Monday, May 9, 2011

Make Up V.S No Make Up

"Why do you want to put make up? I think you look better without make up."

Are you serious?! ARE YOU?!?!?!

Just took the following picx to prove the above comment wrong...

Fresh from photobooth ah! Now 11:49pm already i'm ready to go to sleep so my face is totally clean. Btw i plucked out all my lash my lashes botak :( sian.

...I LOOK LIKE I'M 15 LEH! (oh and gotta love photobooth, even without make up i don't look as bad as the reflection i see in the mirror!)

And this was with make up in the afternoon... (notice im still wearing the same! im so lazy to wash my hair and shower! ill prolly change into PJs and sleep...tomorrow then bathe. hahahaha.)

NOW DO YOU GET WHY I DON'T LIKE GOING OUT BARE-FACED? Why would i wanna look like the first set of picx when clearly, i look better in the 2nd set (with make up)?

So yes...I LOVE MAKE UP (& not forgetting my contact lenses) ~~~~~ cannot live without it.

No matter how much you wish to convince me not to put make up, i still wont get convinced cus i can see for myself leh! But i thank you for thinking i look fine "naturally" :)

p.s looking younger isn't a bad thing but i just dont like! cus right, i feel that if people know i'm so young, they wouldn't take me seriously :( like there was this period of time where i had to meet agents to view houses and like i feel that they didn't bother trying to convince me or whatsoever cus i think they didn't think i was serious! i don't like it when people don't take me seriously but can't help it lah! if it was me i also would think the 19 year old wanna view houses for fun. there are many many reasons! i'll prolly leave it for a post another day!