Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Arrivals: May 9



Simply tweet about the upcoming collection with this link ( & hashtag (#osfgiveaway):.
Love the floral dreams blazer! #osfgiveaway"

I will search for the hashtag #osfgiveaway and choose 5 WINNERS! Winners will be announced via the @shopohsofickle Twitter account so do follow @shopohsofickle!


Here's a preview of tomorrow's collection!!!

Launching tomorrow (9 May) at 7PM sharp over at

Here're my top picks...

1) Lavender Floral Blazer by Ohsofickle

Love the pale and calm color of this blazer. For those who do not want to look too "loud" in floral blazers, you can try this!

2) Floral Dreams Blazer & Shorts by Ohsofickle
I have never came across a floral blazer this pretty! I am so proud to call this my design. The print is SUPER PRETTY. Even prettier in real life i must say. :)

3) Electric Blue & Hot Pink Blazer by Ohsofickle
This 2 colors were requested like mad by my friends and customers! What an eye-catching blazer!

4) Crotchet Summer Dress by Ohsofickle
This dress comes in 3 colors, Black, White and Yellow. My favorite has to be the yellow! You will look so bright and happy in it. Perfect for the beach and casual days. Can't wait to throw this over my yellow polka dot bikini.....TOO CUTE. :D

5) Floral Shorts
Definitely a must have. Perfect for the hot weather!

6) White Shorts by Ohsofickle
FINALLY! The long-awaited white shorts have arrived! You will need to have this in your wardrobe because it goes with almost EVERYTHING. :)

All of the above (& more!) will be available Tomorrow (9 May) at 7PM sharp over at!

You know how fast things get snapped up so DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR ALARM! See you tomorrow! XOXO


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