Friday, July 20, 2012

NDP Tickets Giveaway

Join us in celebration of Singapore's 47th Birthday this 9th of August!

This year, the NDP Branding and Publicity committee is bringing the Pledge Moment into the social media sphere through the e-Pledge and e-Flag initiatives.

Singaporeans are invited to download graphics featuring the Pledge from the NDPeeps, Facebook
page ( and to re-post it on their own Facebook page. 

An image of the Flag will also be available for Singaporeans to post as a "picture badge" on top of their Facebook profile pictures. Leveraging on the pervasiveness of social media, the NDP 2012 organisers hope to reach out to more Singaporeans across the island and all over the world.

I am excited that National Day is coming! Instead of displaying a flag at my house, i did something even cooler...

Look at my Facebook Profile Picture!

Want to show your love for Singapore too?

You can do so by clicking here:

You can also show your love for the country by downloading any of the e-pledges and posting it up on your Facebook Wall.

If you're lazy to download it, just save the e-pledge images below and repost 'em on your wall!

By doing so and showing your love for Singapore. Garnier, a sponsor for NDP 2012 wants to bring you to NDP 2012! In view of NDP hype, Garnier is giving out
NDP Preview tickets for 28 Jul 2012!

How to Win?
1. Thank Garnier in advance by "Liking" their Facebook Page 
2. Put the Singapore Flag on your profile picture.
3. Put up the e-pledge on your Wall.

Winners of the tickets MUST be fans of Garnier Singapore and have put up the E-flag and E-Pledge
on their Facebooks.

Copy and paste your Facebook page link and comment here!! Winners will be contacted via Facebook message. Deal ends 24th July, Tuesday SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? :D

p.s This post is NOT an advertorial, I AM NOT PAID TO DO THIS! I'm just SUPER proud to be Singaporean and if you are, YOU SHOULD JOIN ME IN SPREADING THIS!