Sunday, November 28, 2010

To All Customers

I've gotten at least 30 e-mails regarding mails not received yet. I would like to apologise to all those customers who're affected by this matter! If you don't already know, the packing and mailing are done by the guys at Inknlight and they do the mailing thrice a week.

Those who've waited and not received your mail, i am currently investigating and i do hope you understand and accept my apology! I too feel worried when i hear my customers not receiving their goods on time. This makes it seem like i'm damn inefficient when i know i'm really not as i send the orders to the guys almost daily. :( I really hope ya'll will understand and i won't lose any of ya'll because of this matter.

The guys at Inknlight just started this business of packing and mailing for blogshops and i know they're serious about it and are doing their job (so i do hope you dont think it's their fault and try working with them if you intend to!)....i really think it's just Singpost! I've a strong feeling it's Singpost because i know the boys at Inknlight really do their work! I've seen how they work with my own eyes. Must find out what's the real problem asap! Hope all this will be solved in the coming week. Once again, sorry for keeping ya'll waiting and for any inconveniences caused.

Updates on this matter:
I just got an e-mail from Inknlight and apparently one batch wasnt mailed out but it will be by today as the guy is very very nice to do it first thing in the morning. Again, i am simply explaining myself here and hope to be understood. Honestly have no other intentions. I'm really sad right now cus im just very suay....things always happen to my business resulting in me losing a lot of customers :( I cannot afford to lose anymore!!!!! I'm trying so hard to regain the trust from many again but such things just have to occur....and it's not like i'm not doing anything yknow...i do try to improve things here and there. I decided to pay a company to do this service to help me out so i can avoid a lot of mistakes i made in the past but still, such things must happen to me (and not the other blogshop doing this with them). Well i believe this wont happen again and i would still work with the guys at Inknlight cus i think they're doing a good job and as for my side, i will continue replying e-mails on a daily basis hoping that in a long run, those who lost their trust in my shop will have that regained and i would have sales as good as the past.

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