Monday, December 5, 2011

Betrayal of Trust

Has anyone done you wrong? But u still forgave him/her despite how severe the issue is (maybe kissing someone when drunk, or a one night stand etc...). And despite it all you are now leading a happy relationship with that same person?

Ppl say once the trust is breached, it's over. How true is that?

Tell me your story. Drop me a comment. I really appreciate hearing from you girls.

P.s thank you for sharing your stories. I am super thankful for this share with y'all the happy times in my life and when im down, for you people to comfort me! My situation is not half as bad as some and it does give me some hope? Still unsure of the path ill go...It will take time. While I'm at it, I promise to still continue filling this space with good stuff. :) after all, I told myself to hide the bad side of my life and only jot down good memories in this space so in future, I can look back at my archives and smile. So no more sad posts for now! And thank y'all once again! God bless you! Hehe.