Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Year 2008

What an amazing year.

SO much has happened...

Posting some old pictures taken throughout the year!

Wow mum really aged a lot!!

Ok here are some in 07 to see how much i change in 08!


I found Figo's pictures too!

Back in 07!

Super cute no?!!!!!!!!!


This year...
1. I took out my braces.
2. I got my first tattoo (the Audrey Hepburn potrait)!
3. Met a lot of new friends! Think it's the year i met the most friends! A lot of ppl to list so i shall not do that because i might miss out some names...:(
4. Went to NAFA and quitted after 2 weeks LOL
5. Earned the most money this year!
6. Managed to not lose any phone..but instead destroy phones by 1) Sitting/Stepping on it (i cannot rmb what i did to make that lcd crack like that) 2) Throwing it outta the window (by accident of course).
7. Lived without an IC!!! Omg i really need go do my IC again.
8. Shifted house about 2 or 3 times! HAHA.
.....ok a lot happened!

It's not possible to state everything here because....ok actually i'm just lazy to go through my archives.

Am very very tired! Only slept 3 hours today, and 4 hours yesterday. Sooooo crazy i know!! Have been eating A LOT to give me the energy. Quite sad but i cannot help it! If i dont eat, or if i eat just a lil, i'll be sooo moody and i wouldn't wanna do anything.


Anyway! Last night was spent at ECP! Was just a simple gathering with some food and drinks. Can't believe i don't have a single picture of the night...So no use blogging about it because it'll be a bore without pictures!

Oh before i end this post,


1. TO LOSE WEIGHT (and this has been on the list since...forever)
2. Get back my motivation to go jogging everyday! Ok everyday's a bit too much...make it 3 times a week!
3. Balance boyfriend time & friends time. 
4. Work hard enough to let my mum retire and buy a car at the end of '09! Which is not that impossible as it sound you know...because remember last year i thought i wouldn't be able to save enough for my boutique throughout the year but in the end i started saving since Nov and still managed to have enough!
5. Open another shop at Far East!! 
6. To stop being so clumsy and forgetful!!!!!!!
7. To go do something good. Like go to church or some children's home! I haven't done anything of that sort in '08 and i feel bad!
8. Self- study a lil about fashion.
9. Be more organised and manage my time well!
10. Not make any additional enemies! (currently on my list: 3)


Hope 2009 treats you well! Happy New Year once again!  

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In pain

My tummy is hurting like a bitch!!!!

Must be the KFC i had...cus since 5pm (my supper late lunch) till my dinner, it was hurting quite a bit.

Think my dinner (fried oyster + carrot cake) made it worst or something because i am in so much pain now!!

Pleeeeease please go away...i need my sleep!! I've to wake up tomorrow for the photoshoot for the store and go to the post office.

Deep fried food is not your friend.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Still loving the lashes

...despite so much difficulties.

I spent 15 min cleaning the eyeshit slowly (yeah got a lot of eye shit because my eyes was all swollen last night. was trying to rub it but not touch the lashes...was a challenge!)...urgh. Couldn't just wash it like how i used to.

Sorry... just loving my lashes!! It's like me putting mascara + eyeliner when i didn't! Hehe.

Anyway, i gotta go do packing of the bandage skirts now!

I decided to do a backorder for the black one since the factory still has extra fabric for it. Here's your last chance to get it! Remember's only available here because i specially manufactured it for the store (it's even sold out at Topshop)! Click (here) for the backorder page! 

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Eyelash Extension


I cannot sleep!! I need to rub my eyes like crazy every night before i sleep and since i couldn't do that because of the lash extensions, I CAN'T SEEM TO SLEEP! Have been tossing and turning in bed since 10pm because i was SOOO tired but till now, 1am, i am still not asleep! I wenta rub my eye a while ago and guess what? I TOTALLY SCREWED THE RIGHT SIDE OF MY LASHES. It's only the 1st day!! It's not even 24 hours and i ruined it...GREAT. How am i suppose to live with this for...2 months!! I'll go back tomorrow and hopefully it can be saved without me re-doing the whole thing. Have a bad feeling though, i don't even think they can redo it cus i kinda plucked some of my real lashes out. WAH SOMEBODY KILL ME!!



I had 8 of it this morning...IT'S SERIOUSLY ADDICTIVE.

I dont know where else can u get it besides the snack store at Parkway (near the bus stop, beside the fruit shop).

You must try it. (haha just want everyone to become gain weight like me la :X)

Ok no, kidding! But it really is DAMN NICE!!

Anyway, today...i did eyelash extension! I never did anything to my perming/putting mascara/putting falsies...until recently. I always wondered why people did all this...Felt that it won't make much diff.

I was wrong. Well...obviously!

Having nice thick and long lashes does make u look better!

So after trying out falsies a few days back, i decided to go do lash extension!


I can go everyday without any make up!

(I was really on the phone ok!!)


I did mine at Vain Beauty. City Plaza #01-31. They've another branch at Far East Plaza #03-113.

There are like 3 prices to choose from, $28 (not so thick), $50 (thicker), $60 (thickest). Mine's the $50 one! Asked her to make it more black for me so she did "2 layer" or something like that. Couldn't really understand what she was saying cus she spoke to me in Chinese and chinese is horrible. :(

However, there are pros and cons when u have eyelash extension!! can't rub your eyes (I DONT KNW HOW IM GOING TO NOT RUB MY EYES...I RUB MY EYES LIKE...CRAZY) and wash your eyes. :( Urghhh...don't know how i'm going to survive not doing that later!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

2 Dogs

So many people are complaining that my blog has a virus....

I've no idea what's happening because i'm using a Mac and my mac doesn't have those virus scanners and whatsoever!

Everything seems fine when i view it with both my boyfriend's laptop & my i really don't know what i can do to get rid of it!

Please help? Anyone?


Freda! You are right! Figo isn't photogenic! Haha.

I had a hard time making him look at the camera (ok or even stay still)! So i placed a piece of choco on top of the screen. Hehe. Too bad dogs can't eat choco...OH I JUST REMEMBERED! That day I nearly killed Figo! Freda's sister asked me if she could feed Figo "black forest cake" and i said yes. OMG I SAID YES TO FEEDING FIGO CHOCOLATE! Thank god nothing happened to him. I'd kill myself if he fell sick because for a moment, i forgot "black forest cake" = "chocolate cake".

I love these pictures!! I think i'm quite weird because i feel extremely happy when guys treat their pooch like a baby! It shows the softer side of them and yeah i just like it! Especially when i'm out and i see a big, tall, macho man carrying his pooch, i'll smile to myself. Haha....SORRY I AM JUST WEIRD LIKE THAT.

I'm at work now! It's been long....and i'm only working for a day. Haha.

Shuting told me some people were looking for me that day...AHHH i'm sorry i didn't mention this on my blog but i'm only working at SUP on weekends! Today's my last day of work and next week i will be busy with the opening of the shop!

Ok, so many people know about it already so for those who don't know yet, my shop will be at Haji Lane! More details would be released next week! :)

I am excited!! :) Everything is moving SO FAST.

Friday, December 26, 2008

X'mas is not over...yet.

It’s a bandage skirt bonanza! While body-conscious apparel has long been a Hollywood staple, we think the way young tastemakers are wearing these super tight skirts is simply irresistible.

Bandage gear is inherently sexual, after all, there isn’t a curve on the body that a form-fitting Alaia or Herve Leger doesn’t reveal. Ladies like Nicole, Kirsten, Mary Kate, and Kate make this style look modern by dialing down the hubba-hubba factor. They wear their second skin-fit skirts during the day, paired with slightly oversized tees or a blazer. If a tee feels too casual, another option is to tuck in a fitted—not tight—top into your skirt, like Kate did above, for a long, lean silhouette. To avoid looking like a Robert Palmer* video vixen, we suggest leaving the stiletto pumps at home and choose a simple pair of flats instead (during the day that is, at night do what you like).

Click "Bottoms" to view!


All happy in our comfy home clothes ready for the show!!

Ly's place has a darn awesome sound system! The mini theatre room she has in her house is even better but we bought a lot of food so we couldn't watch the show there. :((

Merry X'mas once again! 12 days of x'mas so today (26) is still x'mas!

My morning was spent packing and in the late afternoon i headed to F's place for an awesome meal! Pasta and pizza!! Then we headed to get more food!! Like carrot cake, fried oyster, satay and ice cream...GLUTTONS R US

Luv 'em for loving food! Cannot stand people who hate food! No offence! If i were to hang out with a group of friends who hate eating, i'll get sooo depressed! But on the other hand, i'd be able to lose weight...which's something i'm dying to do...since forever. Ok who hates food and is willing to be my friend? Hahaha. 

Sorry i went off track...

So anyway, after getting all the food, it was off to Ly's place to watch the DVD we rented, Wedding Daze

Which's a pretty good show i must say! Didn't fall asleep! I always sleep while watching DVDs...especially at night.

Still at Ly's. Freda's giving me a good massage. Hehe.

Though x'mas wasn't spent partying or doing anything crazy, i must say it's a very enjoyable day spent with my favourite girls. :)

Hope you had a great day too!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

(Not so merry) X'mas

Merry X'mas y'all!!

Pretty sure most of you have plans for later!

Well, me?

I'll be busy with my packages to mail out...:(

Yeah on X'mas Day. How...exciting. 


However, i really cannot just go out to play and leave the work undone because if i do, on Fri i will drown in brown envelopes and clothings to mail out.

Anyway, feeling quite happy now because I just gave myself a X'mas prezzie!! That is...US$200 worth of clothing and accessories from f21! I am absolutely IN LOVE with the pyramid studded vest!! AHHH!! I refuse to give myself an expensive treat because i don't think i wanna be happy one moment and before i know it, start getting all stressed up over money issues. That's just stupid huh. I always end up doing that so's all about self-control.

I am so awake at 3.12AM now....because my sleep got frigging disrupted. BY SOME GANG FIGHT UNDER MY BLOCK. Annoying ah bengs shouting at the top of their voices at 2am and glass smashing...Such inconsiderate people. 

If not for the F21 order, pretty sure i'll be fuming right now! On this (not so very) lovely Christmas night!

Looking forward to the evening...think i'll be meeting the girls later for a good meal. It's been long! 

As i am typing this, i am craving for a bowl of hot tom yum noodles.

But NoOo.

Even my bf goes "uh oh" when i complain and show him my problem areas like my huge elephant thighs and fat arms...

YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I'VE BEEN EATING. It's crazy. Seriously. I am so afraid of the weighing scale now. I should start exercising. Need to stop giving the excuse that i'm too busy because i'm sure sacrificing just 1 hour of sleep to keep trim and fit will not harm. Except maybe i don't have much time for sleep i should say sacrificing my tea time break to eat all the yummy snacks i have around in my house. The amount of calories consumed within 1 hour of snacking on those happy food is equivalent to 3 meals (healthy fishball noodles or something). I'm sure. I keep skipping my breakfast and end up eating a super heavy lunch and dinner! Also, because i stay up late every night, i cannot resist having supper!


I guess that only applies to me.

Because usually, those people who face a lot of stress and work very hard end up losing weight and becoming skinny!

Why am i so weird?!

Sucks 2 b me. Really.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stye-Post & Room 18


Image Hosting

Style-Post sells authentic branded outfits from fashion shows and runway at prices VERY much lower than the retail prices!

My favourite pieces from the Style-Post would be...




I am sooo tempted to get the Anna Sui Silk Dress for CNY!

They also have a vintage collection! Price ranging from $18-$26! That's a very low price for vintage dresses!

Style-Post offers an extensive range of apparels. From vintage classic to urban chic, they take pride in sourcing and choosing all apparels. Most of the dresses that they sell are manufactured in only 1 piece, hence every piece is rare and unique! Which is great because no one likes walking down Orchard Road seeing someone in the exact outfit right?


This is the 2nd time doing an advertorial for Room18!

I must say the girls are really sweet to send me this slouchy sweater scarf top!

(I look like i lost my arm!! :o)

I brought in this piece previously and it was all sold out in a jiffy and i couldn't keep any for myself and woohoo, Room18 just made my day when i opened my mail box to find this inside!

The clothing at Room18 are VERY affordable. Much lower prices compared to any blog shops out there!

Check out their Top 10 X'mas Picks!

I absolutely love simple pieces like this...

Also, they are currently having a preorder for black glossy step on leggings!!

It's only going for $18 @ Room18!

Make your way down to right naowwwww!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Picture Post

***To those who faced difficulties submitting an order at the store from 12MN-2AM, I'M REALLY EXTREMELY SORRY!

There was wayyy too many people submitting at the same time therefore, most of your orders couldn't go through.

The next time a problem like this arises, do feel free to send in your order via email to!

So sorry girls! I didn't expect this to happen! :(

Man, i'm soooooooo tired now. It's close to 3am and i've been on the computer since 7pm?!?! No rest!! 

However, i am not complaining cus if i manage to clear 3/4 of this collection, i can fly off to BKK next week! :) Will bring more goodies back if i do!


(Click image above to enter Collection #62)

Launched on Tue 23 Dec at 12MN!

At the airport!

The Monster Mother

Nose is looking small....yay!!

I reduced the size of my nose(by photoshop) cus it looked effing huge ahaha. Not bad ah...can't really tell? I THINK? 

I really want _______!!! :( And maybe i will go for it when i make my first $10k!! Hehe.

Aggy Tee & Neon Pink Fonts Tote!! Best buys from this trip:)

Below are the pictures of the pretty pink yogurt place! (it's just outside the silom shopping centre...i think that's the name? opposite phat pong(?).)

Shake it like a polaroid picture

They took a picture of us to put up on the picture tree!!

Yes it's A LOT of pictures.

OH and let me end it off with a picture of half the shoes i bought!!

Shoe fetish hehe.

My fav studded sandals! But after wearing it for a day, one stud fell off. URGH.

Okie time to start editing the pictures for the next collection tonight!!