Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ohsofickle: Biolane Favourites

Biolane will be the brand that I'll go back to all the time because of all the products! I haven't found a brand which has a nicer scent than most Biolane products! And of course, the products have been very effective in keeping Elroy's skin moisturized and soft.

Here are more of my Biolane Favourites!!!

The Diaper Rash Cream is awesome! Elroy has very clear bum bum with no rashes because every time we would wash his bum and apply this before wearing his pampers. This item helps prevent and heal nappy rash. Babies are very prone to it so it is a must-have item. I like that it's very thick as I feel that it gives more protection than a cream which is thinner and too light. Also, I feel that if you apply a thick layer over existing rash, it'll be more soothing and won't dissolve so quickly.

I apply Biolane Liquid Talc on baby's bottom and skin folds to keep the area dry as it is prone to wetness. It is an emulsion which transforms into talc after application on the skin, leaving the skin feeling velvety smooth. This is way better than using a normal powder as there won't be any mess at all! Many times when I use normal powder, it gets all over Elroy's clothes and there would always be ugly white patches which becomes very obvious when he is in dark colored clothing.

Finally, the sweet almond oil spray is great for very dry skin. I don't use this daily but whenever I feel his skin getting too dry, I spray a little bit of this on top of the moisturizer on his skin. Don't worry about it being oil based. It gets absorbed easily and won't leave a sticky feeling after application. 

And once more, I must share this again. This product is my absolute favorite Biolane product! That is Biolane's Moisturizing and Nourishing cream. I even use it on my arms and hands occasionally because it not only keeps my skin moisturized, the smell is HEAVENLY. You must give it a sniff if you come across it.

So this is the sequence of how I use Biolane's products every day!

Bathe with Biolane 2in1 Body and Hair Cleanser
Apply Moisturizing and Nourishing Cream all over his face, arms, legs and body. 
Apply Diaper Rash Cream on his bum.
Apply Liquid Talc on his neck, skin folds, back of knee, and bum.
If needed, I'll apply Sweet Almond Oil on parts where I feel the skin is getting dry.

And whenever I'm out, I'd bring the Pure H20 and cleansing wipes! H20 to "wash" his bum and cleansing wipes to make sure it is super clean. Keeping your baby clean is super important! This way, your baby will always smell super nice and not have rashes on his bum. 

Visit Baby World at Suntec on 23 to 25 January if you can! Biolane will have 2 star buys that I am pretty sure you would like. The Biolane Dermo-Paediatrics Diaper Rash Cream which is selling at a 25% discounted rate of $14.20 from the usual $18.90! And the Biolane Thick H20 Baby Wipes which is selling at only $13.20 as compared to the usual price of $18.90. The rest of the Biolane products will be selling at special rates and every purchase comes along with a gift including my favourite moisturizing and nourishing cream and the hair and body bath gel.

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For every purchase, you only need to quote “Tammy’s Reader” on the “memo to seller” and a travel size Biolane product would be included for free!

Valid till End of Feb 2015

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Biolane products can be purchase at selected Watsons, Robinsons and Kiddy Palace stores.

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I really wish it'll be available at more places because I feel that more people should know about this awesome brand for baby products! Thankfully there is a Kiddy Palace near my place so I can always stock up on Biolane products when I'm there hehe.