stretchy)


Strawberry Boy Tank -

Ribbed tank with solid trim. Longer and leaner body, perfect for layering. Cotton-poly. Yellow. XS-2XL. 28" long. USA/Imported.

Size S
Fits UK6-10 (very stretchy)


Dusty Dress - SOLD!

Plaid trapeze dress with ruffle and button detail at bodice and inverted pleats. Cotton. 35" long.

Size S
Fits UK 8-10


Vibe Oxford Heel - Forever 21 (SOLD!)

More info: (click here)
Brand New! Fresh from spree.

US Size 6
EU 36, UK4
(quite hard to give insole measurements as it is heels and i can't find my measuring tape :/)

Threw the box away as i thought i'd wear it but then i'm not used to high heels so i decided to sell it.
It's a really unique and pretty shoe, i love it so much!

selling at: $42 (negotiable)

Self-collect from my place at bedok.
Postage - additional $8 (registered)

yay camwhorez

Get Set...

Dear Girlfwenzzzz (fptg&ly),

I've been sucha horrible terrible oh so bad friend. I've neglected you Sweethearts because of work and also partly because i now can't meet you both as often as before because i've a boyfriend and honestly, it looks like i spend more time with my boyfriend than you girls.

I really dont mean to and i really want you girls to know you girls are way up up up (yes higher than daryl) in my heart, you hear? I love you girls to bits and please please hope you girls won't blame me for shit ok? Yes yes i will really change and really meet you girls like more often now and meet daryl lesser.

Kiss hug with unfailing love, T.

Luv you too, Childhood Bestest Friend. Mwahz.

I think we both look quuuuuite crappy oh well nvm who carez we make da best match hahaha.

I can't believe i thought Eeyore was a hippo till Loverboy corrected me that Eeyore's donkey.

Oh Gay's about time we spend lesser time with each other before we before too dependent and clingy. I'll love you all the same don't worry. One thing's for sure, y'know the girls mean more to me than you, and likewise for you, your boys mean more to you than me. Amazingly we understand each other and are so accepting hehe thank gawd. I'm sorry to always have to use that Break Up word and also being so bitchy and extremely sensitive towards lil things. Anyway you've been a great boyfriend tolerating all my lil threatens to break up all this while and never once used that word back at me. You're spoiling me y'know...always giving in to me like that and never scolding me and treating me like a princess. Not that it's not good but sometimes just speak your mind k Loverboy? If i flare up, knock some sense into me and dont give in to me ALL THE TIME.

Love you, Soulmate!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

finally some time

Yes oh yes finally a proper post!

Ok, i'm moving to my temporary house at bedok in 2 days time. I'm soooo excited cause that house is SO BEAUTIFUL. Like i've never seen such a flat in my life and i'm lucky to be living in it for a year or so.

Disposed 2/3 of my clothes! Yes i'm so serious. I dont know why selling the clothes didn't cross my mind! Gosh. Oh yes and of course i bought like 9 tops from F21, 7 from Delias, 3 from Topshop & some from random blog shops. Tonz of new boy shorts and bras too! Yayz that rockz my sockz! :D

Before i continue, here are some self shots i couldn't stop taking cus i loved the hat and the plaid top (inserts big smiley face).

The vintage bag! So freaking huge man but i loveeee it. It's the only piece left but still....dont ask me where i got it and how much, pretty please, im sorry?

So anyway yesterday something really bad happened. I think it's the biggest quarrel i ever had with my mum. She didn't pay for my bill and didn't even inform me! Like hello?! It just cut off like -that? Unknowingly? When i was at work? Swear i was super shocked. Mum started being extreeeeemely unreasonable and was being soooo irritating! Whoever who called (my friends), she freaking had to ask me to pass the phone to her so she could complain to my friend what a bad daughter i am. She twisted stories and like lied? Fuck i was fuming, seriously.

I just walked outta the house and thank god freda's class was having a chalet @ Sentosa so Loverboy picked me up and we headed there. Stupid taxi fare total-ed to up to $50 (to and fro).
Headed home by cab from Sentosa too and it was like $30, like oh the heartacheeeeeee! Damn the rise in cab fares. SO ANNOYING.

I missed work. This is my 14124812976 time missing work. :( Working is so tiring. Drifts me away from my babes. Seriously soooo wna meet up with them soooo badly already. And i miss the cam whoring and eating and gossiping and gosh, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g!

Oh oh i re-did my extensions as well. Betcha couldn't tell! It's really horrible looking in real life though.

Gonna get down to packing my stuff into the brown boxxxxxies. Sooooo wna live there now...85 market with the girls ANYTIME. :D

Friday, January 4, 2008

braciezzz gone

Braces, removed! Yipeeeee. But now i look so weird but ahhhhh finally. :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy new year

Oh yay it'z 2008! 2007 treated me well...NOT. It was better at the later half but yeah, there were super duper tonz of ups and downs. It was an exciting year i must say. Experienced a whole lot of shit. Feel more matured now hehe. I really hope 2008 will be a good year. I hope my O lvl results would be able to get me to NAFA at least. If not i'll most probably be working and giving up on studying cus i so wanna set up my own boutique. Excitinggggg but what if my business fails...Ok ok not a time to be so pessimistic.

Anyway happy new year to all! Hope you'll have a jolly good year ahead. :)