Saturday, August 18, 2012

Body Whitening Mask

In this post, i am going to share with ya'll a product i got that I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH.

I get SO many comments from people telling me my face is a lot whiter than my body and everyone keeps asking me to change the shade of my foundation. So i take those comments seriously and head to the make up store to get a darker shade. However, the sales girl would always tell me the shade is too dark for my face. So i'd try and try different shades and be super stressed up because well, my face is a lot whiter than my body. Why so you ask? Because i use sunblock, whitening lotions, whitening masks ALL THE TIME. But for my body, i don't use ANYTHING AT ALL.

Given the choice, i would not even come out in the day but i gotta work. Even if i don't go out, my house is has direct sunlight, so i can even get tanned staying at home all day. So i sorta gave up trying to be fair and even considered going out in the sun more often without sun block and getting a tan...


It is Cathy Doll's Blink Blink Whitening Body Mask.

It's not easy to be fair and it takes a pretty long time to become fair, however this product is MARVELOUS I TELL YOU.

In just 3 minutes, YOU CAN BE FAIRER.

Its a magical body mask specially formulated in Korea with Nano powder technology to help you achieve flawless looking and fairer skin. After applying a thin layer, leave on for 3 minutes before washing off. Your skin immediately looks fairer and even-colour!

You can expect your skin to stay fair and moist for up to 5 days.

Here's a before and after picture,

On the left, it's where i applied to mask to test, and on the right, without application.

My skin was instantly fairer and my skin felt so smooth to touch!

What i would recommend is for you to take a bath, then get out of the shower, dry up (thoroughly!) and go to your room. Apply this mask on dry skin and wait for 3 minutes. It's not sticky or wet, it dries almost instantly so for that 3 minutes you can just do whatever you want. After 3 minutes, go back into the shower, don't need to use soap. Dry up and you're SURE TO GET A SHOCK. I DID.

Honestly didn't think it'll work, BUT IT DID. It is SO amazing.

Please get it if you want to be fair, I SWEAR IT WORKS. If it doesn't work you can just not read my blog

You can buy it at...

About Cathy Doll

-Cathy Doll is created by Karmarts, a successful Korean beauty care chain in Thailand with over 60 outlets spread across the country.

-Harnessing on their knowledge of Korean beauty products, Karmarts created the wildly popular Cathy Doll range.

-The key feature of the Cathy Doll range that most ladies love is the instant whitening results after using the products.

-The cute packaging and adorable caricatures identity with the young and trendy.

-Cathy Doll currently has close to 50 products in their range

I really want to buy every product to try!!!! :D