Friday, June 8, 2012

Alex Ong Bus Incident

I just watched the Alex Ong video. The one where he got into an argument with an old lady and pushed her off the bus.

And then I read his side of the story...
So this afternoon I was travelling by bus to Dhoby Ghaut. At around Thomson Road, this old lady hit the bell at the last minute, so I told her not to hit the bell at the last minute the next time. Immediately she shouted at me, "I did not do it intentionally!".

Of course, from my point of view I was only trying to advise her not to do this kind of thing, so I was quite agitated when she just shouted back at me like this. We got into an argument, and I told her to "get off this bus". She simply shot back, "no, I won't."

With emotions running high, I let loose a "I will slap you!" to her, to which she said "come!". I reached breaking point and gave her a light push, which resulted in her falling off the steps.

Now, I know I should never have done this, but if you were in my shoes, you of course could have exploded as well.

This resulted in her getting the driver of the bus to call for the police and ambulance, who arrived and took statements from both of us. Everyone on the bus had to be ushered onto another bus. I called my father just in case the old lady escalated the case, causing me to be detained by the police. He came by and explained my personal situation to the officers.

What's my personal situation, you ask?

I have been holding back all of these for a very long time, with only a few close to me who knew. I guess now is the time to bare it all.

I have OCD, I had clinical depression resulting from the abuse I went through in NS and secondary school, and when I was younger I was diagnosed with ASD.

Try struggling with all of these on top of having to deal with a lifetime of abuse and bullying, from primary school to NS.

On top of that, my emotions have been unstable recently because of the rage I had over that taxi accident. You know which one.

Obviously the state of my mind has been less than hardened; a simple tip could send it all crashing. And I guess this is what happened today.

I never intended to injure the old lady. I have a deep respect for elders. The only reason why I did any of this was because deep-down inside, I felt offended, I felt the need to defend myself.

I do not represent a society of decaying morals. I'm a product of a society that has abused me, neglected me, and ultimately, misunderstood me. I do not represent the decay of morals, I am the product of the decay of morals society has on individuals like myself.

I do not have an easy life. Money is hard to come by. My parents are separated. I only have three credits in 'O' levels. Jobs I like are near-impossible to come by.

When your life dreams are taken away right in front of you, by people who are supposed to help you, with the help of people who are determined to make your life miserable, the amount of rage that builds up inside you can only be immense.

You feel vengeful against society. You can only resign yourself to the sad fact that this is your karma. You must have offended too many people in previous lives.

No one really truly understands the pain I went through.

Now that I have bared it all, will you find a way to help me, or will you make my life even more miserable for your sadistic pleasure?

Your call.
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All I can say is WTF. Really.

If you have been following my blog since i first started, you'd be aware that i have blogged about my mental issues before(I'm a lot better and coping well now). Even if you have depression, you will NEVER EVER physically hurt innocent people. Especially NOT when the person is old. The only person i'll hit and abuse when i am feeling broken and low is myself? :/ I have friends who are also suffering from depression and they definitely won't behave the way he did.

That dude shouldn't blame his mental disorder and expect people to be sympathetic and accept his behavior. He is just bad-tempered, rude and violent. He should go for anger management courses. As for his mental disorder, he should've gone to seek help from a psychiatrist and gotten medication since he already knew that, "the state of my his mind has been less than hardened; a simple tip could send it all crashing" -quote Alex Ong.

I've had a fair share of bad experiences with old people. I know some old people can be really rude and irritating. There was one time, I was at the supermarket looking at stuff. I was walking really slowly and then from behind, an old lady pushed her trolley and hit me. HARD. I turned around and gave her the "?!" look and she rolled her eyes went "TSK!" really loudly and walked away. I was SO pissed. Seriously wanted to scream at her! Not only did she not apologize for knocking into me, she still went "TSK!" and ROLLED HER EYES?!?! WHY?! What did i do wrong? Not like i intentionally blocked her way, i remember i was at the cereal aisle and she came and hit me from behind. She should've just said "excuse me" to alert me so i would make way but nope! I cannot tolerate people without manners! Moreover, she's old, like in her 60s. Still, I knew it wasn't right to shout at her and make a scene. Many times, I had the choice to shout back at an old person who pissed me off, or walk away. I always chose the latter and i thank God for that. Weren't we all raised to "respect our elders"? 

It's a choice he made, to go physical and push that old lady down the bus. Shame on him, really. He should be punished!

"Having a condition, having OCD or aspergers is not a carte blanche credit for you to misbehave and do whatever you want to. You still have to live by society's norms. And if you find you have problems with that, then it's incumbent on you to go and seek help for yourself. " - what a Doctor said at the end of this video.

p.s anyone has any encounters with old people that pissed you off BAD? share it in the comment box below! curious to know! i realize i always meet bad taxi drivers and rude people. it's really a test of my patience and character.