Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gong Cha

Finally tried the bubble tea at Gong Cha!!

Once you've tried the bubble tea at Gong Cha, you'll really ask yourself "WHY THE HELL DID I BOTHER QUEUEING 45 MIN FOR KOI?!". Yes Gong Cha is THAT GOOD AND YOU DONT HAVE TO WAIT SO LONG FOR YOUR DRINK.

I tried the Milk Tea and the Gong Cha Melon Milk Tea.

The milk tea is kinda like KOI....can't really taste the diff luh. BOTH ALSO GOOD. I wish i ordered 80% sugar for the milk tea instead of 50%. Would be nicer if it was sweeter! I usually order 50% from KOI and it's already very sweet.

Why i said Gong Cha is damn good is because of THE MELON TEA (if you're gonna try it ask for pearls because it doesnt come with pearls - what's bubble tea without the pearls - it's like chicken rice without chicken!). Even though i stay in the east, i'm willing to travel to get it!!!

Oh and like Koi, they're generous with pearls (not like Sweet Talk!)! I love pearls~~

Oh and i really don't want Gong Cha to have long queues like Koi! Was so happy to get my drink from the PS outlet in like 5 min? :)

Gong Cha can be found at Plaza Sing (it's outside the building!), City Square Mall (#B2-K3), Novena Square (#01-172), Vivo (#01-111)!

Eye make up free day...

Cannot stop using diffuse glow on my picx cus my complexion just got worse. Cause: Living too long with the boy. No make up remover. PFFT. FACIAL FACIAL FACIAL TIME!