Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dead Boring

My blog's so boring now....

So i need your ideas! What do you guys want to see here? Suggestions? :D


I got a lot of people asking me to create Formspring but nope, i won't create it. Then came a suggestion from a reader, that once a month, i set aside 1 day to chat with ya'll (live!) and answer your questions! I think that's a brilliant idea BUT would ya'll be keen to chat with me live? Haha.

p.s Eh....i just remembered something! Well...i think a few years back (ok prolly only 1/3 of my readers have seen it cus back then i didnt have that much readers) i ever did Live Chats - via Stickam! That was pretty fun eh! Maybe i'll really do a Live Chat with ya'll soon!