Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Collection (I)

The October Collection is out!

Super excited! Tomorrow i'm going to pass my designs to a company. Hope they'll quote me a good price for the stuff! By November my designs would be out whee~~~ Pray that it'll happen! I too dislike the fact that the stuff i sell are pretty common cus most blogshops get their stuff from the same places. :( Can't wait, can't wait!

I really need retail therapy! Bangkok!!!!! I wanna fly to Bangkok this week! Need to top up my accessories box and get shoes. FLATS. I just said goodbye to 50 pairs of shoes. SIGH. The thought of it is just damn sad. Still not talking to the mother!

Feeling pretty effed up now because i can't stop quarreling with the boy. How do people actually maintain a good long distance relationship ah?! My boyfee's away for only 2 weeks and things are pretty....bad? Respect those who can maintain long distance relationships...A LOT.