Monday, September 26, 2011

New Arrivals

Today didn't go as well as i hoped it would....

Got a phone call that money went missing in the shop and i really have no idea how that can happen. Dont want to assume and point fingers at the moment. Not the first time and it's really worrying! Could be a customer (not sure how they do it also) ? Or my staff (which i really pray it isn't cus i'll be so effing disappointed and sad)? Whoever it is, i hope you wake up with broken fingers man. Ok fuck, im so bad at cursing but ya. Karma's a bitch to bitches. Good luck.

Ok, y'know what, i shall not list out the shit that happened today.

Actually, this post is here cus i can't send out email notifications for the web store.

The new collection will be up tomorrow, 27 Sep, Tue at 7PM Sharp.

Here are my favourites...

OSF Hoodie dress! Available in Grey, Navy and Black. My favourite! I saw a girl wearing a maxi like this when i was overseas and have no idea where she got it from so i got my supplier to make it. Decided to make some changes to it here and there and now i can have a hoodie dress too! Nicer one some more. Hehehe. :D

Oh and this will be up for Preorder since a lot of ya'll requested for it! :)

And so will the OSF Basket Clutch from the previous launch. :)

View the other items for tomorrow's launch here.

On a side note, 4 more days to Japan. Shall not be so upset with life. I'm going to the country i've always dreamt of going to (besides New York)! Must fill my mind with happy thoughts!!!

Then again, i dont think i've saved enough $? :(