Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter

Just got back from a Harry Potter movie screening! Thank you Althea for the invite!

So anyway, i wouldn't watch Harry Potter if i had to pay $10 for a ticket because unlike most of ya'll, i really am not a fan!

I know NOTHING about Harry Potter. I only know 2 characters before today...Harry Potter & Hermione (ok i even had to google how to spell her name). Harry Potter because duh...he is on all the posters blahblah and Hermoine because EMMA WATSON IS LIKE HOW PRETTY!!

If you're like me (doubt there's many), who hasnt read a single book nor watched a single HP movie, i suggest you dont gey kiang and waste your time watching the show just cus everyone is raving about it because you will not understand a single thing!

Spent my time in the cinema eating and asking Donna (ultimate Harry Potter fan) stupid questions. Her 2nd time watching the show so she didn't really have to concentrate much and was willing to entertain me throughout. I'm such a nuisance.

Me thinks Lord Voldemort should use "the most powerful wand" he stole from the old man at the end of the show to get himself a nose job.

I should stick to Chick Flicks.


p.s i'm not a bimbo ok!

p.s p.s oooh just spotted the CQTY ad at the side of my blog! hehehe. that reminds me....MONDAY!!!