Wednesday, May 4, 2011


18 days and going strong! Hasn't even chipped one bit?! Neither has the shine gone away?! First time my manicure lasted over 1 week! I'm so impressed and happy! Gotta love the Gel Nail Polish!

Only at
Sensual Nails Spa
BLK 507 Bishan St 11 #01-398 Singapore 570507
Just a stone throw away from KOI
Tel: 62590889 (call to book an appointment now!)

P.s but I realise I feel a bit sian looking at the same design fo so long. Haha. Time to go get it re-done! Gellish is AWESOME lah! I didn't rly believe the girls when they said that my manicure can last for a month or so and still look as good as new but now I do! Only reason for removing it is that 1. Your nails grow out or 2. You're bored of it.