Friday, April 22, 2011

What's In My Bag

What's in my bag on most days. When packed.

If i dont pack my bag, gosh you will be surprised at the things i dump in! One time, on a night out CLUBBING, DX & Don decided to spill out the contents of my bag (cus they know they can find junk) and they found 6 pairs of sunglasses. Please read the sentence again, esp the word in BOLD. Haha.

1. Sunglasses i need to have a pair in my bag especially during day time cus when i don't feel pretty enough, i can hide my face!
2. Wallet duh everyone can't leave the house without a wallet
3. Blackberry in my case, Pinkberry! i'm like always on my phone. i cannot imagine how life would be if you take my Blackberry away from me! OR IF I LOSE IT (yeah can buy new one but it wouldn't be the saaaame).
4. Mascara Maybelline Long Extreme Stiletto really lengthens your lashes and it makes it look neat
5. NARS Concealer in Ginger
6. Body Shop Radiant Highlighter used at cheekbones for a glowy look
7. Maybelline Eye Shadow
8. Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder in Naturel (30)
9. NARS Skin Smoothing Primer
10. Maybelline Impact Express Eye Liner in Black
11. Brush for my concealer
12. REVLON Matte in Pink Pout (002) baby pink lipstick
13. REVLON Colorburst in Rosy Nude (065) dull red, almost brown, lipstick
14. Blusher i dont know the brand! it faded and i forgot from where. Sorry! but it's the same color as my BENIFIT Sugarbomb!

Sometimes i bring diff foundations and lipsticks out la but this is for most days!

I missed out my eye brow pencil! I'm using an eye brow pencil from Maybelline. Oh and my notebook! Where i jot down anything and everything. Sometimes i spot a really nice dress someone is wearing, i'll quickly draw it. Or like sometimes during long journeys from one place to another, i'll think of things to blog about and write it down.