Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Arrivals

So... my internet decided to fuck up and i couldn't do my work. Just when i was about to leave home for Starbucks in the evening, before closing my laptop and placing it into my laptop bag, i decided to try to connect.

THEN IT WORKED. WTF. I WASTED MY ENTIRE AFTERNOON TRYING TO MAKE IT WORK. The call to Starhub didn't make much of a diff. Pfft. Quite angry with Starhub but whatever~


There'll be OVER 50 DESIGNS in tonight's collection at! This is because i didn't update last week as i was busy with Haji stuff so yup!

Launching TONIGHT, Tuesday 24 May at 7PM!

Today i start working alone at Haji! Quite excited :D Bought lotsa junk food to keep me company while i work. Hehe. If you're free, pop by Haji k! I'm nice lah! Don't worry :)