Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Big News, My Last Post

It was a difficult decision to make but I had a year to think about it.

So...I have decided to take down this space, and let the memories in this space be for my viewing only. Yes, I have decided to discontinue my blog.

It is kinda difficult to leave because of the "easy money" and flexible working hours and the many perks of being a "blogger" but for the sake of my privacy (and my family's), I have decided to not continue blogging. I can leave out the detail of my personal life but that'll just make my blog very different and well, not really my style anymore.

Being a blogger, I just can't help but to feel this need to update everyone on everything that's happening in my life. There are different kind of bloggers out there and many do keep their lives private but for me, I did not start out like that and I'm used to being very open about everything. It's something I've been doing since 14 and I just really enjoy letting my experiences and thoughts on life being read. People follow me because I try to be as real and honest about things and I'm not afraid to put my life out there for people to talk about. Honestly I liked the attention I was getting too...I loved getting recognized on the streets and stuff like that.

However, after being a mom, I realized I just am not the same person anymore. I do not care for the attention anymore. I don't want it so much as life is not all about me now. I am not who I used to be...I had the "say what you want, I don't give a f" attitude but now I just don't want that kinda stuff going around because f up people will drag my family in and then talk shit about them. Yeah I must add, I have became super paranoid about everything now. Lol.

My partner kinda influenced me in ways I would never have thought of. Like trying to stay off social media and appreciating the real world. Take time off "showing off" stuff online just to impress people and be admired. Without sharing too much about me, people won't have much to say. With lesser gossip to deal with, it actually made me happier.

Well I will still keep Instagram going though because I still want a place to share pretty pictures hehe so see you guys over at @ohsofickle once this blog goes private! And if you do not already know, I do have a new job as an Interior Designer at Imagine by SK66.

Apart from getting updated on my personal life, I do know people who come to this space because I do share some good restaurants and beauty tips and since majority of my readers are women and I've always wanted to do a women e-magazine it'll be good to make the switch!

I want to create space filled with good informative articles empowering and helping women all around! Something which covers everything women like to find out more about from Beauty Secrets, to Fitness to Motherhood...etc! I hope things work out so you guys have a good website to follow! So it's kinda the same thing in doing now minus the personal diary part and well, definitely better written articles la. Haha. But should things not work then bye bye fo real. :( so follow me on IG and should that day come, I'll announce it there!

For now, thank you to all my sponsors and advertisers for working with me and uhm...funding me of course :x haha. I know many of you were shocked I kept rejecting ads esp in the past 3 months! Well now you guys know why! It's been a really really awesome journey as a full time blogger and I am super lucky I had one of the best jobs (and be well paid too) a girl can ask for. Thanks to all you readers too. Thank you for all the support and love you've given me in the past few years. :) x

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One More Week

Got some big news to reveal in a week...

I'm kinda scared but at the same time weirdly...glad.

On a side note, heading to Bangkok tomorrow to accompany my mom and maybe buy lotsa new baby clothes for my babies! Looking forward to my last holiday. Gonna be just a short 2 days there but better than nothing~ imma shop till I drop!