Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cobalt Blue

HAPPY 2012!


A new year, a new bag for myself!

Top: Topshop
Shorts: OSF Haji
Sandals: OSF Haji

I splurged on a Celine Micro Luggage in Cobalt Blue! An IT bag REALLY changes the whole look of one's outfit! It's kinda bad...and see so much money go into just one thing but not only is it hard to resist, the happiness I feel when I get it is really really unexplainable! So every time I work so damn hard, I look forward to rewarding myself with a bag. Hey...I work hard for my money and if bags make me happy, I guess I deserve it? Hehe. Although I know I should stop now! And start saving for the getting my own car, or house! My bf can't stop nagging! Hmm...maybe it's a sign he wants to marry me in future.............*dream*

So anyway, here's a secret...

Every time ive raised enough to treat myself to a new baby, I camp at! (I'm not paid to do this advertisement for them!). It's a bag forum for bag enthusiasts in Singapore! I'd camp for about 1-2 months until someone posts a bag I like (my favourite thread's Balenciaga, Celine and Hermes-just for fun...don't think I'll ever get a Birkin...maybe not till I'm 30?). So far, pretty safe! Most sellers are genuine there. Still, you have to be smart when buying from forums!!

Know what to look out for in a designer bag (tags, zipper, material...etc). You can find more info on Purseforum! Go to the bags authentication section of whichever brand and study! So when you meet with the seller to check the bag, you'd know what to look out for. You should also go to local boutiques to see and feel the pieces there. Then you'd know how the real deal feels like. And be wise!! Designer goods come at a price! If a price is really too good to be true, like if it's retailing at $3k and someone is selling at $1k, it's probably fake...or well, you're just lucky (but that is probably only 5% of the time).

Anyhow, those richy rich girls reading this who can easily afford bags off the shelves at boutiques, maybe this year you might wanna consider saving a few hundred dollars by shopping at Deluxemall! :)