Friday, August 1, 2014

Being Happy

My friend showed me a post on an app (where people get to post stuff about other people anonymously) about someone having issues with me calling myself a "single mom". 

I am certainly not trying to gain any sympathy from anyone by calling myself a single mom. Thing is, I'm rly happy with my life and don't need the "pity" you guys think I need. I only call myself that because it is a fact I am not married yet. Right now I love that I have my own space and so does he...we are happy like that and see no reason to rush into marriage until we are both ready. I have always enjoyed living alone and I am not ready to move in with someone because to me, it takes years to really see someone's true colors and know if he/she is the right one. Why tie yourself down to someone so quickly only to realise you guys can't get along and everyday you have to wake up in a depressing environment? I don't want to rush into it after seeing how many marriages fall apart when they rush things. 

Why is your definition of a Single Mom someone who is struggling to survive and depressed? Why can't there be Single Moms who are happy and blessed? I am truly blessed and thankful. For all my friends, my family and most importantly my bf. All the people who have showered me with so much love and support. :') 

Calling me names and insulting me...what do you get from that? Assuming things about what is happening in my life is useless and will not benefit you in any way. Mind your own business, get your life together and stop being bitter about someone's life. Stop trying to bring people down. I'm sure if you are someone who is contented and love your life, you won't bother to make up shit and talk shit about other ppl. Only unhappy and jealous people do that.

Just Tangy

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The big question comes - What colour should I get? All so pretty!

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pre-Term Labour Scare

It is now 9am and I am finally heading home from the hospital. Had such a scare...I thought I was going through pre-term labour and thought I was going to give birth lor. Just a few days ago I was asking a friend about how the whole process of going into labour was like for her. She told me she didn't feel pain from contractions but she went to the hospital when she saw blood and that was when she found out she was in labour.

Woke up to pee at 4am this morning and when I looked in my toilet bowl, there was blood?!?! It was bright red! My heart started beating super fast because I remembered what my friend said and I started panicking and googling. Was home alone and read that it isn't normal so I took a cab to the hospital. They monitored me for awhile and then I heard the nurse tell another nurse I was having contractions?!?? She kept asking me if I felt any pain but I didn't feel any pain at all. Then after awhile the contractions stopped and everything was ok again. Stayed for 5 hours and finally got discharged. I was praying so hard for the whole 5 hours because it is still too early for my baby to come out. Doctor came in to check on me and said it was just a false alarm and everything looks ok. I still don't know the reason for the bleeding though? Will ask him when I see him in exactly 1 week time. 


Well at least I know how the whole process will be like and look like! I was in a room with 2 other ladies who were really in labour and I felt so excited for them when the nurse told them that they'll be shifted to another room. 

If I were to read about someone rushing to the ER thinking they are going into labour only to realize it's a false alarm, id think they are super paranoid and panic unnecessarily over the littlest things. I didn't think i would actually rush myself to the ER immediately? I'm usually the kind who would wait it out and see if it gets worse. Example if I have a mild fever, i would ignore it and not do anything about it until I get super high fever then ill go to the doc. However, after experiencing this scare, I realised how important this baby is to me already and all I really wanted was go rush to the hospital to make sure he is safe and sound or else I won't be able to think properly and sleep.

Please stay inside and continue baking little one! In 4 weeks time you will be full term and can come out anytime you want then! But for now, stay comfy in mummy's tummy ok? :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Week #33 + Pregnancy E Cards

Lovin the pregnancy e true! Haha.

Week 33
Current Weight: 66.5kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15.5kg

I'm going to gain weight quite a bit by the end of this week because my appetite is CRAZY. I keep eating and sleeping! Last week I felt bloated and couldn't really eat as much but this week is kinda different though!! Feel like my stomach has more space and I'm always feeling hungry.

Baby is moving lower and my pelvic area hurts. Most days I feel so sore down there. It's almost similar to the soreness you get when you sit on a bicycle and cycle for long hours (do most ppl feel that soreness or is it just me). Also, he has also been kicking my rib cage area on my right so much and it is really painful. He usually kicks a lot when I'm in bed at night so I usually sleep on my left to ease the pain. But say when I'm out and he kicks the same area, i don't know what to do to help take the pain away :'( most of the time I just want to lie down because sitting up and walking is super tiring and uncomfortable. PREGNANCY IS HARD. I had a rather easy 1st & 2nd Trimester and time passed rather quickly but the 3rd Trimester ain't anything like it. All the things people complained about, I'm getting em all now. 

BREAD AND MILO! AND....COCA COLA. Been drinking a can of coke everyday, I've never been so addicted to coke...I wish I didn't have to stop at 1 can. Old people have been telling me it's bad but I really really crave for it everyday and when I asked my doc he said it's totally fine so... listen to my doc lah.

I think I have PUPPP??? My belly is itching LIKE CRAZY. It is so unbearable!!! The only thing which helps relief the itch is when I place a packet of frozen veg on my tummy. Everything else worsens it. My bio oil and Clarins seem to make it more itchy. I don't want to stop the oil because my stretchmarks keep getting worse! But the itch is driving me nuts!!! It is really the worse week  for me. 

Where can I find Grandpa Pine Tar Soap in SG?? Or anyone knows any remedy?

Oh and my stretchmarks HAVE WORSENED! Nothing is working!!! :'( WHHHHHYYYY!!!

Oh!!! This morning I was PISSED OFF!!! I've never felt this angry in quite awhile?! I HATE RUDE PEOPLE.

So I brought my dog Hiro out for his morning walk and when we were done and waiting at the lift lobby, I decided to carry him up. The lift door opened and out came a girl, together with her angmoh bf. The girl looked at hiro in the eye and her reaction was totally uncalled for?!

She went...


SERIOUSLY RUDE WOMAN. Eww yourself. Keep it to yourself la?? I don't expect everyone to love dogs but doing that to my dog & I early in the morning was just so unpleasant.
It is not like my dog did anything like lick her or what? I was carrying him in my arms there's no way he can do anything to her? 

Reminds me how much love I have for my little hiro and oh how much would I love you Baby E!!!

I hope i never have to see her ever!!! No wait, i hope she doesnt even live in the same block man.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New In

What's new on ShopOhsofickle

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Kept so many items to motivate myself to lose the baby weight once baby is out hehehe. Can't wait to wear normal clothes again! :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

My First Baby Checklist

5 more weeks and my baby will be considered  "full term". Time is really flying and I can't believe I have 1 Mth + left! I really am looking forward to carrying baby boy in my arms. Being a first time mommy, I was really clueless on what to get so I did a lot of homework and finally after a month, I have already bought all the stuff needed to welcome him home!

If you are expecting your first baby, below is a list of the important stuff you will need! You should have all the stuff mentioned by Week 36 of your pregnancy! It'll be good to start shopping once you know your baby's gender (at approx Week 20) so you can take your time to read reviews and choose the best item for your baby.

Newborn Baby Checklist 

Total amount spent:

When I was doing the calculation, I was shocked at the amount. Of course, not everyone would buy all the stuff I mentioned above but most new parents who can afford to would do so I guess? Did not expect it to be so much! Some of the items were sponsored/gifted so I actually spent lesser than the amount stated. It'll be good idea to have a baby shower before the arrival of your baby so you can ask your close friends/family to get you some necessities so you can save a lil! Hehe.

My classes start soon and I am really looking forward to learning how to handle a baby. Let me be really honest here and tell you guys I have never really carried a baby before nor changed a baby's diaper so I really need to learn! The classes would be so helpful in getting me prepared for the baby and once I'm all good, I don't think I'll feel so "scared" already. :)

You can save the image in your phone so when you do your baby shopping it'll be easier!

Have fun shopping!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Week #32

Week 32
Current Weight: 66kg
Started At: 51kg
Total Weight Gained: 15kg

No weight gained this week! Trying my very very very best to stay active and eat clean so I don't gain too much more since I have hit 15kg which is the ideal weight for full term pregnancy weight gain for my height.

I miss getting a good night's sleep. It is impossible to go a night without getting up to pee once every 2 hours! Im peeing for 2 now I guess. Then when I get back to bed, I'll have difficulty falling back to sleep. I can't really toss and turn anymore. Oh gosh I miss the feeling!!! It's kinda torturous not being able to sleep well :( my days are pretty much ruined because I'm always grumpy and tired due to the lack of sleep.

Now that my belly is bigger. I can't seem to finish my food nowadays cus I feel so bloated so easily. So I split my meals and have small portions every few hours so I can sufficient calories a day. 
Keep worrying i'm never gonna look good and feel as confident as before. I've been fine the past few weeks but this week I am just so easily depressed and upset?! :( I keep on comparing my pregnancy face and my pre-pregnancy face, which I know is stupid to do because no one looks better fat? My self esteem has been so so so low this week. I hate my nose I hate my nose I hate my nose!!! Pregnancy has made my nose SUPER bulbous. It's bigger than I can ever imagine. Seems to be getting bigger as my due date gets closer. Face is also getting fatter and fatter. :( Fats I removed on my face are back because I've gained a massive amount of weight so I kinda went through the recovery process for fat removal surgery previously for nothing. :(

Did you experience a bulbous nose during pregnancy too? How long did it take to go down? According to my friend's sister, hers slowly went down as she lost the baby weight. that Im done complaining. THE GOOD STUFF!

I got to see baby during a scan today and baby's head is down already. :) I knew it last week cus I could see my belly getting lower. My baby is now 2kg! Very healthy weight for a 32 week baby. Hmm 2kg is around Hiro's weight? Hehe. So happy he is growing well. Couldn't see his face during this week's scan though cus he kept hiding his face. I asked the doctor to arrange a 4D scan for me but he said no point if baby isn't facing the right way.... :( we'll see if baby's position is ok for a 4D scan during the next appointment which is in 2 weeks time!

My stretch marks at the side of my hips and at the bottom of my belly are out. Now I have stretch marks on my butt (VERY bad on my butt cheeks), upper thighs, hips, bottom of belly and boobs. So sad!! I've been applying the Clarins oil & Bio Oil (both highly recommended oil for prevention of stretch marks) twice a day everyday since the 2nd trimester but the stretch marks still appear?! Hope it doesn't worsen leh....Maybe I should apply every 3-4 hours kiasu!