Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yow yow

Caught the best movie!!!!

LOVE IT TO THE MAX. The entire time i was nudging my bf (he must've felt sooo irritated :P) because i was damn excited over every little thing. Hehe.

On Sunday, the boy and i had lunch at Tony Roma's before service...


The last time i visited Tony Roma's was when i was like 12??? Still serving fantastic food!!!

The ribs....YUMS.

Next Sunday it shall be Kenny Roger's! Hehe.

Frog leg porridge at Geylang Lorong 9 again~

Satisfied my durian craving at Durian Lingers - Joo Chiat Road...

Yesterday was Daryl Yow's birthday!!!

Spent the entire day with him!

Complimentary buffet at Palm's...

I am a fail ice cream scooper. How to people scoop it and make it like a ball? Like what daryl did above? I tried DAMN HARD but failed again and again. I respect ice cream girls...tough, tough job! Scooping ice cream requires A LOT of strength lor!

Our usual thing...Karaoke @ Kbox!

It was $6 for 4 hours! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! It's crazy cheap!!! On weekdays only though! Weekends costs quite a bit.

Finally, we found a duet we can do real well....

But nothing beats my all-time fav duet, At The Beginning lah!!

Happy birthday Yowwy! Love love x!

Up till now, some people still think Daryl is my boyfriend! People always ask him and ask me the SAME THING?! Girl + boy go out must be BGF meh??? Once again, i'd like to say this....DARYL ISN'T MY BOYFRIEND!!!! He is just a damn close guy friend! AND I'M NOT DENYING (some people go like "why you dont dare reveal that daryl is your bf").....seriously lor....why some people so gey kiang one - when you ASSUME you make an ASS OUT OF U & ME. I am happily attached to this other wonderful boy la! If people keep saying Daryl is my bf and spread, spread, spread HOW WOULD MY CURRENT BOYFRIEND FEEL?!