Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Anyone remember that contest which I joined (and won!!) Camqueen of the Year 2010?

Well the sponsor YOU.C1000 is back with a brand new contest!

I wanted to blog about it sooner but seriously preparing for my store opening has been mad crazy.

Anyway, I went for a shoot with my mum a while ago for the contest. All I can say is... IT WAS FUN!

A few of ya'll saw the bigger pic and asked me if i did this shoot way before i had tattoos....well no! It's the power of photoshop. ;)

Anyways, back to this endearing contest...

How it works this time is you upload a picture of yourself drinking from a YOU.C1000 bottle and write a little story about how much you love your mum.

Like this!

My mom is a wonderful mom. If not for her, Ohsofickle wouldn't be what it is today! She allowed me to give up my studies to pursue my dreams! I don't know how come she believes in me lor?! I wasn't a very good girl. I was playful, i was lazy, i was never ever serious. I was the girl with messy hair, short skirt, nowhere to be seen socks, bright colored bra (somehow it was popular lor! to wear bright color bra under rather sheer uniform hahaha). The girl you would classify as a "bad kid". Who skips school all the time and only goes to school 4 times a week? And when i do, all i do is sleep in class. Teachers were sick of waking me up or scolding me. Homework? What homework? No such thing! Haha. I think i was the girl in school every good girl hates because i am just so damn different from them. SCHOOL IS PLAY. Haha. Still, despite all that, she just said "ok, i know you know what you're doing. work hard! if you think this is a wrong path, don't worry, mom will find a way to pay for your studies in the future" when i told her i want to quit school to build Ohsofickle up.

Ok, so, if you don't already know, i am not well to do. I WAS.....until my dad left the family. He didn't leave us money. Didn't leave us a house. Didn't leave us ANYTHING. Well actually, we moved out from my dad's house cus my dad's really mean to me. He scolds me and hits me all the time. Despite knowing that my dad will not come look for us if we moved out, my mom did it for me. So i wouldn't have to suffer in a house with a monster. Y'know how dads are supposed to pay for maintenance right? My "wonderful" father actually sold the house and moved somewhere else and is no where to be found! WHAT A FATHER. Where's his heart? Seriously. mom had to support me on her own. There was so much she had to pay for and her salary wasn't exactly very high too. One of the reason why i gave up studying is cus i saw how tough it was for her to pay for my school fees and give me allowance. It was so hard to get money from her to buy my school stuff! It did piss me off cus it's school stuff and I NEED it but then i soon understood that it's not that she doesn't want to give me the money to buy my stuff but instead she couldn't.

Me, being extremely spoilt and spendthrift, couldn't understand all this at that point of time. I hated my life. I hated my parents. My life took at 180 degree change. My life changed from a happy life, where money was not a problem, to a life filled with sadness and anger, because i could no longer shop with my parents weekly. Buying groceries wasn't the same anymore. I used to be able to put anything i want in the basket but could no longer do that. Hello Public Transport. I cant be chauffeured around anymore. No more big garden, where i can run around and play the swing. Where we can have house parties and BBQs. What happened to the front with the Bimmers? I no longer see all that. It's gone. It's gone forever. I couldn't bring myself to tell my friends. I grew up with friends who were pretty well to do. They didn't have all this shit in their lives. They can walk into Topshop to buy whatever. I wanted to have what my friends had too. I would save $ to buy it. After saving, i can only afford the Topshop basics. At that point of time, i'm like "ok la, at least got brand". Despite being "poor" i still must dress branded. Wtf right? It was sad cus i love clothes and had so many ideas on what to wear but couldn't dress up cus i didnt have money to. I thought to myself, "hey, if i were to bring in clothes and sell it, i can have a lot of clothes and be making money at the same time!". So my dream was to open a boutique.

I had to do something. I wish my mom had the capital to open a boutique for me. Sadly, she didn't even have extra money to spare. So with my $500 ang pow money and the support from my mom (which i needed most), i build Ohsofickle up. I wanted to make it. MAKE IT BIG. Make lots of money and a name for myself. Make sure we can lead a comfortable life again.


I am so happy now. From where i was to where i am now, i've came a looooong way. I actually changed for the better. I am no longer that spoilt child i was!

And i really hope to work harder and make Ohsofickle even bigger so my mom can retire happy.... :) All that suffering she went thru shows what a strong woman she is. I used to scold her....i used to blame her. But what i lost, she lost it too. She lost even more than i did in fact. I remember days scolding her, scolding her for the stupidest things. She put up with all of my nonsense. Loved me and took care of me. Was there for me all the time. I love you, Mom.

Ok i know this post is supposed to be about my mom and i kinda went off track a bit....sorry ahahaha.

OK ANW, even if you're not interested in the contest, each bottle of YOU.C1000 comes with 1000mg of Vitamin C (good for your skin!) and it's yummy so go buy it and give it a try!

If you win, you win..... A FREE TRIP TO TAIWAN FOR 2!!

Super worth it! You can bring anyone (it’s not only limited to your mum) with you to Taiwan and join as many times as you want! Just need to use a different picture and story. :)

Check out for more details!

Contest ends on 1st July so don’t miss out!