Friday, May 11, 2012


I know i've always been blogging about Skin Care stuff which costed quite a bit. So here's skin care brand which i hope will work for those who cannot afford expensive skin care products!

I was given a range of Garnier products to try and am very happy with!

Garnier needs no introduction right? It's been in the market for a really long time and is a very reputable brand.

The product which i'm most happy with has to be the Garnier Pure Active Tinted Spot Roll-On!

Easy Roll On applicator

As you can see, it's tinted, so that means it can cover your pimples! Unlike many concealers which do not help treat it, this one will treat your pimple! 

This is the first mass market product that conceals and treats pimples. Provides 12 hours of lasting coverage. A concealer + pimple cream for only $22.90! SO WORTH IT! I actually bought it even before i was sent the product because i have a friend who kept raving about it to me. I even bought the roll on one to lighten dark eye circles!

Garnier Products are available in all Watsons, Guardian, major Super/ Hyper markets. :)

Garnier has also created a game to help raise awareness of this new product launch called Find Anne.

It's on YouTube and it's super easy to play. All you have to do is find a girl in a blue hoodie and click on her to complete the stage. There are 3 stages in all. Once you've completed the game, fill in your details and you stand a chance to win $1000 Forever21 Vouchers!!! $1K WORTH OF FOREVER 21 CLOTHES... HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT?!

Click HERE to play the game.