Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last post for 09

This is the longest post I've ever written. Longest thing I've ever typed on my iPhone hahahah. Wish to add pictures but I'll prollydo it tmr using my laptop!

Be prepared!

Read only if you've like 30 min to spare or something hehe.

This is my summary for 2009...

I can't believe we're entering a new year! It's so hard to believe how quick a year passed.

This year I lost the love of my life, dary, to stupidity. The boy has taught me so much in life. Without him, I don't think I know what I'll be right now. Because of him, I realised how weak I can be. However, i am stronger now after going through half a year of hell. He made me realise that we should never take things for granted when we have em. I learnt that we should never go too far with our words or actions and should always think before doing something we might regret. Despite how much he loves you and is willing to give up for you,there's always a limit to it. Sometimes you expect to be forgiven because "love conquers everything" but once you hurt someone so bad, it leaves a scar that will never be erased. Thank you Daryl for everything. You've played such a huge role in my life. I'll never forget all the good times we shared. I'll also never hurt anyone like how I hurt you because i end up the most hurt at the end of the day. Truly hope you find happiness again and hope the next girl treasures you and treats you better because you deserve it. You're the most tolerant boy I've ever met and also a perfect example of why "one should never judge a book by it's cover". Even though u appear to be so scary and fierce, you're such a sweet and gentle person inside, so patient and ever so forgiving. :)

This year I started designing a lot! Saw people wearing the apparels designed by me which does make me feel much more confident and positive about life. That im no useless school drop out. I made people see how a school drop out doesnt hve to be a road sweeper or a toilet cleaner. I opened a boutique a haji lane and far east and shifted to a site for ohsofickle! I had my first fashion show too! Had to get interviews for magazines and newspapers too! Which is something I never thought I'd get to do hehe. Never thought ohsofickle could go this far and I thank you all for the support you've given me all this time. I do hope in 2010 I can get more manpower and stablelise the webbie! Hopefully I'll be working more often at far east so I get to meet and greet you faithful supporters! Also provide better service for you all. I'm aware the online store faced a downfall due to inefficiency and this area will be worked on major time! Thank you all!!

This year I met many new friends! I finally got out of my comfort zone to talk to more people:) it's not that I'm unfriendly but I'm just really shy and always afraid I wouldn't make a good impression or I'm ugly when I speak blahblah. But this is kinda over...I feel better about myself now! Though still rather reserved at times but thank goodness I actually reply to people's questions instead of smiling when being asked one. Now I have many hi-bye friends because of this hehe. Oh and finally more guy friends for me! When I was w Daryl, I refused to talk to all the boys thinking all boys are jerks except d. I'm no longer that unfriendly bitch to boys now haha. I saw a huge increase of boy's numbers in my phonebook... I've more guy friends like kaiwen, fendi, akira, dew, yicong, darylssss, marvin, sheen...aiyah sorry if I didn't mention u if you're a guy and my friend...rly a lot! Hahaha.

This year I grew closer to a bunch of awesome girlies namely, Donna, dingxuan and Marisse! Never have I spoken to dx despite working at sup for such a long time?? But this year we got closer and she's an addition to Donna and I making all 3 of us the to-confuse-people girls cus of how we resemble each other! Found a fellow crazy dancing queen~ Met Mars because I employed her to work in haji! Made a hi-bye friend into someone so close to me now! All the slpovers and the eating sprees we went on...the numerous attempts to lose weight and & Donna, my fellow depressed low self-esteem woman, I love you most! You're one princess that kw and I spoil too much cus you're one pissy lil girl. Though i've been warned by mars and dx not to give in to u all the time, I can't do it cus I love u and hate to be the cause of ur sadness. Hehe. I do hope you don't feel neglected now that I'm not longer single and free:( you know deep inside we make the best couple right? Our mad shopping sprees, random hahahaha message to each other, in our own world character. You the man and I the lady...sometimes man...ok whatever hahaha.

This year I drifted apart from my girlfriend ly, Freda and chissy but I want you 3 to know I'll always love you girl and will never forget y'all! It's not that I don't wna meet u girls but th time isn't a lot of my side:( and our diff lifestyles...I wish you 3 party too so everytime after work, I get to see you all. But nonetheless, I rly hope to see y'all often in 2010 once I settle everything! Been super busy:( anyway, the biggest surprise given to me this year is by ly& Freda! They planned such an awesome birthday party for me! invited my pri&sec school friends which I thought I'll never get to see again! Even received a phone call from a group of sec sch buddies who couldn't make it for the party. That was the sweetest most unforgettable birthday gift ever. Thanks:)

This year I met Cassidy who is my now-boyfee! Never thought I'd ever be wth him. Lol. I didn't like him on bit when don first introduced him to me cus of his arrogance. As time passed by, he changed so much for me to like him better. I'm so glad I made him into a much sensible boy now and more friendly too! Though still kinda egoistic at times (ahem major chuck bass wannabe), glad he only does it to a handful of ppl and tones down whenever he knows I can't stand it alr aha. I just have sthng against ppl who r too egoistic you see. Being with cass made me feel family love! I've never had home cooked food in maybe,5 years of my life? But I finally get to sit at a dining table with a family to have home cooked food! It feels so good cus at home, it's just mummy and I, hardly ever get to eat at home. If not for cass, I'd still be eating outside food everyday! Cassidy's family also thought me how to play poker an be a better dai-Dee player! Also mde me buy 4d and toto! Never rly gambled in my life before till I met em haha loser much I know! His sis also made me realise that even if you're damn pretty, you don't have to be forever gg out to show off your looks! And being pretty doesn't mean you have to have a lot of friends! She's one girl who's quite a surprise....she's kinda like me, not comfortably making friends oh and its not cus she's proud, I guess she doesn't feel comfortable doing that, like me! So with a character like that, it took me months to finally strike a conversation with her! So now since the ice is broken, after 3 mths of seeing her almost everyday, we r talking and dolling up tgether everytime there's a special occassion which is kinda fun and I don't feel so much of a stranger in the house anymore! :)

This year I didn't make enemies. :) I didn't have much blog drama too. Of course, it's inevitable to have hatred around but none I know personality and my life should continue like this:) make peace not war people!

I don't think thats all for sure there's much more but this post is fuh-reeeeaking long and I should stop already. I should thank a few more others before I go though. Thank you nuffnang (for the advertorial given to me, for the canon products, for the free cash, for the events planned for the bloggers...etc..), all you readers reading this blog (the lovers, haters..everyone), my staff working at ohsofickle the office and the shops (for being part if the growth of a soon to be big brand! Hahaha), the youth empire (esp Althea for teaching me so much about business and events management), my mummy (for being a mother! Doing everything a mum will do for her daughter & my new daddy (mom's boyfriend) (welcome to the family!)....and everyone who has played a part in my life, THANK YOU so much.

Have a great year ahead! Happy new year! Let's all wish 2010 would be a better year for all :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Nails & Clothes

On the day of my fashion show, i got my nails done at...

This is my 2nd advertorial for Lacquered Nails!

Because they're awesome!

Josephine, the boss of Lacquered Nails did my nails for me that day. J's another young entrepreneur. She's my age & is no longer studying too cus she pursued her dream and opened a nail palour.....Admirable! I respect her for being so daring, really. :)

Really sad i don't have pretty fingers nor long finger nails!

I'd love to have long nails but it's really inconvenient....AND I'VE A BAD HABIT OF PEELING MY NAILS HAHA. Stupid's so damn hard to get rid of it.

I can do gel extensions to get long nails though. I saw Josephine's pretty glittery purple extensions. LOOKED SO GOOD! Wished i snapped a picture of it for ya'll to see! :( I promise i'll do it the next time i go to do my nails (or you may wanna google gel nail extensions if you cant wait to see). :)

I really love the pretty shop decor~ My fav colours!

Lacquered Nails is located at...
The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-16 s059817
Nearest MRT Station: Clarke Quay

You may wish to give them a call to ask for the price list/book an appointment!
Tel: 63231612

X'mas is over....and that means....NEW YEAR'S COMING!

New Year, New Clothes!

And here's a shop you might wanna shop at.

MISS PHYLLIS is an online fashion boutique established in December 2009, proudly brought to you by Phyllis. Our apparels primarily consist of self-manufactured designs appropriate for various occasions. What's distinctive about us is that we established our fashion boutique with our very own manufactured apparels right from the start, from street style to feminine dresses - there will definitely be something for every girl. All pieces are specially manufactured so it is quite unlikely that you will spot someone wearing the exact apparel! If you are a shopaholic yourself, i'm sure you wouldn't want to miss MISS PHYLLIS as your fashion playground and be prepared to encounter stunning and exclusive pieces manufactured by us.

Last but not least, MISS PHYLLIS aims to provide every customer a pleasant and fulfilling shopping experience as well as excellent customer service with us.

Here are examples of the products at MISS PHYLLIS:

Phyllis sent me the apparels and i must say i'm very impressed with the workmanship! The material's used for the apparels are also of excellent quality. :)

And you may wish to do more shopping at because....

THE OSF END OF YEAR SALE IS NOW ON at! Use discount code "eoysale20" to enjoy 20% off!!!


Now here's something even more awesome!

All apparels at Ohsofickle at Far East Plaza #04-133 are going at $27! ALL!

The accesories/bags/shoes are going at 25% off!

I was working today and had fun! Amazingly. So fun iI'll be working at my shop at Far East tomorrow too! It's so nice meeting so many people too~ cus like im damn sure they'll know my voice is nothing like in the video and I'M NOT A BIMBO!!!! Ever since the video got out people are calling me a bimbo. WHICH IS JUST SAD. Grrrrr. & my voice is really not like that lah i swear ahahaha. PLUS IF U SUDDENLY GOT INTERVIEWED WONT U FEEL NERVOUS!!!!!!!!! I obviously was so nervous and lost for words luh hahaha. I SHOULD NEVER EVER GET VIDEO-ED. Always turns out B-A-D.

Anyhowz, pay me a visit tomorrow? :)

Oh and i love my nails...

Did 'em while waiting for my mum to open my shop in the morning~ it was sooo random. I painted 'em gold while sitting outside and during lunch time pasted the leopard prints. Quite successful.....if you know what kinda person i'm like. 4 ever ruining my nails while waiting for it to dry. Thank goodness this didn't fail!

Random night out to Zouk for BKK Invaders!

Eyeliner-less day. Felt so naked man. HAHA.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Fashion Show (II)

Didn't expect to get to see videos of the show but thanks to The Straits Times - RAZORTV...

Here're some videos of the show!

(decided to remove the video cus it plays automatically and entering my blog's pretty annoying cus i cant stand how my voice sounds hahahaha shit. k anyhowz you can go to RAZORTV to watch! the fashion show. NOT ME. cus i look BAD BAD BAD.)

Oh and i just realised RAZORTV has so many interesting videos! Gonna spend tomorrow watching it...would love to do so right now but it's X'mas & there's a gathering at C's!

Some from last night...the countdown to Christmas at J's crib & Rebel after.

p.s I DO SOUND BIMBOTIC AND STUPID in the video okayyyy. I KNOW!!!!! My voice is SO DIFFERENT. Don't worry, my voice IRL is not THAT annoying! Hahahaha. And Donna said they expanded my face. OR DID MY FACE GROW THAT FAT?!?! :O

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fashion Show

Important point to add! Can't believe it slipped off my mind. Credits to the youth empire and most importantly Althea for making this event possible and so smooth! :)

WOOHOO~~~ It's finally OVER!

Ohsofickle's First Ever Fashion Show held at St James!

Am glad all our efforts paid off!

Firstly, i should thank all the models who participated in this event. Annabelle, Avena, Ambra, Amanda, Collette, Chevonne, Genial, Harriet, Stacy, Michelle, Steph, Winona (sorry i didnt include ur name previously! was following an old list:() & Ding Xuan!!! Thank you all for putting in your time and energy for this! Saw a HUGE improvement from the was soooooo good. Made me wanna cry. Y'all did really well! DINNER SOOOOOOON!! :)

Secondly, each and everyone who were involved in the planning~ Thanks Silus for the awesome mix of tracks. Natalia, for the awesome choreography. Thank you Daryl Yow for spending soooo much time and effort on this. I really wouldn't know how the event would be a success without you! You really put in the most effort! Oh and i LOVE your singing. I'd post a video of you singing once i get to take a shot. EVERYONE'S GONNA GO MAD AND FAINT IN FRONT OF THEIR COMP SCREENS HEHEHE!

And also Fadli, i really appreciate you giving even more than you should and helping Daryl out too! Would love to collaborate with you in future. Fadli together with Donna, my dearest babygirl, did a fantastic job with the LoveGame collection, inspired by Lady Gaga. The designs were MAD!!!!! I love you Donna, sorry you had to feel stress the night before the event and you had to tolerate all the shit cus of me!

The lovely shoes were sponsored by EarlGreyParty! Thank you girls from EGP for letting the models strut down the runway in your lovely footwear! Do head over to to take a look at the shoes available for sale!

And of course, the event wouldn't be possible without the people from The Party Box for letting me be part of their event, The Sound Series. :)


Thank you all who came down to show your support too~


Now here's the pictures....

Ok those were from my compact camera. The next few are from Fariz! LOTSA PRETTY FACES. Goodness...go MAD seeing so many pretty girls hahaha.

The clothes are available for sale at so do check 'em out. The stocks will only arrive on the first week on January so please order only if you're willing to wait! All outstanding orders which hasn't been receive will be on top of my list first~ Hope to settle everything before 2010 starts in order have have a fresh 2010. Now that the fashion show is OVER, i feel soooo much more relaxed. NO MORE STRESSING OVER THIS AND THAT. WHEE!!