Saturday, July 31, 2010


It's times like this that makes me realise how many strangers out there care and that i'm not alone. Still, i can't seem to put into action what people advice me to. It's not that i don't want to. I've tried. Still am trying. I just can't do it!!! :( Well i thank you all for the heartwarming comments and it does make me feel a tad better knowing that so many ppl care and hope to see me happy again. I want to be okay. I will be okay.

I tweeted a few months back about having some awesome ramen with J. I had the butter ramen and it was so good! Best place for ramen in Singapore! I'm scared to know the about of calories in just that bowl though. Don't wanna know either!

So the day before yesterday i met S & M fo dinner and we headed to the same place.

A lot of people walk up to her and ask her if she's Felicia Chin. Lol. Look like right!

She doesn't like taking picx though.

This time i tried the kimchi ramen! I didn't want the butter ramen cus there's no chilli and even though it's damn good, it's not THAT good without chilli. They dont have chilli padi there, only chilli powder which isn't spicy. I LOVE CHILLI I LOVE CHILLI I LOVE CHILLI.

You have to try this egg thing! It's really wet inside (ok this sounds so wrong, im so bad at describing my food - that explains why i'm not a full-time food blogger) - so juicy. I dont know if it's oil or what....i really think it's oil but anyway, every bite is so good.

And this pork! Yummy yummy sauce.

Doesn't look & feel like you're in Singapore when you're in this tiny little place.

Usually very packed during dinner time everyday so go around like 5ish or 9ish? The place is really small.

Ken Ramen House
At Orchard Plaza but outside.
Exit Cuppage Plaza's entrance and cross the road, you'll see a prata shop and this Ah Ming's zi cha place (which sux btw).

Just did a research on the best ramen you can find in Singapore.

Sapporo Ramen Miharu
1 Nanson Road
The Gallery Hotel #01-11

Ramen Santouka
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Central #02-76

Marutama Ramen
Central #03-90/91

Gonna go try it soon! If you've tried any of the above, share your experience!

After my dinner i met DX and Fendi for karaoke at KBOX (Cine). So cheap on weekdays! Like $8/person + one free drink! All the way till 6am! I like the *scape outlet much more though but well budget budget.

Some slut pose lol.

Into it.

Haven't really slept for 3 days. It's like 3 hours a day. I hate this. I'm always so lethargic and i look sooooo bad when i'm out. What makes it worse is i stuff myself with food for energy the entire day. OR i eat till i'm so full and take a nap. My treatments at Beauti Instict for me to achieve a slimmer face are all wasted....can you imagine how chubby i'll be if i don't even do the treatment?! Can't the food just go to my boobs....or somewhere else NOT MY FACE!

Really in need of good sleep. Sleeping pills, sleeping pills.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I really wish i had stick thin thighs!!!

Garters won't make you look trashy if you wear it with the right stuff! No one pulls it off better than Taylor Momsen - The Garter Girl ,of course.

I want to update this space everyday with a "What I'm Wearing" post but i lost my tripod stand. :( It's different now without a boyfee, no one would be willing to take pictures for me everyday. Lol.

Anyway, i got my garters from Bangkok. I don't know if it'll be popular among Singaporeans so i didn't bring 'em in to sell.



Ordered extra!


x1 Size 37 and x1 Size 38 (same as Charles & Keith's shoe size)

Selling at $72
Self-collection at the boutique only!

Email if you're keen!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I'm sitting here smiling at the screen. I feel happy today~~~ Plus, i got to see my crush. Haven't felt this way in a looooong time. Sure feels good. Plus it's the first time i like a guy who has completely no interest in me. Some challenge there. It's like i've to be the one chasing. I dont know if i can do it Nvm about that.

So anyway i'm here with a bowl of Mac&Cheese in front of me.

(You can find it at most supermarkets eg. Cold Storage, Fairprice...)

I know, i know, i'm still having supper despite complaining about my body. What's new? Lol. Well, I won't be able to sleep well if i don't eat before i sleep. :( BAD HABIT! My thighs are touching each other now and i still can't be bothered to exercise. Too busy and lazy :( I want to start skipping! Like 10 mins everyday. Read somewhere that skipping's great exercise! Plus 10 min a day only... EASY PEASY! MUST. BUY. SKIPPING. ROPE.

Anyhow, today i had so much fun singing and dancing at KBox. The KBox at *scape's SO AWESOME. It's like KSuites but much cheaper!

Put a bottle of Chivas + heartbroken girls & boys =

Lol we were really dancing and jumping all over the place. ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL~~~

K and finally showing ya'll my cute nails! Did it last week when i was in BKK!

Not a design i thought of myself. Got the design from someone's Tumblr! I can't remember the URL cus i dont have a habit of bookmarking websites :( pfft.

Can't wait to do the next design i have in mind! BUT I NEED TO STOP SPENDING $ ON MY NAILS. NEED A SPONSOR~~I turned down so many nail salons last few months cus i wasn't like crazy over nails. BUT NOW I AM. SORTA. Soooo....anyone wna do an advert for your nail salon now? I can save $ and you can get good business - WIN WIN SITUATION. Hee hee.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Am aware i made a mistake! It should be July instead of June!!

Btw, collection is up!

Click here to view the collection

Thank you x

Gosh....i need to come up with a good blog post soon!!!!!!!!

Been too busy....TOO BUSY!

Anyhow i'll be launching a new collection tomorrow (Monday) at 7pm! Did the photoshoot today. Man i look bad. Had a pretty bad night last night. Got toooo damn emotional over crappy issues. Issues of the heart. I feel sad that my ex boyfriend moved on faster than me. Kinda lame. Lol. I'm good now. Going out to watch Inception! Some people say it's damn good and some other people think it's the most boring movie ever. It's like two extremes. Am so tired but am still gonna watch it so it better keep me awake!


Bijou! Donna's new poodle~~~

Happy Birthday Donna The Pony!

Love you much :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Look what i found...

Soooo pretty but i don't think i can ever maintain such it won't be cheap.

My fav has to be the Chanel, HOH and Vivienne Westwood one! Oh the MMM one also not bad :)

Tomorrow when i wake, i'm heading straight to the nail palour! Found the design i want online~~~ SUPER CUTE. WILL SHARE IT WITH YA'LL WHEN I'M DONE :)