Saturday, May 5, 2012


Meet Hiro/Hero (finally decided on a name lol now cant decide which spelling....)!

Took him from Chev's friend. Hope everything goes well so I can keep him for good. He is so small but so aggressive. He attempted to attack Bunny SO many times. Still a puppy though...hope he would be able to get along with Bunny as time goes by. I love him alrdy eh....he follows me EVERYWHERE. He wouldn't leave me alone in the house! When I go pee and close the toilet door, he'd scratch the door non-stop and whine. Awwww :) bad thing is, he ignores my whole family though....which is quite sad cus I want everyone to love him as much! He wouldn't let anyone else pet him or even go near him. :/

I actually spent a lot of time studying about chihuahuas...gonna have to spend so much time training him for a couple of months. Must not let him turn into a monster dog!