Thursday, February 28, 2008

A. H.

I paid $400 to go through 4 hours of pain which left me with a splitting headache and i feel so dizzy wizzy spinny winny now BUT...It was worth it and nope i don't regret it 1 bit and i hope i'll never regret it my whole life because regreting it will just be so stupid. I love it more and more and i hope i'll love it even more in time to come. :)

Monday, February 25, 2008

mega bad

What can be worse than losing your wallet with $200-$300 + cash and your i/c and memorable pictures and....


Tampines Mall is f*cking cursed.

I lost my phone there just last year.

..the most precious wallet.

It is the f*cking nicest wallet i've ever had or to be exact seen! It's so so so special and it's da purrrrfect wallet ever...


Saturday, February 23, 2008

gayz 4 life

My entry test didn't go too well. Sigh. Like why why can't i, for once, do something properly and be confident in the outcome?! I didn't know how to answer those questions, neither did i know how to write a 300 word essay explaining my own fashion style. The answers for my 10 questions were obviously nonsense. At least i wrote something lah. The essay part...gosh. It turned out to be only 100 words and made 0% relevance to the topic please. If i pass this test it'll really be a miracle. Miracles do happen yes?

Oh btw ver awesome news! Forever21 does internatiol shipping now. Hip hip hurrayyyy!

Still looking for teams of 3-6 hip hop dancers (preferably all girls team)!!
E-mail for info ok?

**Many people e-mailed me thinking i'm looking for dancers to form a team of my own buttttt, ok to make this clearer, it is for a competition, ROMP III @ Zouk Mar 11.

Get your tickets for ROMP III now!
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Friday, February 22, 2008


I wanna post pictures up today but i just went to charge my cam's batteries and am lazy to take the batt out and upload the pictures. Moreover i have to sleep early i've an entry test to sit for omg am so nervous i tell you. Man i need to sit in a class and face i dont know how many unknown bodies alone and i dont like to feel that way i really hope i meet an oh so friendly soul who will talk to me tomorrow hahahaa no no main concern is that i am scared ill get so nervous i wont be able to think properly and just do shit there sighz please wish me luck!

Today freda and i went to her future sch and it's cool i might go there if i fail NAFA's entry test so it might also be my future sch. Next we went to ikea and i got new bed sheets it's so pretty i only buy bed sheets from ikea because it's cheap and nice.

I want a kid so i can buy cute pink furniture for her room yes i want a girl. I've always loved the children section best it's so colourful makes me feel so happy i wish i was a kid again.

What a stupid post i'll consider deleting this when i post up the pictures hahaha.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I have to refund Tessa seventy freaking five stupid dollars because her hoodies got lost via registered mail and you must be wondering how well me,tammy the great,threw away the paper with the tracking number and all because i thought she already received it but apparently noooo she hasn't and now there's no tracking number to track the stupid package and i called singpost they said die die need tracking number. SIGH MY GOODNESS MY SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS BYE BYE LIKE THAT IT IS DAMN SAD I TELL YOU I WAS SAVING FOR MY ____ AND I AM ONLY THHHHHIIIIIISSSSSSS CLOSE TO IT.

I've learnt my lesson. NEVER ASSUME. NEVER EVA 4EVA!!







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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Superficial

Ok great so whenever i've nothing to do, whether i'm hungry or not, i just have this habit of opening the fridge and cabinets in the kitchen.

Guess what i found...

New Year Goodies.

And the next minute i find myself sitting in front of the Tv wiping out the remaining 1/4 love letters & almond cookies.

Then guess what again?

I went to cook Myojo's Mee Goreng and this is the 5th consecutive day i'm having this so highly addictive so tempting i just couldn't control myself from cooking it. Omg i am so going to die.

I don't seem to be making an effort to change my diet. I'm a long way from achieving my ideal body.

Just this morning...ha i thought...i thought i could like achieve it March.

Looks like....

I c....a....n! Yes come on nothing is impossible. All i need is Daryl's constant reminders of my fatty flabby bum and round bounch wobbly cheeks...Yeahhhh!

Now i feel like going for a 2nd round of jogging hehe. But then...i'm still reading halfway...maybe...TMR!


kill timeee

I just blog hopped like to the most randomest blogs and now i cannot remember any more urls and so i am so bored and thats why i am here blogging. I woke up and i went for a jog oh wish i'd be bored every morning and go for jogs every morning then i'd hit my ideal weight in no timeeeee! I even did house chores like ironing the clothes and folding it up nicely. I don't know why it's still morning i feel like i did a lot today already. Well maybe i woke up reeeally early that's why. Wonder how early...

This is sucha random post. Shall bathe the dog now.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true

Ok random picx i found in my cam.

Life is pretty much on track again. I hope it stays this way for a long time.

Ly and i completed the shoot for Collection C for Twistandkiss which will not be up yet but soon after i clear Charlotte the dress. Go visit! :) Yay i'll be broke no more!

I've decided to save money for my (for me to know for you to find out) (winks). So yup i'm good at saving if i really want something. :)

Probably gonna sell off all the clothes i bought on impulse last month.

And i shall not buy things on impulse anymore man. Better think through hard before buying anything now! :)

Feeling cheerful now. I'm excited for tomorrow.

oh nooo

Calculated my expenses for Jan - Now, Mid Feb and i already spent a whopping $900 (+++) on shopping, excluding my daily expenses on food, cosmetics, facial cleansers, masks...yada yada. Oh yes, and when i include the $ for my DSLR...shit.
(Please do not take it as i'm showing off how much i spent but more like doing some self-reflection ok?)

I will not worry if i am from an extremely wealthy family but...
sadly i am not! :(

I am so frigging broke now. ++Jobless. Luckily i still have my Twistandkiss to support me!

It's just so hard to stop shopping! I am just so so spendthrift (must be mom's genes).

Excessive shopping is bad already. What's more...

I used to not bear to buy a top/dress costing more than $80. I'd just keep contemplating and walk out of the shop in hope to find something else somewhere else which is cheaper, if possibly nicer. Nowwww? I buy tops/dresses costing $80++ on impulse (not even going to the fitting room to try) and regret it the moment i reach home and just leave it hanging in my wardrobe.

Gosh i am so gonna be broke when i grow up if i do not stop this bad habit.

I know some will start flaming me with all kinds of bull but please spare me from all that for i already realised my mistakes and making an attempt to change but of course i can't gurantee i'll change like immediately. I am only huuuumaaaaan.

I shall limit myself to spending no more than $100 on clothes, shoes & accessories a week.
That will make up to a reasonable $400 on shopping a month. Ok maybe not really THAT reasonable but much better ok. Slowly i'll reduce this limit!

Man, i used to spend only $400 a month (+ everything) when i was in school.

(I realised my posts are really wordy these days, blame me on a heavy camera and a lazy me. Promise peekchures very soon k, :).)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

ever ever after

Everything's going well again.
We've plans for the week ahead.
I hope this unpleasant experience will never repeat itself.

I remember the day before you 1st texted me, i was telling Grace (i know you dont rmb cause it was so long ago haha) on my LJ comments how i wished a guy could come into my life the next day and turn my life around. texted me the next day!

This, this is so special. You're God sent. I know you are Soulmatie! :)

picking up

Last night was so bad. I've never been so freaking depressed in my entire life i swear. I've never abused myself never ever thought i'd do so but last night...sigh.

I actually was reluctant to salvage this r/ship for some reason but in the end, i gave in and took a cab down to see you because i love you ok.

It just hurts me to see the one who means the world to be act like a moron. The annoying part was that he was totally unaware of his actions, leaving me helpless and in a pool of tears . The one who is the light of my life couldn't even be there to comfort me or whatsoever. I just slapped him straight across but he still remained a freak. So this is what i get for giving you a 2nd chance? It was so annoying...yet so painful. I just had to hit myself, hit anything i see to release this anger/misery inside of me.

Because of last night, someone i loved so dearly, has became... someone i hate. You really know i hate it and yet you still have to do something like that.

I've calmed down after my sleep. Still contemplating if i should give him a 2nd chance (ok no more like 1892461nd chance) or not...

See how loving we were back then and how we are presently?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

the truth always hurts

I am going crazy. I'm sorry.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

collection B

Check out tonight!

So like i've been staying home a lot these days as i'm working from home and i enjoy it so much i can work from home my whole life haha.

I met the sweeeeetest person today. So we did a meet up and i passed her the dress and she gave me something in return. Ahhh damn touched i want to cry she's so sweet in her note and gave me chocs. Thank you C, <3!! :D

Tomorrow's Valentines' Day and i've yet to get a lot of things prepared. Tomorrow morning's gonna be busy busy. I like being busy anyway cause i'll tend to forget about eating. Today i snacked a whole lot :( and its not doing any good to my buldging tummy oh no it isn't. I feel like exercising but i'm too lazy to. SIGHHHZZ. I wanna take the easy pills! But of course it'll harm my body but but...ok should quit being obsessed with my weight. It's annoying, i know i know.

Monday, February 11, 2008

why me?

It just sucks when my boyfriend's ex-girlfriends are so soooo pretty and i am the only mfkg ugly one. When i say pretty, they are REALLY pretty like flawless skin, hot figure, pretty face, caucasian look, defined face features...

I just feel so...inferior? It really makes me wonder why oh why did he go after me in the first place? Like, i am seriously not pretty, am nothing compared to his ex-girlfriends. I know some of you are like thinking that i just want people to say "you are pretty. you are not ugly." right? Well, wait till you see his ex-girlfriends then you'll know what pretty is. But then again, beauty is not everything i know i know, but but aiyah really cannot stop thinking!

I can't do anything. I can go under the knife? But that wouldn't happen in another 10 years. :(

As i type this, tears just can't stop rolling down my cheeks. I am really scared of losing him someday to another girl. Some ang moh hot chick. AHHHHHZ OMGZ :(

Then like i am re-assured by people he would never do that but...things are really unpredictable!
Like my cousin was with her boyfriend for 5 years and her boyfriend ditched her for another girl and told her he was bored of her. What if this happens to me 5 years down the road!!! Ok, don't say 5 years, say next week!! I will surely turn crazy and be admitted to a mental hospital. Surely.

It just sucks loving your boyfriend so frking much.

Maybe i shouldn't huh? Haha.

But how can i not love him so much, he is just so sugar, spice and everything nice!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hello all!
Twistandkiss has moved!

Friday, February 8, 2008

FAT F***

(not in any order picx)


This suckz because i suck at weight loss i really really do omgz. :(:(
Ang paoz don't make me feel happy now. I don't know why either.
I didn't even feel like going out for visiting this morning (2nd day of CNY).

Please help me clear a couple of items! :)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy CNY

Happy Chinese New Year People!
The time you reload the cash in your wallets hehe!

Ay i dont know why some people add me on MSN and like a few days later, they'd be like "Who are you?" & that sort. There's this girl, she added me some time back and like a minute ago she asked why i added her on MSN and all that. Then i said something like i don't add people i don't even know on MSN (i dont even add people to start with cus i'm hardly online nowadays). Then she went "i dont either. whatever." My oh my, i hate her adding that "whatever" word,so i immediately blocked her. I'm a petty bitch like that hahaha. Ok but really, if you wanna add me on MSN, i'm totally cool but please DO NOT insist i'm the one who added you thankew very much.

Anywayz, i can't belive Valentines' Day's coming in like a week's time. So so exciting i hope the ***** arrives by then so i wouldn't have to go last minute shopping for a gift hehz.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I am so so so drained from all the shopping. Finally, a day out with the 2 lovelies. We spent like > 4 hours walking in Far East Plaza and found nothing. Gawd that sucks i swear. We had the money and thought Fep could saved us a lil but like noooo nothing caught our eye (ok maybe there were some lah). Ended up spending $200 on 3 tops and now i'm so so broke already.

Can't wait for the ang paoz!! And my pay. Weeeeee! I'm in no mood for CNY actually. No idea why. Too fast alr i guess.

I want to upload the pictures but my eyes hurt like shitzoooooooo. I need to wake up tmr for facial. Hehe i love facialz always feel so peaceful thanks to the classical music during the process but the aftermath of it suckz, face would be all patchy & yuckz...maybe it isnt a good idea to do it tmr cus the CNY day is like the following day and i think my face will still be reddish and all :/. Ay we'll seeeeee...

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

old airport road

Pitter patter pitter patter on the window pane...

Headed down to Old Airport Road with F for some...

awesome lor mee

& had my first try at eating kway chap. Can you believe it?! I always thought it was disgusting and all but it's okay i guess!

PSP siaozxzxz hahaha.

PSP siaoxzxz gal pal.

I finally bought something! I had to get something today no matter what. Bought an $83 dress on impulse and now i regret but i dont think ill be able to sell it because it doesnt even look $83 oh gosh this is so sad.

More shopping tmr and the day after tmr. Money money please do not run out so quickly!!

Very extremely boring blog here due to the lack of picx for the past few days. Well yeah finally huh! :)

Saturday, February 2, 2008

grow up, shut up

Ok i am sooooo damn fickle. I wna change my course now. I dont know if it's possible though. Gotta wait till Monday and give NAFA a call. I hope it's possible!!

Today we have a new fund raising project and i can't believe i did well. Proud of myself really heh. My legs are so damn weak now urgh. Foot reflexology in need. Damn badly!!

Should stop eating so much. I like eat 5 meals a day. All unhealthy deep fried food oh dammit so so not cool i tell you.

Oh and did i mention i have great colleagues? Ahhh this is the reason why i tahan all the torturous walking around. They're awesome. Today we learnt a lil shuffling. It was so fun lahz i got the basics ok. More Reggae and Locking coming up i think! Sounds very much like working in a dance sch but no i'm not haha.

Some people should learn to grow up, shut up, & stop living in the past because people change.

Friday, February 1, 2008


Oh my gosh the day is finally here. I can't believe i've a DSLR now. Ahhhh i am looking forward to a day out photo taking. I am sooo not familiar with the way it works. Needa spend time to experiment and read up on stuff. I like the girl who bought my camera. She is so sweet she bought me sweets hehe awwwwwww!

Work tmr. I better work hard. Not much moolah left in the bank. Now after not shopping for...1 whole week, I NEED TO SHOP. Shopping spree with the girls is a NEED the coming week.

money money money

Ahhhh yes yes yippee yay i've been earning quite a lot from my blog shop! Have almost enough for my DSLR baby. That's reeeeally fast! I mean like i was just blogging bout how much i want a DSLR a few days back and now, i'm getting it in a day or 2. So exciting i tell you.

Very very busy recently and i really want to meet bestie urgh so frustrating to have a packed schedule but at the same time quite fun cause i'm never bored. :)

After getting my DSLR, i'm working towards my dream of opening up a boutique. I know this sounds crazy and all but i'm being serious here! Saving up for that dream will really be damn tough. Oh well...i'll try...
Wish me luck man!


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