Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Planning for Tokyo

Just a quick update!

Just got back frm my buying trip! Am back with tons of stuff for both the boutique and online store! Gonna be soooo busy this week. Ill try to do up a proper blog post soon~~

By the way, any of you've been to Tokyo??? I'm going to Tokyo at the end of September and have no idea where to check out. I'm very scared whatever restaurant/shopping area listed on those tour guide websites I find online would be like too expensive and overrated?

Really excited though! Been wanting to check Japan out for the longest time! Still in disbelief I'm going there eh!!!! Hehe. Do list out recommendations on where to go shoppping at and eat on my comment box if u wna share anything with me k? Preferably w exact add/nearest subway station? :D Thanks in advance!

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