Saturday, April 7, 2012

Back Then

My boyfriend just told me his email address when he was in primary school. AND IT GOT ME LAUGHING SO HARD. PUMBA FROM THE LION KING. Then i remembered mine, I remember being the first among my friends to create an email add! I suggested my friends create an email add as well so we went to the school's library to use the computer to do so. Most of em asked me to help them think of an email address for them. So i did and most of their e-mail adds had words like "rockz", "rulez", "sk8er", "boi", "galz". And they loved it!

It's so funny how those words were "trendy" and "cool" back then! I loved all my usernames for different games! For HabboHotel i think my user was like "hottiegalz". For Neopets, i remember my favourite pets were the Kacheek and Acara, i named it something like "cutiepieangelz" and another "lurveangelz". My love for "Z" was insane. I had to replace all the S in a sentence with Z. Like THIZ.

Then in Secondary school, those talks went down because if you continued typing in such an annoying manner, you'd be labelled as a "Twit" and be featured on a famous blog back then, insulting "Twits"! Actually i dont know if it's a super popular blog or not, but my friends and i visited it almost daily to check out who they featured. Well whoever created that blog, good job! I believe they managed to put a stop to weird typing and now no one tYpEz liiKe tHiiZ aNyMore (i loved adding an extra "i" back then, lol. liike thiiz.)! Oh! But now "Twit" has changed it's meaning also, thanks to "Twitter. It's no longer a word to insult someone!

Ok abrupt ending. Not much time to waste, need to go do more work. :X Byezxz

What was your favorite "cool" word back then (did you find the word sk8r cool?)? What was your typing habit like (did you type love as lurve too? haha)? Share! Lets have a good laugh! Haha.