Monday, July 11, 2011

Weight Stuff

A lot of people are asking about my weight....and previously i was quite "embarrassed" cus so far those girls who've revealed their weight online's less than 45kg?!

Ok so yeah since i'm working out in the gym now and finally doing something about my body, i'm sure my body will look good soon! However i spoke to my trainer and he said that my weight will NOT drop even though i will look slimmer.

He said if i want a drop in weight, just go to the sauna and i will drop 2kg instantly but that kinda weight loss isn't really lost cus u gain it back after drinking more water. Soo....instead of being concerned about the numbers you see on the weighing scale, you should be more concerned about how you look. So that means, even if i go to the gym every single day, i'm not going to "lose weight" but instead GAIN WEIGHT thanks to muscles. So that made me realise, aiya the numbers don't matter la. SO IF YOU'RE WONDERING WHAT'S MY WEIGHT....

Just took my height and weight this morning. 167cm, 50kg. He also printed out my results - the amt of fats, water, muscles in my body. I remember my fat percentage being 21% or something like that. He said that's the "ideal" body fat percentage for women! So right, those who said i'm too skinny, your judgement's really bad ah! I'm actually no where near "skinny"! I'm just nice~~~ Hehe.

Oh and if you wanna know which gym i joined, i joined True Fitness at Parkway! Go join and make friends with me leh! I feel so so so lonely there :( I wanted to join California Fitness cus it's actually a bit cheaper (if i'm not wrong) but it's a bit too out of the way and i'll prolly end up being too lazy to travel to the gym so i chose True Fitness since it's only a couple of bus stops away from my place. So far so good! Enjoying my experience there. They've a lot of group classes. Last week i went for Pilates and I LOOOOVE IT. This week i'm gonna attend Body Pump, Zumba (looks damn fun!) and Indoor Cycling.

EH if you read this and join ah, under "recommended by" you put my name ah! So i can get free gym bag and water bottle :x hahahahaha. And just tweet me when you wanna go for classes! I confirm make friends with you one. The women there all like home makers? Then like 30-40+? I feel soooo out of place there! But man.....they have A LOT more energy and stamina than me!