Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ask Me Something #1

Here are the 15 chosen questions to answer!

1. How did you first started out your blogshop and at what age? What difficulties have you faced so far and how did you overcome them?
I started when i was 15. Well along the way i made mistakes and am glad i did cus it made me do things a lot more different and better now. One of my biggest problem was that people actually "photoshop" their receipts or claim to make payment but didn't? So i actually lost A LOT of money to those people. Now i learn to check the accounts even more thoroughly to prevent it from happening. Also employed staff to handle my e-mails and all but it didn't work out cus i guess no one is able to commit more time than me? Guess i wasn't strict enough and trusted them too much. So if i ever employ another staff to reply e-mails/update the website, i'll have to be reeeeally strict and watch them super closely.

2. Did u take any slimming pills before? If yes may i know what it is and it it is effective?
Do not take slimming pills. Ever. Once you stop, you'll gain weight very easily and your metabolism will go down. I never took any "slimming pills" but ever took appetite suppressants which kinda sucks cus i feel tired and sick when i did.

3. Do you see Ohsofickle as an international brand in the near future?
That is my ultimate go international! Wouldn't be easy though. Gonna take at least 5 years i think?

4. If there's a period of time you wanna go back to, which period would you choose and why?

Maybe back to when i was in primary school! I really wish i was still rich so i wouldn't have to work sooooo damn hard everyday. But then again, i wouldn't be who i am today (independent and strong) if i had wealth so....yeah i guess i'm actually quite happy to be where i am now lah.

5. How long did it take for your hair to grow so long! Do you have ways to make your hair grow faster?

About 4 years? I had hair extensions since 16, for 2 years straight and when i removed it, my hair was long already. Put X.O on your hair. REALLY WORKS! Just one drop at the top, sides and back.

6. What are the things you cannot tolerate when it comes to fashion?
People wearing leggings as pants. Eg. wearing a normal t-shirt that can't cover their butt w leggings. Super cannot tahan!

7. Does your hair has split ends? If no, omg I envy you cos your hair is damn gorgeous! If yes, how did you solve the problem?

Yes. My hair is SUPER DRY. It looks fine, but if you touch it, it feels super rough and horrible. I'm masking my hair more regularly now so i hope it'll solve it!

8. Do you worry that one day you'll regret your tattoos?
I do regret having it on my arm cus it's giving me lotsa problems :( but i really like the My Little Pony and Owl tattoo on my arm so i don't wanna laser it away....PLUS it really hurts a lot to laser. Sigh....if only it was just a sticker, i can peel it out and stick it on my back or something. Lol.

9. How do you cope with the stress you have?
Pamper myself with massage! I face a lot of stress daily and look forward to massages all the time. :) Oh and of course, retail therapy helps A LOT. Then again, after my retail therapy, i'll be stressed up again looking at the amount spent .

10. You dress quite well yourself. Have you ever looked down on anyone who doesn't dress well?
Not at all! I only dress up on weekends! Other days, i'm in oversized tees + shorts + havaianas. Haha

11. Do you think there are people who want to be friend with you just b'cos you're famous? Have you ever met one?
I don't think i'm THAT famous lah! So far, nope!

12. Does it bother you at all that you only have an O-level certificate? Most people in our generation have university degrees or polytechnic diplomas at least.
Not now because my job's awesome and i'm making enough $ to be able to lead a comfy life. I think i make more money than an average diploma holder even? BUTTTT maybe in future if my business fails then i'll regret not studying. :(

13. What's your workout in the gym like? and do you go almost everyday?
I just signed up for my membership not long ago and have been going 4 times a week! I usually stay in the gym for 2 hours. 1 hours class (pilates, body pump, body combat....etc) + 30 min brisk walk on the treadmill + 30 min on random machines (mostly for back muscles cus i've a bad posture).

14. I went to ur shop and FEP then i got takenaback by one ang mo guy n he look giant! who is he?
My step-dad! He is really friendly! Losta customers told me how they enjoy going to F.E.P cus he's so funny.

15. Do you use the treadmill? If yes, will your thigh gets bigger? Cos my thigh is big enough & do not wish to see my thigh gets bigger as time go pass using the treadmill.
Yes but i walk and not run. I think if you run too much, your thighs will get bigger so yup!