Monday, November 29, 2010


Giant bouquet from the people behind CQTY. :)

Some weirdo just keeps leaving comments about me - containing stuff which are totally untrue but she keeps assuming it's true. I'm too lazy to reply any cus her comments are so frigging long and if i just approve it without replying later ppl read already go stupidly believe.

I decided to blog about one part (total 4-5 assumptions).

She (i assume it's a she lah) said i'm DAMN FLIRTY.

I immediately went "omg someone said i'm flirty!!!".

My boyfriend's response, "haha! i know you're not lah! i know you cannot. i think you don't even know how to!".


WHERE THIS KINDA PEOPLE GET THEIR INFO FROM? LOL. I am how quiet around strangers! Want to flirt also cannot...i can only like smile cus I hardly open my mouth! I'm like quite shy?? If you say i'm arrogant all, i understand la (i get that a lot although i'm not), cus some people think being quiet and reserved = stuck up. I dont understand why would you wanna come up with untrue stuff about someone you don't even know? Why do people even bother doing that? If i'm not like that means not like that what? You make up stories about me for what...

Well i've said this a million times but i'm gonna say it again, THIS WORLD IS FULL OF WEEEEEEIRDOS.