Wednesday, April 16, 2014


MY SISTER BAKES is the brainchild of 2 sisters and specialize in cream cakes, especially their best selling rosette cakes.

They do customized cakes too but strictly do not do fondant cakes. Fondant toppers are an exception which you'll see in some pictures below!

They also sent me a set of cupcakes and a cake for my baby!! How sweet :) It'll be super cool if i announced the gender to ya'll using these pictures! Hehe. Here's a great idea for those who want to announce the gender of your baby to your family and friends in a fun way!

Check out some of the cakes MYSISTERBAKES has done!

Surprise inside cake, rainbow and ombre cake...

Rosette Cakes...

Customized Cakes...


Naked Cakes...

Aren't they super duper talented?!?!

All the cakes are soooo pretty and it sure doesn't look easy to do it man. So impressed!! *claps*

Follow Mysisterbakes at @mysisterbakes on instagram to find out about their bake sales where you can try push pops and cupcakes that they make once in a while! 

Email them at should you have any enquiries about their cakes.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week #18

Baby Bump (actually this was taken in Week 17 but a few days doesn't matter right? haha)
22 more weeks to go. I think i look much bigger than i actually am because I'm wearing white! Hehe cheat one.

I've been craving a lot of sweet stuff this week. Donuts, macaroons, name it! And yes, I gave in. But but but I went to the gym 3 times this week. Yay me.

The amount I'm eating is scary so I better burn some calories. Not whining about the weight gain AGAIN but my doctor mentioned that I gained a little too much weight the past few weeks so I've to try to control that. As gaining too much weight isn't good for the baby and I. At this rate I'm going, I might gain 30-35kg at the end of my pregnancy lol! Sounds so impossible but it's not especially when you are pregnant with a humongous appetite. Not only will it be tough to shed the "baby weight" after pregnancy, there might be complications so i can't gain too much in a short period of time. Believe it or not, I've gained almost 7-8kg to date :O Haha. I blame my love for food and the "free pass" I gave myself during my pregnancy. Loving it so much and secretly enjoying this period though! Every night before I sleep I look forward to the next day's's like all I look forward to is to EAT! Hahaha. However, i need to cut down on all the junk food ASAP. All the sweet stuff ain't gonna do me any good. Plus it'll put me at risk for diabetes. SELF-CONTROL~~~ I can't wait to get everything settled and start staying home so i can cook at home. Right now I'm so busy with doing up the new place I hardly have time to whip up a good meal. Maybe in future ill post recipes? Wow wow I alr feel so motherly hahaha

When I was in Bangkok, the bell boy at the hotel asked me if I was pregnant! He has been seeing me since i was like i think the weight gain is pretty obvious haha. Anyway, that's a first and it made me...happy?! When I take the mrt/bus now, i can sit at the priority seat without getting stomped right? Haha. 

When i flew to Bangkok a few friends asked if one is actually allowed to take the plane during pregnancy.

I called my doctor and did my research and here's the information i found.

Is it safe to fly during pregnancy?

It is ok to fly up to 36 weeks of pregnancy if you are healthy and do not face any pregnancy complications.

If you're healthy and have no obstetric problems, you and your baby should have no trouble in the pressurized cabin of a commercial airliner. You don't need to worry about X-ray scanners at airport security – you're unlikely to exceed exposure limits unless you're a frequent flier or part of a flight crew.

During the flight, the best thing to do is make yourself as comfortable as you can. Request a seat in the middle of the plane over the wing for the smoothest ride or a bulkhead seat for more legroom. Reserve a seat on the aisle so you can get up easily to go to the bathroom or just walk around and stretch.

Pregnant women who sit still for long periods of time are at increased risk of developing blood clots, so walk around the cabin at least once an hour. You can also stretch and flex your feet and legs in your seat every 30 minutes. Wearing maternity support panty hose (not knee-highs) helps keep the blood moving in your legs and reduces your risk of clots and swollen feet.
When seated, keep your seatbelt fastened – under your belly and low on your hips – at all times. Also, drink plenty of fluids (especially water) to minimize the dehydrating effects of dry cabin air. Caffeine is a diuretic, so it's best to avoid drinking coffee, tea, and caffeinated soft drinks before and during the flight.

Friday, April 11, 2014


THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY Opens in GV Cinemas this Thursday, 10 April!
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Starring Ronald Cheng and Bai Baihe, THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY talks about new age girls/women who are obsessed about their looks and are thinking of going under the knife to “correct” their face. The movie ‘discusses’ that only when you look good you will then be able to get a job and find your dream guy. It also explores how true these perceptions are and how extreme can people go to look good. Plastic surgeries and beauty enhancements are topics girls/women are very interested and keen to find out more about! What’s interesting is how people nowadays perceive the idea of getting a “new” nose, eyes, mouth and even face!

THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY is a new age romantic chick flick that talks about how this ugly duckling transformed into a swan! It is a must-watch, and definitely a movie that is perfect for a Friday evening, where you can relax, laugh and cry your hearts out in the cinemas. 

Besides, if you are a GVMC member and if you purchase a pair of THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY tickets now, you will stand a chance to win your First 3 consultation at The DRx clinic absolutely FREE! So if you ever thought of having fillers, lasers, botox etc, this is definitely a perfect chance for you to find out more about what suits you and what doesn’t! 

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THE TRUTH ABOUT BEAUTY shows exclusively in GV Plaza, Yishun and Tiong Bahru!
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014


TOPAZETTE (pronounced as “Toh-pear-zert”) is a fast growing online fashion label that offers competitive prices and pays attention to the needs of modern ladies without sacrificing style. With tops priced no higher than SGD30, it is the perfect place for shopaholics looking to fill their wardrobes with fashion forward apparels for both work and play!


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I would like to feature Studio by Topazette

Studio by Topazette is just a humble place in Topazette's office where they do their indoor photoshoot for their online store:

and they are opening this space to all new online stores who are looking for a low-cost studio to do your indoor shoot as well! Those who are new to photography and would like to find a place to explore more on photography/ product shoots are welcomed! Rate starts from $15/h

Racks/ hangers/ changing room/ steamer/ accessories will be provided.

For bookings, kindly email
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Last but not least, kindly include all social media platforms
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New In

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I think i'm quite an okay photographer right? Am now the photographer for OSF since i can't model anymore!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I am only Human

It's been 5 weeks since i revealed the BIG news on my pregnancy and i'm still receiving mean comments. Well i try my best to quickly delete it so it won't affect my mood but well, i'm only human and sometimes when i read it, it does get to me.

I never said i was a good role model for young girls and even though i really wish i could be, the decisions i make in my life show otherwise lah right? There are plenty of bloggers out there who lead more wholesome lives and are "better" bloggers than i am. I won't deny i do hope to be more like them...and do hope my child grows up to be like that. When my child is born, i want to spend as much time as i can with my child. I don't want my child to be neglected the way i was. Even if i have to work, i will spend time at the end of the day talking to my child and asking how his day went.

Since i was like 11...i was on my own. I never spent time with my family and always did things the way i wanted to. I didn't even feel like i had a family. That's why i grew up having good friends who are so important to me they feel more important than my own family. Nobody really cared about me. My mother was too busy working to provide for the both of us. My dad left to god knows where. I never really got scolded for anything! Not even bad academic results. I could get F9s for every subject and no one would say anything. Thank god i was wise to not do that lah....hahaha. And am also thankful that despite the freedom i managed to stay in an express course and passed my subjects. I really had the freedom to do ANYTHING. Not many kids i knew had such freedom! I could even go out on my own till late and nobody would scold me or care. I could stay over at a friend's place and need not inform anyone. Nobody actually taught me what was right and wrong. I don't think my mom knew much about what was happening in my life because she didn't even talk to me....until the day i landed myself in the hospital after doing something stupid. That day brought us so much closer. So in my life, i learnt most things on my own which also might explain the many choices i made. I won't say everyone who had a childhood like mine would end up like me, some may still be goody two shoes. Am i wrong to think it's a pretty rare case though? Because i know a few friends who had a rough childhood and they are so similar to me.

I really don't blame my parents for who i am today though. Can i blame them, really? It's not like they intentionally wanted their daughter to be like that also. My mother was struggling to make ends meet. She was working 2 jobs. It was certainly not easy for her, how to blame her? I'd be heartless to do so. How to call her a bad mother? She was facing SO much stress! I appreciate everything she has done and love her so much and even though i wished she cared more when i was younger, hey, she was the one who made me become so independent and the one who helped me achieve my dreams of setting Ohsofickle up.

What i can do is to learn to be there for my child in future. I don't want my child to ever be in the same environment as i was brought up in so i will not let that happen. I want to always have a close relationship with my child. I will be his best friend, i will tell him i love him everyday.

As one grows older, you do automatically know some things were clearly wrong, like drugs and theft and i could have done those if i wanted to but i'm glad i didn't do it. I could've been a lot worse leh? Since no one would actually stop me from doing all that. I remember a few occasions where some friends would go out to steal clothes and i NEVER DID IT. I tagged along and watched them do it but because of this fear of the police and upsetting my mother if i got caught.

Even though i have made some bad choices in my life and made some mistakes, i do learn from it and i believe i would give better advices to people now as compared to in the past. Throughout the years of making mistakes, i have learnt to become a better person. I am definitely a better person than i was in the past. No, still not perfect but better than before and i dare say it because has taught me SO MUCH. I may have had quite a number of boyfriends but i do not regret being in any of the relationships. In my first relationship, i learnt that one should not be a "dog" to their bf. If your bf treats you like shit, leave him, you deserve much better. In my second relationship i had my first "big regret" and that made me start to be more sensitive and think before doing anything because i realized what an impulsive person i was. In my third, because i was older than him, i was so dominant. I was so dominant i was like a bully. When he didn't listen to me, i'd go mad. I never gave in. It was his turn to be "dog" and yes, after we broke up i realized relationships have to be "fair" and you should treat your bf the way you want to be treated. Then my forth, which was the longest and the one i learnt the most from. I became much more patient, learnt to give my bf a lot of space, learnt that trust is so important....etc. He was one who really balanced me because like i mentioned above, no one has ever scolded me and i never really listened to anyone. So with that ex bf, i really had a balance and i learnt to listen. After him i also i realized i need a bf who is at least 4 years older than i am because i want someone to "control" me, someone to listen to....How weird right? Haha.

Today, i'm so much more understanding and tolerant and when i think about it, if i was this way with my ex, i'm sure we'd last a loooong time. Haha. I'm so much happier and contented now. Even though my life doesn't look awesome to some people, i love life and i am truly happy! I try to be the best girlfriend i can be. If not for my past relationships, i wouldn't be like that at all so my current boyfriend...i think he is lucky. Well, luckier than the past bfs i had for sure. Haha. Everyday i smile and look at life so much more positively than before. It is sad some people start condemning me because of the choice i made but yeah, that's the world. I do know i ain't a devil and i am not a bad person. I do not have a black heart and i am not evil. I am no angel but i know i'm not a bad person otherwise how do i have so many good friends around me who love me so much? I have so many good friends who have been friends with me for YEARS. If i was a really bad person, they would've left me LONG ago. I feel that when some people are young, some people make huge mistakes but as they grow older, they'll become better people! I don't think anyone really grows up to become worse?? Well unless they become famous or something then ya things might change and that's another story lah. Some people will still condemn me but this is part of my story.

If you make a mistake, the best you can do is admit it and realize what you did wrong and learn from it. Who can you blame at the end of the day, really? Everyone leads their lives differently and yes, my life is so different from so many people that some people just cannot accept it but i still love my life. Even if i don't have a very perfect life, i am so glad i am happy leading this life! :) 

My Baby's Gender + Week #17

I'm having a boy! 

A lot of my friends wondered if I felt sad about it since I mentioned I wanted a girl last time. Before pregnancy and before everything felt so real, I can easily say "I want a girl!" but when everything happens and you really have a baby in you, you won't even care! Well for me la...cus I didn't really care anymore after Week 10.  After weeks into the pregnancy, whatever gender my baby was didn't matter. As long as I give birth to a healthy baby, boy or girl also can! 

The doctor went through my blood test results and the oscar results. Around Week 14, your ob/gyn will ask you to do several tests to see if your baby is at risk for down syndrome or anything.  I was so happy everything is going well. I'm healthy and so is my baby! Made me really relieved and happy because before the appointment I was worried as hell! I asked my mother a million questions and I was so so paranoid. Some days my tummy was so huge and some days it just looked normal...a lil too small for a pregnant lady. It was really weird and made me do so much reading on belly bumps. I couldn't feel the baby's movement yet so I couldn't stop wondering if my baby was alive and doing well in me. Ok yeah, I said it!! I was really REALLY worried but didn't want to talk about it on my blog. All that worrying made me realise how much I love this baby already and how much I wanted him/her to be safe and sound.

When the doctor did a scan and asked "do you see what is in between your baby's legs?", I smiled and I nearly burst into tears. I was really really happy, the feeling was overwhelming. I realised whatever gender my baby was, id react the same. I really have this unexplained happiness and love for this baby in me already. :') can't wait to meet you baby boy!

Oh yay! The shitty feeling is GONE. The nausea lasted 2 days and it only happens if I eat too late. I usually have breakfast at 10am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 7pm. If I miss any meal or eat 2 hours later, that 2 hours will feel like hell cus I'd keep wanting to vomit. Throughout the day I snack too so I won't feel hungry. I usually have a small box of honey stars or Koko Krunch with me to munch on. 

I've been feeling REALLY lethargic lately :( I miss waking up fresh and energetic because this few days I wake up and all I wanna do is go back to sleep. I cannot stop yawning the entire day and because I'm so tired I have no mood to do anything and when I have to do something I get a little cranky. Come back, Energy!!!! COME BACK!!!!

Lately I've been drinking a lot of Apple Juice, Guess that's this week's craving!

Oh and I should never ever try to curb a craving. I suck at it. Especially during this pregnancy period. For example, today I craved for cup noodles but it's unhealthy and I just had it the day before so I didn't want to have it again for brunch today. Had brunch cus I woke up late. So I chose to eat healthier - a cup of milo, an apple, a bowl of grapes, mango, 4 slices of raisin bread and a bowl of mushroom soup with a lot of mushrooms. Now that should fill me up right??

WELL IT DID! But...when I crave something, if I don't have it, even if I'm full after eating a full meal THERE'S STILL SPACE FOR IT. I was really full but my mind just couldn't stop thinking of my tom yum cup noodles. So yes, I had it. Now that's A LOT for lunch. Haha. Pffftt.