Monday, December 27, 2010

Mundane Monday

Good Morning! Happy 3rd day of Christmas.....AT WORK :( It's another day at mundane day at work...SIAN HUH!

Wish the weekend didn't have to end!

But it's ok! We can all look forward to the coming weekend welcoming a new year! Can't believe 2010 is going to be over in about 4 days? TIME FLIES.

My Christmas was spent counting down at the boy's with lotsa friends over...

Best dessert wine! :)

Labeling the gifts with numbers for the gift exchange!

Band Hero!

Too cute! :)


LOL @ Myself! Idk what that drink was but oh boy IT WAS DISGUSTING (if you can't already tell by our expressions.

All ready to head down to our next destination to party!!!

Party place 2...


Thank you all for coming down and also for making an effort to bring down prezzies - making the gift exchange a success!

Want this week to pass...FAST! I'm all excited for the party on Friday! Oh and thanks to Hosan's miracle pill, I WAS SOBER TILL THE VERY END. Must get my doctor to give it to me...again, i forgot the name of it but it's good for those who are slightly allergic to alcohol! Fa-mo-ta-lin? Something like that lah!

Have a blessed christmas everyone!