Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bbag'm thinking of selling away my Balenciaga City in Cyclade. It's a really lovely color! It is a new color that was out in 2010. :)

When I bought it I was like "ok! I'm going to stock up on blue jeans! It'll go so well!". Unfortunately, I do not have the legs for jeans. Blue jeans. I can only wear Black cus Blue makes my butt look big. So I hardly carry it luh :( and it's like rotting away with my other bags.

Because I'm aiming for another bag, I need funds~ and this poor bbag really deserves a better owner who'll shower it with more love.

I'm willing to let it go at $1250(non-nego)! So cheap because I don't have the tags & all though cus I didn't intend to sell it and when I shifted house I disposed it. However, I can assure u it's 100% authentic! Anyone knows where I can go to check its authencity and get a card? Let me know! Ill go to the place w you! It's super cheap for a Bbag I'm telling u! Ill send it to BagSpa to make it as good as new before passing it on to the next owner!

If you're reeeeally keen, email me!