Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good Change

As i grow up, i see a lot of changes in me and well, im proud of most of my changes. Especially this one I'm about to share with y'all.

Ok, so if you don't already know, I LOVE food. And like every girl, I used to refuse to eat much so I won't gain weight. I managed to lose some weight when i didnt eat DUH how can one put on weight without eating right? I was happy! Flat tummy, skinny arms, V-face...etc. But when I start indulging in good food on special occasions, I worry, I worry so much about gaining all that weight back and that constant worrying made me so so unhappy. So it was like a messy situation back then...was I happy...was I sad...

Then I slowly learnt to live by this quote "eat what you like, we only live once" and yes I gained weight and yes that weight gain didn't help me much in the looks department. However, indulging in good food made me contented. Made me happy. So I told myself, don't stop, keep eating since its the one thing I enjoy most.

I did, I ate, I ate so much it scared me a lot. I was told about my weight gain every now and then. It was obvious, I can't hide it. I do photoshoots for my shop every week and it shows. So of course, it affected me quite a bit. I do not like reading/hearing things that isnt pleasing to me. Who does?

However, I told myself to never give eating up, so I started exercising regularly and now, all is greater that ever!!! I am happy enjoying my food and still maintaining my weight! I may not have the best body around, but i am not fat despite indulging in sinful food all the time! I think my boyfriend too loves me the way I am...being a girl who isn't afraid to EAT. Boys like girls like that! :)

Refrain yourself from eating and you lose weight but just how long do you want to deprive yourself from good food?! If you choose to not be lazy and go going for a 1hr run about twice a week, you can still maintain your weight AND eat...why not enjoy the best of both worlds!

I am so SO proud of myself for promising myself to exercise and keeping to that promise for a while now. I can do it, you can too! I am an extremely busy woman if you don't already know, I run a online store, am the model for my online store, work in my own retail store, pick the stocks for the store on my own, pack the online shop parcels, go to the post office..etc. I do sooo much work everyday but there is no such thing as "no time" to exercise. It is just ONE hour. You have 24 hours a day. Give up sleeping for an hour, and go run! You have no excuse!

Haha ok I sound angry...and like I'm commanding you girls too...but come on I've heard that "no time" excuse for soooo long! I too, used to give that same excuse but then really it's only 1 hour a day you have to sacrifice.

Hopefully this will change some people and motivate you? :)

Ok it's pretty late, I shall continue with this post another time. I've something in mind to help motivate you girls to start exercising even more! Hehe. Hopefully I'll get down to continue that part of it by the end of the week!!